The park is adjacent to the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. Yeah, you read that right. I don't know where else you can go in the state of WI and get the same sort of deal, make the same memories, and have a fantastic time. Boo Beach. “The amount of comments we received from our guests have been overwhelmingly positive. 70 reviews of Bay Beach Amusement Park - Temp. My extended family and I went on a sunny weekend day, and it took a maximum of 20 minutes to get on a ride. The Fox River cuts the city right down the middle, delivering beauty to the cityscape and making for an excellent gliding route. My parents and I were driving by and decided what the heck! It has only grown since my childhood, but is even better now with the Zippin' Pippin! It's still fun to go as an adult! All tickets are $0.25 and the most tickets a ride takes is 4 tickets for the Zippin Pippin. No too bad if I do say so myself.Bathrooms are clean.Customer Service was a bit better than last time. If you haven't attended Bay Beach, be prepared for large crowds of families with young children, and seagulls flocking around the park in search of a tasty morsel. Most rides take 2 tickets and the lines move pretty fast which is good when you bring your niece and nephew and they have zero patience for waiting.

We are a city owned park that has been serving the Green Bay community for more than 100 years. I gave it 4 stars before, and I think I want to bump it up to 5! We will continue to monitor the current situation and change this plan as needed.

Copyright 2020 Nexstar Inc. All rights reserved. I'd love to go to Green Bay again just to visit here again. These photos may appear in city brochures and publications, local newspapers and/or this website. Can't get any better than that! Bring Back the Beach. A fabulous way to spend a couple hours & it's right on the water. Fun &  inexpensive entertainment. As a Green Bay native now with kids of my own, I don't understand how anyone could give Bay Beach less than a 5 star review, and here's why: Very affordable for families and very fun. (Four tickets). From the 1930s to the early 1970s, Bay Beach's pavilion hosted concerts, political rallies, dances, Fourth of July fireworks, and other events. Plans include tearing down and replacing the original Ferris wheel, replacing the Scat with a new ride, and expanding the train tracks to circle the enlarged acreage.

What is not to like? Woo hooo!

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