Founded in 1989, the Wildlife Rehabilitators’ Network of BC is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization whose membership includes permitted rehabilitation facilities and individual rehabilitators, rehabilitation volunteers, wildlife researchers, government and humane association representatives, veterinary personnel and interested members of the public.

Become a Wildlife Conservationist! var Panel1 = getObjStyle(currentUpdatedControl_ctl00_FooterPlaceholder1_ctl00_FooterTop3_NewsletterSignup0_NewsletterSubscribe1); Most of the nearly $3 million raised since 2005 toward acquiring the licences came from private donors, he says.

To contribute to a future that embraces conservation of wild ecosystems, biodiversity and a healthy natural environment. Hunting and Trapping Regulations Engagement - until January 19, 2020 I... As anglers have standard etiquette at boat launches that keep fishing a low... COVID-19 Range Safety Charge up those headphones! Photo by Alex Harris, Raincoast Conservation Foundation. currentLoadingPanel_ctl00_FooterPlaceholder1_ctl00_FooterTop3_NewsletterSignup0_NewsletterSubscribe1 = null;

The BC Wildlife Park is a non-profit charity located in Kamloops, British Columbia, and has been dedicated to the rehabilitation of orphaned and injured wildlife since 1966.

It’s just incredible,” she says. This year we are thrilled to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day!

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While supporting a food hunt, the Haisla have long opposed grizzly hunting, saying it’s not in line with nuyem, the tradition of only taking what you need. }

Our motto is … Read More Trying to get any industry up here is extremely challenging. currentUpdatedControl_ctl00_FooterPlaceholder1_ctl00_FooterTop3_NewsletterSignup0_NewsletterSubscribe1 = null; } Pacific WildLife Foundation is a federal not-for-profit society with charitable status registered in Canada (#891381444RR0001). IN DETAIL: Climate change, extinction, human-wildlife coexistence and sustainability top Wildlife Conservation Society’s list of concerns.

With wildlife declining across British Columbia, the province has taken action by announcing the re-investment of hunting license revenue into wildlife management projects.These funds will hopefully halt the steady decrease of moose, mule deer, elk, wild sheep and caribou and help bolster wildlife populations. [CDATA[

Applications accepted on a rolling basis. Use sexist, classist, racist or homophobic language, Troll patrol. All information submitted to The Tyee is only available to employees or sub-contractors who are bound by agreement with The Tyee to keep the information private. if(typeof lsjQuery.fn.layerSlider == "undefined") { The US meltdown should wake up Canadians.

9077 Dallas Dr. The BC Wildlife Park is one of the few accredited facilities in Canada by governing body, CAZA (Canadian Accredited Zoos and Aquariums); a member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).

Its aims are threefold — to protect natural ecosystems and wild populations, to minimize pollution, and to promote efficient, sustainable use of natural resources.. An independent review found WorkSafeBC had failed people who’ve been hurt on the job. The World Wildlife Fund. “I know that my dad would be really excited at the hard work that Brian and others have done to stop the trophy hunt.”.

By continuing to use this site, you agree to accept cookies. The last time Julia Hill Sorochan was in the Kitlope valley, she was there to spread her father’s ashes.

currentUpdatedControl_ctl00_FooterPlaceholder1_ctl00_FooterTop3_NewsletterSignup0_NewsletterSubscribe1 = "ctl00_FooterPlaceholder1_ctl00_FooterTop3_NewsletterSignup0_NewsletterSubscribe1_Panel1"; In 2017, the newly elected NDP government announced a province-wide ban on grizzly hunting.

“We’re always taught when we hunt something or fish something to utilize everything, to give thanks for that and to be respectful to make sure it’s sustainable. “It’s one of the most spectacular places on the whole entire planet. addAjaxOnResponseEnd_Handler(ResponseEnd_ctl00_FooterPlaceholder1_ctl00_FooterTop3_NewsletterSignup0_NewsletterSubscribe1);

Working together to protect and preserve British Columbia’s wildlife and wild places. government has announced... Big Bar Slide Disaster: What Next? It’s not some campaign that may or may not succeed. Brian Falconer, guide outfitter co-ordinator with Raincoast, says the campaign has struck a chord with supporters.

