[24], To avoid a situation in which no answers were available from its own resources, the company outsourced to an unnamed third-party search provider the comprehensive web search matches that it had gathered itself.

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On January 14, 2009, Ask.com became the official sponsor of 2000 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion Bobby Labonte's No.

Before proceeding with the performance, the pallbearers will still have to ask the bereaved family if they want to give their loved one a traditional funeral or a “dancing to trip” to heaven. On May 16, 2006, Ask implemented a "Binoculars Site Preview" into its search results. [16][17], In August 2008, Ask launched the Ask Kids search engine designed for children. [4] Douglas Leeds was elevated from president to CEO in 2010.[5]. Ask our search engine a question and we will try to answer it.

[21] The company has also released additional apps spun out of its Q&A experience, including Ask Around[22] in 2011 and PollRoll[23] in 2012.

The service was released to the public on July 29, 2010. Who would have thought that Ghana’s “unconventional” funeral ceremony would turn into everyone’s daily dose of laughter? Ask.com was originally known as Ask Jeeves,[7] "Jeeves" being the name of a "gentleman's personal gentleman", or valet, fetching answers to any question asked.

Apostolos Gerasoulis, the co-creator of Ask's Teoma algorithmic search technology, starred in four television advertisements in 2007, extolling the virtues of Ask.com's usefulness for information relevance. Support Get help with account-related or technical issues.

If you happen to stumble upon these men dancing while carrying a coffin more often than usual—then congrats, you’ve spent way too much time on the internet. Take That Carlos!

[29] As of August 14, 2014, Ask.fm had 180 million monthly unique users in more than 150 countries around the world,[30] with its largest user base in the United States. Ask questions and get answers on any topic!

Please Notice Me", "Ask.com Launches 'You Asked' Branding Campaign", "– Ask.com enters NASCAR with multi-faceted program", "Labonte will drive No.

The original software was implemented by Gary Chevsky, from his own design.

It’s true that in times of crisis, we turn to anything (whether it’s dark humor) that can help take our minds off the dreadful COVID-19 situation.

[28], On August 14, 2014, Ask.com acquired popular social networking website ASKfm, where users can ask other users questions, with the option of anonymity. [39] The Ask.com car debuted in the 2009 Bud Shootout where it failed to finish the race, but subsequently returned strongly, placing as high as 5th in a March 1, 2009 Shelby 427 race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

(n.) The most fucked search engine ever. Ask.com is a pretty good search engine, but you are here because you have questions about something. Got a question? INQPOP! (Anime: Namiuchigiwa No Muromi-San ). In December 2007, Ask released the AskEraser feature,[13] allowing users to opt-out from tracking of search queries and IP and cookie values.

“You Asked We Answered”[37] campaign in 2012, in which the company “answered” residents' top complaints about living in their city, including easing morning commutes and stadium traffic, as well as keeping the local Parks and Rec department wading pools open.

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