August 7, 2006 (The California Labor Federation votes to oppose Prop.

Joe Mathews and Steve Hymon, “Living wage for LAX hotel staffs blocked,” Los Angeles Times, May 5, 2007. Mark Lacter, “Vanishing Point: Can A City Survive Without a Middle Class? Diane Wedner and Jennifer Oldham, “Partnerships, Solutions Sought in Advocates’ Fight for Affordable Homes,” Los Angeles Times, Feb. 24, 2001. Steve Meacham, “Will rent control make a comeback in Boston?” Dollars & Sense,. Kris Welch, “Living Room” – interviewed on KPFA radio about my study of media coverage of ACORN, August 27, 2010. Those solutions seem illogical and even wrong for a couple of reasons, one being that it doesn’t make any sense to try and limit, racially or socioeconomically, the changing face of a neighborhood. Nina Shapiro, “Election ’14: What Would Happen if Jess Spear Overturned the Rent-Control Ban?” Seattle Weekly, Oct. 14, 2014. Interviewed about May Day on Larry Mantle’s “Airtalk”, KPCC, May 1, 2012.

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Donate to the NAACP,” Business Week, May 5, 2014. 4SITE will build a cluster of five homes on the lot, and a 4SITE employee told me each unit could go for $800,000 or more. Elmer Smith, “Paying the Segregation Tax,” Philadelpha Daily News, April 22, 2005. The U.N. will hold a summit on the COVID-19 pandemic in December to respond to its “unprecedented” effects on societies, economies and global trade. The real estate company involved wanted to make five housing units out of the space their one house occupied. J. K. Dineen, “No Strike Pay Yet,” San Francisco Examiner, Oct. 14, 2004. “Disney Labor Unions Announce $15 Living Wage Campaign for Anaheim Resort”. Paul Pringle, “A year of triumphs and scandals for SEIU,” Los Angeles Times, December 31, 2008. Because of gentrification, they’re being evicted after 31 years. Radio interview on the Burt Cohen Show, Feb. 12, 2013. Harold Meyerson, “Pomp and Stingy Circumstance,” Washington Post, May 26, 2004. Near the docks where you can rent a paddleboat ($5 for children and $10 for adults), there’s an adorable cafe that serves coffee and pastries. “Election 2016: Profile of Bernie Sanders”, “Michael Bloomberg, reddende engel in centrum?,”, “Pasadena will raise the minimum wage as council approves plan,”, “Usa, per i giovani il socialismo non è più tabù: le ragioni,”, “Paul Ryan for president? Karen Grigsby Bates, “The NAACP’s Less-than-Sterling Intentions,” NPR’s All Things Considered, April 29, 2014. As long as they are allowed to stay and keep paying rent until the rental contract expires - but I am sure they are on a month to month sort of thing - the owners owe them NOTHING. Interview with Bill Moller, WGN Radio, Chicago, Sept. 3, 2012.

Seth Agulnick and Bill Yingling, “DuPont’s minorities vulnerable, union says,” Delaware News-Journal, April 5, 2001. James Temple, “Bay Area Grocery Talks Take New Route,” Contra Costa Times, October 5, 2004. Karen Heller, “The Real Threat Posed by ACORN,” Philadelphia Inquirer, October 3, 2009. Neal Peirce and Curtis Johnson, “San Antonio Must Join Push for Living Wages,” San Antonio Express News, April 15, 2001. Glenn Smith, “The Future of Meriden, “Meriden (Conn.) Record-Journal, June 9, 1996 Smith. These aren't victims in any way. The international epicenter of entertainment and home of the World Champion Dodgers and Lakers, as well as the Kings, Rams, Angels, Chargers, LAFC, Clippers, Galaxy..... we also have wildfires, earthquakes, movie stars, television studios, music, world-class food, beaches, mountains, traffic jams, museums, theme parks, and the most beautiful Redditors of all time. Ted Taylor, “Getting Organized,” Eugene Weekly, June 21, 2001. Sam Dolnick, “Coalition Vows Wage Fight Over Kingsbridge Armory Mall Proposal, “ New York Times, Nov. 16, 2009. Liza Featherstone, “Clothes Encounters: Activists and Economists Clash Over Sweatshops,” Lingua Franca, March 2001. Don Terry, “Minnesotans Split on Bill Requiring ‘Living Wage'” New York Times, March 22, 1996. Interview with Doug Clifford on his radio show (Gainesville, Florida), WSKY-FM, September 30, 2009. Radio interview on “Pat Morrison Show,” KPCC (Los Angeles 89.3), Sept. 2, 2012.

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KPFK radio — January 18, program on Martin Luther King’s legacy, KPFK radio — January 25, discussion of “Protest & Progress” film series at Oxy, California report (syndicated on public radio) — Feb. 9 program on bank redlining, Lee Romney and Jim Newton, “Riordan Unveils Revitalization Strategy,” Los Angeles Times, March 18, 1999, Deborah Hastings, “Valley Girl Icon Is All, Like, Totally…” Seattle Times, March 8, 1999 (Associated Press), Beth Shuster, “Labor Gains Strength as It Flexes Political Muscle,” Los Angeles Times, April 28, 1999. Here’s the link to the story After 31 years in Echo Park, victims of displacement by gentrification but the story goes into detail how the family was struggling to make ends meet.

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