There are two pivotal aspects behind the friction between the two leaders. Now is the time for Clarke to unburden herself and let Lexa in. The alliance to take on the Mountain Men was out of necessity at the moment and wasn’t a long, well-established pact. Was it enough to earn forgiveness? © 2020 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Digital downloads of the book will be made available on approximately 1 April and hard copies will be mailed around 16 April. LOSO is a genuinely interesting concept: a completely non-profit effort to take two highly popular characters and present an expanded version of the love story that could have been, creatively combatting the Bury Your Gays trope while giving Clexa fans more ways to see their favorite characters again. Lexa’s commitment to “blood must not have blood, both at Arkadia and in regards to Emerson, demonstrated that she’s earned Clarke’s forgiveness. Perhaps. If that’s the case, you may need to try another browser or click here — we apologize for the inconvenience!). Not directly.

eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'afterellen_com-banner-1','ezslot_4',120,'0','0'])); But one of the coolest aspects of the project is its philanthropic angle: of the over $25,000 raised so far for the project, over $6,000 will go to Koh Tao International Primary School, a non-profit school that Taylor and her friend Claire Wyndham started in Thailand in 2015. These two strong female leaders were standouts on the small screen and garnered a huge fan base, but Clarke and Lexa never got the chance to leave all the war and violence and owe nothing anymore to their people. When Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) abandoned Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and the Sky People at Mount Weather a seemingly permanent divide was formed. (Editor’s note: You should see the poll just below this text, but we’re getting reports it’s not showing up for some people. And in that moment, a crack was opened — but just a crack — in the wall between them. Was this outcome Lexa’s fault? Well done, us. For anyone interested in LOSO, you can continue to donate to the LOSO GoFundMe page and order copies of this first installment of the graphic novel through 20 March. It’s now time for Clarke to forgive Lexa and trust her. After months in the wild, Clarke feral side took over as she nearly growled at her former ally and spit in her face. Imagine if, in the 2000s, Xena fans had re-written the ending of “Xena: Warrior Princess” to show Xena and Gabrielle sailing off into the sunset to keep fighting for the greater good rather than Xena dying and Gabrielle talking to Xena’s ghost on the boat. Or SwanQueen from having its day, or Rizzles? Once upon a time, two peoples were at war until their leaders met in person and formed a complicated alliance. Remember when (we used to be between the sheets)) as well More Women than Warriors: British boarding AU, if you like British history then you’ll love it. Largely through the power of the Clexa fandom, in the last 9 months the, At the end of the day, the fact that members of the LGBT community want to create a project that both gives back to the fans, For anyone interested in LOSO, you can continue to donate to the LOSO, Trigger Warning: Sheila Jeffreys’ Fiercely Political Memoir, Two of Us Review: Love Triumphs Between Older Lesbians, The Craft, Legacy: Heavy on the ‘Woke,’ Light on the Wicked, 15 #LoveWins Moments on Instagram That Will Make You Swoon. Lexa’s death spurred thousands of fans to action, prompting a boycott, petitions, charity drives, innumerable fan fictions, and now, the graphic novel series you didn’t know you’d been waiting for but are definitely going to want to read.

But Clarke replied that life should be more than just surviving, because they deserved better than that, and that she could never be heartless and cruel.

Wouldn’t Clarke have taken the same deal if it was offered to her?

That was the old Lexa coming out to play and the one who Clarke couldn’t forgive. In this quest, unlikely alliances have been made and broken, leaving personal scars which run deep. While Clarke bowed before Lexa and pledged allegiance for her people as the 13th Clan, Lexa took it a step further by bowing and declaring fealty personally to Clarke and to the Skaikru. Lexa is a fictional character from the American post-apocalyptic science fiction television series The 100, produced by The CW.The recurring television character (portrayed by Alycia Debnam-Carey) does not appear in the books on which the series is based.

Lexa began her road to redemption when she sent Roan out to find Clarke and save her from the hands of the Ice Queen. but also seeks to right some of the perceived character wrongs that happened throughout the show. Clarke developed feelings for the person who forced her to chose to let Finn die a painful death or take him out with a stab of her own blade. Lexa and Clarke have together with all of their people been trying to survive in the woods. They are good leaders because they will make the difficult decisions in order to save their people. I Am Heda: Another good Clexa fic with a devilish twist :).

Instead of holding firm, Lexa took a different path and one which would threaten her own power. In the world of The 100, the drive to survive is paramount and leaders are forced to make difficult decisions and make sacrifices in order to protect their people. More importantly, has Lexa earned forgiveness?

She went against a fundamental belief of her people in an attempt to stop the killing and to preserve her relationship with Clarke and potentially with the Skaikru. The goal of the school is to provide as many children as possible a chance to receive an education by charging very low tuition fees. Somewhere along the way, the relationship between Clarke and Lexa shifted from a political to a personal one, and the blurring of those lines has caused heartbreak and political turmoil between them. The $20,000 necessary to fund part one of the ten-part series was raised in a mere 19 days starting in September. Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), the fierce and sometimes seemingly heartless leader of the Grounders, told Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor), compassionate leader of the Sky People, that love was a weakness and that by caring for others she was only making a target out of those she loved. Clexa fans responded quickly and overwhelmingly. Ultimately, Clarke and Lexa need each other. Despite the resentment and anger, Clarke’s abandoned assassination attempt proved a connection between the two remained. 'Captain America: Civil War' Promo Art Asks Audiences to Pick Their Team, J.K. Rowling Confirms That 'Fantastic Beasts' Will Be the First Act in…. Through this necessity, Clarke’s tension eased toward Lexa, and they were able to work together politically, though it remained clear that personal forgiveness was not part of that … yet. That blame falls to Cage who wouldn’t stop harvesting Skaikru blood to save his own people. The goal of the school is to provide as many children as possible a chance to receive an education by charging very low tuition fees. Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), the fierce and sometimes seemingly heartless leader of the Grounders, told Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor), compassionate leader of the Sky People, that love was a weakness and that by caring for others she was only making a target out of those she loved.

Lexa was the bigger person. Intellectual copyright concerns aside (no, I’m not sure how it’s legal either, but roll with it), what’s to stop the Xena graphic novel from still being written, for example?

Clarke was left with a kill or be killed situation, though she wouldn’t have been in that position if Lexa had held up her end of the alliance in the fight against Mount Weather. In the aftermath of the Field of Blood, Lexa’s first reaction was to hold Clarke prisoner in retribution for the attack and called for her army to retaliate.

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