Department of Public expenditure and reform, Summary of Budget 2016 Taxation Measures - Policy Changes, Achoimre ar Bhearta Bhuiséad 2016 - Athruithe Beartais, Taxation Annex to the Summary of 2016 Budget Measures, Endorsement letter from the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council, Economic Developments and Outlook for Ireland - presentation, Entrepreneurship Action Plan - infographic, PART II Expenditure Allocations 2016 - 18, PART IV Estimates for Public Services 2016, Sharing the benefits of the Economic Recovery – infographic, Estimates of Receipts & Expenditure for year ending 31st Dec 2016, Report on the Review of Marine Tax – Indecon for Department of Finance, Tax Breaks and the Residential Property Market - ESRI for Department of Finance, Report on Tax Expenditures - Department of Finance, Tax and Entrepreneurship Review - Department of Finance, Review of the Local Property Tax (LPT) - Don Thornhill for Department of Finance, Update on Ireland’s International Tax Strategy 2015 – Department of Finance, Spillover Analysis: Possible Effects of the Irish Tax System on Developing Economies – IBFD for Department of Finance, VAT on Charities Working Group Report - Department of Finance, Banking Investments, October 2015, Presentation - Department of Finance, Policy Perspectives - the Eligible Liabilities Guarantee Scheme, Stability Programme Update April 2015 (PDF). The deficit was projected to be $29.4 billion for the fiscal year 2016–2017, however this was adjusted to $17.8 billion by end of March 2017. Links to PDF versions of the 2016 budget and related information, including several fact sheets. Our pre-Budget consultations, including Budget Talks online, collected input from tens of thousands of people and many of their ideas are contained in this plan. Table of contents for Budget 2016 ... research or recordkeeping purposes. Budgeting for Results 9 . Minister of Finance March 22, 2016 Table of contents for Budget 2016. Public Engagement 27 . The Canadian federal budget for fiscal year 2016-2017 was presented to the House of Commons of Canada by Finance Minister Bill Morneau on 22 March 2016. Budget funding of $79.7 million over five years (2016–17 to 2020–21) and $10.8 million ongoing funding starting 2021–22 will be used to: enhance perimeter security for Government of Canada networks through additional safeguards against cyber-attacks on Internet connections.

To access a Portable Document Format (PDF) file you must have a PDF reader installed. Budget 2016 Leaflet - Buiséad 2016 Bileog Summary of Budget 2016 Taxation Measures - Policy Changes Achoimre ar Bhearta Bhuiséad 2016 - Athruithe Beartais Taxation Annex to the Summary of 2016 Budget Measures Economic and Fiscal Outlook 2016

Capital Budget 95 . It is not subject to the Government of Canada Web Standards and has not been altered or updated since it was archived. Links to PDF versions of the 2016 budget and ... research or recordkeeping purposes. THE PDF VERSION 2016 5.88 MB. Fiscally Responsible 22 . City of Vancouver Overview 14 . Consolidated Budget 124

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Foreword iii Foreword Jobs for Today and Tomorrow The 2016 Budget is the product of open and extensive consultations. Competitive Residential and Business Property Taxes and Fees 52 . 2016 Budget and Five-Year Financial Plan Highlights 5 . Tabled in the House of Commons by the Honourable William Francis Morneau, P.C., M.P. These reusable components are open source software and free for use by departments and external Web communities PART I: THE CITY OF VANCOUVER’S FISCAL PLAN .

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