This second version of the title is the one used on subsequent live and compilation albums. The single's first B-side, "Go Home Ann", by Dee Dee and Mickey Leigh, was produced by Ed Stasium and mixed by Motörhead lead singer Lemmy. The title was altered to "My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg)" to placate Johnny, a staunch conservative, fervent Reagan supporter.

It was eventually retitled "My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg)", and appeared on the band's album Animal Boy, released in 1986. The song was written in reaction to the visit paid by U.S. president Ronald Reagan to a military cemetery in Bitburg, West Germany, on May 5, 1985. [17][18] The second B-side, "Daytime Dilemma (Dangers of Love)", had previously appeared on the Ramones' 1984 album, Too Tough to Die. more », FAVORITE [9] It inspired Steven Van Zandt to request Joey's participation in his Artists United Against Apartheid single "Sun City", released that October, in which Joey sang a line again protesting Reagan's policies. BREWERY STREET SHOPPING CENTRE RUGELEY STAFFORDSHIREENGLANDWS15 2DY, VINYL: NR MINT CONDITION THROUGHOUT, NO IMPERFECTIONS ON THE VINYL OR LABELS, SLEEVE:  NR MINT CONDITION THROUGHOUT WITH NO IMPERFECTIONS, terms & conditions  delivery & returns  privacy policy  links, Chris McGranaghan | Google | eCommerce design by BT Websites, RAMONES | BONZO GOES TO BITBURG | 12" - THOSE OLD RECORDS, BOB DYLAN | ANOTHER SELF PORTRAIT | 3LP BOX SET NR MINT, BOB DYLAN | LOVE AND THEFT | MOBILE FIDELITY 2LP 880, DANIEL SHAFRAN | BACH SUITE NO. The visit was part of a trip paying tribute to the victims of Nazism and celebrating West Germany's revival as a powerful, democratic ally of the U.S.[3], Reagan's plan to visit the Bitburg cemetery had been criticized in the United States, Europe, and Israel because among the approximately 2,000 German soldiers buried there were 49 members of the Waffen-SS, the combat arm of the SS, which committed many other atrocities. Detailed song description. CAT. 6 Nov. 2020. Among those vehemently opposed to the trip were Jewish and veterans' groups and both houses of the U.S. [6], Before departing for Germany, Reagan ignited more controversy when he expressed his belief that the soldiers buried at Bitburg "were victims, just as surely as the victims in the concentration camps.

He wrote that it "vividly captures the sense of helplessness and confusion felt by rock youth in the Age of Reagan". Bonzo goes to Bitburg then goes out for a cup of tea As I watched it on TV somehow it really bothered me Drank in all the bars in town for an extended foreign policy Pick up the pieces. "Daytime Dilemma," on the other hand, is the 1910 Fruitgum Company with giant blocks of Gibson guitar.

Playlist, Written by: DEE DEE RAMONE, JOEY RAMONE, JEAN BEAUVOIR. [19] Melody Maker blamed its elimination on pressure from the "Moral Majority, the Patriotic League of the Alamo, and the SS."[9]. … "[9] Interviewed in 1986, he said, We had watched Reagan going to visit the SS cemetery on TV and were disgusted. "[13] David Corn described the beginning of the refrain—"Bonzo goes to Bitburg/then goes out for a cup of tea/As I watched it on TV/somehow it really bothered me"—as "snarled" by Joey over a "power-pop beat and melodic hooks galore.

The song is an emotionally charged commentary on the Bitburg controversy from earlier that year, in which U.S. president Ronald Reagan had paid a state visit to a German World War II cemetery where numerous Waffen-SS soldiers were buried. If there's one thing that makes me sick It's when someone tries to hide … There were thousands of such soldiers for whom Nazism meant no more than a brutal end to a short life."[8]. Several bands have recorded cover versions: The Agnews on the anthology album Gabba Gabba Hey: A Tribute to the Ramones (1991); The Huntingtons on their album File Under Ramones (1999); Blanks 77 on the Ramones Maniacs tribute album (2001); Wednesday Night Heroes on their Move to Press EP (2005); Trashlight Vision on their album Alibis and Ammunition (2006); MxPx on their album On the Cover II (2009); and Iron Chic on their Spooky Action EP (2013). "Bonzo Goes to Bitburg" is a song by American punk rock band the Ramones. SLEEVE: NR MINT CONDITION THROUGHOUT WITH NO IMPERFECTIONS. "[23] In his review of Animal Boy, Rolling Stone's David Fricke called the song "brilliant".

While not commercially successful, it was critically well received. Spin's Jon Young called it "part exorcism and part slapstick comedy. Congress. It was eventually retitled "My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg)", and appeared on the band's album Animal Boy, released in 1986. It was issued as a single in the UK by Beggars Banquet Records in mid-1985. "[14] Douglas Wolk fit the song into his general view of Joey Ramone as different from his many musical imitators in that "he never, ever sneered," adding that the song's tone "isn't contemptuous, just confused and angry. "Go Home Ann" is ... powerful but lacks that patented Ramones bubblegum melody.

[11] Commentators on the song tended to suggest that Joey was its primary author. Think you know music? [14], A concert recording of "Bonzo Goes to Bitburg" appears on the band's 1991 album Loco Live. Lyrically, the song … [11] It is considered one of the band's darker songs. "Bonzo Goes to Bitburg" is a song by American punk rock band the Ramones. Get instant explanation for any acronym or abbreviation that hits you anywhere on the web! [9][12] Mickey Leigh, Joey's brother, who was particularly close with Dee Dee, claimed that while "everyone believed Joey had been the impetus to write the song ... it was actually Dee Dee. As an import, however, the record became a hit on U.S. college radio.

We're all good Americans, but Reagan's thing was like forgive and forget. "[15] Scott Miller concurred, noting that the song "doesn't attempt an airtight indictment of Reagan," but perhaps more importantly excels at just "putting across the honest feeling of being impotently rankled. My brain is hanging upside down I need something to slow me down Ooh yeah, my brain is hanging upside down And I need something to slow me down. The studio version was used in the soundtrack of the film School of Rock (2003), although the official version was the version used in the film itself.   [5] The phrase also echoes the title of the film's sequel, Bonzo Goes to College (1952), though Reagan did not appear in that picture., Everytime I Eat Vegetables It Makes Me Think of You, Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight).

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