In 1994, the 322,020-hectare Kitlope Heritage Conservancy was established. Disclaimer. //]]>.

if (currentLoadingPanel_ctl00_FooterPlaceholder1_ctl00_FooterTop3_NewsletterSignup0_NewsletterSubscribe1) { Did you enter your email correctly? “You’re giving local communities a chance to survive in their backyard,” he says. The BC Wildlife Federation is devastated to inform you that Alan Martin, ou... Surrey, B.C. Measures have been enacted to ensure the integrity of personal information and to protect it from misuse, loss or alteration. Sorochan says her father would have been pleased. Panel1.display = "none";

Instead of shaming and blaming, government urged to try pandemic partying ‘harm reduction.’. There are many ways to join our efforts! Fish Habitat Education and Restoration Initiative, 4.1 million hectares of documented wetlands. The tenure purchases have been done in partnership with Coastal First Nations. Most who come here to hunt are from the Haisla and Xenaksiala Nations, looking for moose to fill their freezers in their traditional territories. 9:30am-4:00pm We’ve seen this in the past where the NDP had a moratorium on the hunt of bears and then the Liberals came in and overturned it.”.

With only hardy greens left to harvest, I call my musician father to see how else I might preserve my body and soul this winter. Dear club and region leaders,

Choose your city, or closest municipality, and you will find a list of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centres.

government is seeking ideas on how to create or change current pol... Surrey, B.C.

Nearly 60 per cent approved a proposition to end criminal penalties for small possession of illicit substances like heroin.

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For generations, First Nations territories and Canadian cities treated each other as strangers. Now, they’re finally working, and thriving, together. He contacted the Haisla Nation and suggested working together to protect it. Tyee Poll: What Do You Foresee in the Aftermath of the US Election? Yet, as a wildlife guide, he would find the evidence of their activities strewn nearby — bear remains left behind, with only their heads and pelts taken as a token of the hunt. Then came COVID-19. The B.C. The BC Wildlife Park is a non-profit charity located in Kamloops, British Columbia, and has been dedicated to the rehabilitation of orphaned and injured wildlife since 1966. They wanted to help the bears.

It was 2017 and Sorochan’s father, Bruce Hill, had fought for the protection of the area since his first visit there 25 years earlier. And it has a long history in the United States. “If you just leave it up to the provincial process, positions can change. currentLoadingPanel_ctl00_FooterPlaceholder1_ctl00_FooterTop3_NewsletterSignup0_NewsletterSubscribe1.hide(currentUpdatedControl_ctl00_FooterPlaceholder1_ctl00_FooterTop3_NewsletterSignup0_NewsletterSubscribe1); In it, an emotional Nicklen describes the difference between bear viewing and trophy hunting: “They’re going to see that wolf at 200 yards away, they’re never going to have that emotional connection with that animal, and they’re going to pull the trigger,” he says about the hunters. Last week’s announcement effectively shuts down trophy hunting in 530,000 hectares of the Kitlope. //

That’s not what trophy hunting is,” he says.

This event caused deadly damage to MANY NESTS....Read More.

Pacific WildLife Foundation is a federal not-for-profit society with charitable status registered in Canada (#891381444RR0001). Grizzly hunting bans have already put an end to the practice in the region, but the new measures provide a more permanent, encompassing conservation measure that includes other large carnivores, like coastal wolves and black bears.

We are British Columbia’s leading conservation organization, made up of province-wide volunteers who aim to protect, enhance and promote the wise use of our environment on behalf of all British Columbians. } lsjQuery("#layerslider_1").layerSlider({createdWith: '6.7.6', sliderVersion: '6.7.6', type: 'fullsize', skin: 'v6', skinsPath: '', height: 896}); “We’ve offered to buy them out at a fair market value and that’s a pretty hard thing for them to oppose.”. Last week brought a new layer of protection to the Kitlope as Raincoast Conservation Foundation announced it had raised the $650,000 needed to purchase the guide-outfitting licence for the valley.

Operating an ocean-going research organization takes a lot support. Organization Aims to End Trophy Hunts by Buying Up Guide-Outfitter Rights Raincoast raises $650,000 to end hunting in Kitlope valley in Great Bear Rainforest, the fifth tenure purchased so far. E-mail addresses are only used for the purposes of Tyee-related correspondence or comment moderation. Website design by Geneviève Raîche.

To the many individuals, organizations, and businesses that shared our interest in objective scientific research for conservation and chose to help us, we are truly grateful.; Find her on Twitter @amandajfollett.

Discover what we do. “We have a really good return clientele.

Wildlife Federation strives to ensure the sound long-term management of B.C.’s fish, wildlife, and outdoor recreational resources in the best interest of present and future generations. B.C.’s Wildlife Act requires those who hold guiding rights to facilitate hunts, so Raincoast plans to run “hunting” trips in the region. The tenure transfer doesn’t end hunting in the valley.

Read more.. Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia

Founded in 1895 (! Its two-year deadline was set to expire Dec. 31. Amanda Follett Hosgood lives and writes amidst the stunning mountains and rivers of Wet’suwet’en territory.


The BC Wildlife Park team also operates the Fawcett Family Wildlife Health Centre.

Kamloops, BC, V2C 6V1, Phone: (250) 573-3242

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