"Barton will take the check.".

His hair fuzzes slightly from the resounding static. As hot as it will go!" "You know what, JARVIS, a nap actually sounds great. Plague? So yes, the flu is wreaking havoc on two of earth's mightiest heroes and neither of them seems to have to energy to even be bothered by it. His arm felt like a lead weight and it took him more than one try to grab the protruding tissue and use it to blow his nose.

He slid his bowl down the counter so it came to a stop right at the edge of the sink, then sprang to his feet and strode out of the room. Tony thought with a smile forming. Tony asked, his voice soft from behind the mask. Steve looked back at Clint and shook his head. "Try not to get him too worked up," he heard Bruce tell Tony, who responded with an indignant squawk of protest. Steve looks equal parts stunned and embarrassed by the request, blinking in confusion for a few seconds like he's trying to comprehend what the cashier had asked him. "But that was after I got pistol-whipped and knocked through a window. Yay! Her gaze turns to Clint and she shrugs apologetically.

Tony sighed. Thankfully, Barton, after making sure Steve was steady, rose to pour Steve a cup of coffee. "You guys just missed all the fun.

"Yeah, stupid egg-head left me in a real pinch.". "Good." Banner, despite not being that kind of doctor, took Steve's vitals and drew a few small vials of his blood. In and out... That's it.". His blue eyes are cloudy like the sky before a storm and his voice sounds just as congested as everyone else's. Cholera?". avengers, avengersreact, fanfiction. Breathe in the hot air.". Steve still looks confused, fumbling awkwardly for a minute before Clint catches onto the problem. "Just choked on my water. Steve grimaced, then pulled a tissue from the box before they became too damp to use. "Thanks for that," the younger man says as they start loading the bags into the backseat of the car.

That he wasn't special.

He flips his turn indicator on and pulls into the next lane, turning off into the parking lot of the nearest grocery store.

"Shit man, I forgot your wallet got stolen last night," Clint mumbles like the thought just crossed his mind. Clint quirked an eyebrow and Steve rushed to amend his previous statement. You can ask so many people, I’m a playboy.”“You’re still human.” Natasha replied, “You still want love.

Sign up Log in. No slash, no ships. Clint has to resist the urge to laugh; he really doesn't feel like being electrocuted right now. "Flu got you too, huh? The younger man nods in response, looking a bit more at ease thanks to the suggestion and Clint counts it as a minor victory on his part. Just try not to breathe on me in the interim.". He meets Clint back at the registers just as the archer is loading the last grocery bag filled to the top with Kleenex into the metal shopping cart. Aiming for a shallower breath, he did as he was asked. Maybe Steve doesn’t like me…he did grow up in a time where being gay or lesbian was wrong…Hmm…. "She brought back a strain of super flu from Moscow and proceeded to infect everyone in the Tower. Steve briefly remembered smiling before sleep pulled him under. "But I might still be contagious," Steve protested, quickly pulling away from Tony, who was still without any sort of protective gear.

Don' want 'ou," Steve paused to cough painfully, "to get you sick.

"High amounts of caffeine should be avoided when you're sick. I hope you're all doing wonderfully! ", Tony actually looked a little flustered. ", Clint quirks an eyebrow at her. And now Clint wants to whack Steve upside the back of the head for using 1930s lingo; seriously, the kid was technically only 17 and he was talking like a 90-year-old man. ", Natasha nods slowly and then frowns, seemingly coming to a sudden realization. "Can I see your I.D. ", Steve responded by flipping Tony off. "Well, as you can see the Tower has turned into a bit of cesspool since you've been gone," Bruce informs him calmly like he's telling him about the weather.

He's downstairs on a conference call with Fury and Coulson.

"Didn't sleep well last night," he lied between heaving inhales. Clint shrugs one shoulder casually. Steve took a shaky breath which ended up setting off another round of coughs. Blah finals -.-; Hello all! "Speaking of, where is Steve? He's just about to ask her about her own mission when the lights flicker above his head. Steve exclaimed, then doubled over as a coughing fit ensued. He squinted and looked at his surroundings, realizing he was sitting on the far side of a massive shower, just out of the direct spray. If we stayed there, it would put everyone on edge and I'd rather not see the fallout from that combination. And it’s for me!

It had never been an issue before; S.H.I.E.L.D usually covered all of them with personal I.D.s for any mission they had that would require the use of one and Steve didn't sneak off to bars or drink outside the Tower in a way that would require him to use a fake one. at his disposal. “Sorry to burst your bubble, but I am all about sex.”Tony and Natasha didn’t even notice till everyone was staring at them. Made him susceptible to things he'd normally be able to fight off. ", "He's downstairs on a conference call with Coulson and Fury. to even make the purchase. “What seems to be the problem, Capsicle?”Steve pouted as he faced Tony.

Tony cocked his head slightly to the right and was quiet for about a second.

... Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader. Had to pay way over its cost, but I'm not going to leave you here like some sort of sick puppy while we're out enjoying ourselves.". His chest began aching with fervor and a cough slipped out of his mouth, jarring him into full consciousness. "He'd do the same for all of you," he replied. "JARVIS, start the shower!

"We have to card everyone under the age of 40 for some of this stuff." "It's just the dust in the air, Tony," Steve said with exasperation. "Hey guys, I just got off the phone with Fury and-", "See?" Your info will not be visible on the site.

"We didn't get much out of Nazino but we got enough to send a S.H.I.E.L.D strike force to his laboratory by the end of the week. "You didn't need to. "I think was was the opportune word," Bruce said with a kind smile. "Sorry.

Tony likes Steve but doesn’t know how to show him he does. "Uh-uh, come on," Clint says, catching Steve's elbow and dragging him out into the hall, the doors swishing closed behind them.

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