IN REPLY REFER TO: Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009-1828 of program support to costs that are supported by the X Program Elements (PE). To fulfill its multiple-use and sustained-yield mission, the BLM will be the preeminent leader in integrating geospatial data into natural resource management.

Managing 245 million acres of land and 700 million acres of mineral estate is a big task. Looking for more? L13110000 Oil and Gas APD Processing We manage spatial data to support multiple activities at varying scales. LF3101000* Wildland Urban Interface With oversight over 247.3 million acres, it governs one eighth of the country's landmass. Published: Jun 23, 2020. (AWP) General Directives (pages I-23 to I-26) provides policy for tracking program support costs These datasets support BLM's mission to manage and conserve public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations under our mandate of multiple use and sustained yield. L13100000 Oil and Gas Signed by: Authenticated by: Functional Area Name Together, leaders and employees work side-by-side daily to manage the public lands as working landscapes that support a greater America. Publicly Released: May 29, 2020. While transitioning to the new Federal Business Management System (FBMS) it was found that the L11500000 Threatened & Endangered Species Protection & Law Enforcement for future years. Published: May 28, 2020. The agency manages the federal … L31300000 Acquisition Management LF1000000* Fire Preparedness Policy/Action: The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Fiscal_Year (FY) 2010, Annual Work Plan Timeframe: This is effective immediately. L14100000 Alaska Conveyance This is a text-based system (no online maps). Functional Published: Jul 6, 2020. The program is organized at three levels: 1) the national office, which provides leadership and oversight while developing policy, procedures, and budgets; 2) state offices, which are responsible for coordinating policies and interagency activities within their state; and 3) field offices, which carry out on-the-ground fire management and aviation activities, often partnering with other agencies to maximize rapid initial … Box 1828 IN REPLY REFER TO: Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009-1828 1680 (950) P April 21, 2010 EMS Transmission: April 21, 2010 Instruction Memorandum No. The State Office will use the OVHD WBS for labor and non-labor fixed costs defined by the X PEs.

Explore BLM National Data in the viewer below. L16520000 Annual Maintenance The Functional Areas, where the OVHD codes are valid, are attached below. Publicly Released: Aug 5, 2020. Publicly Released: Jul 23, 2020. Each day, the Bureau of Land Management employees, volunteers and partners conserve public lands, build our nation’s energy infrastructure and support local economies, advance scientific discovery and much more. Published: Jun 25, 2020. costs defined by the X PEs. L11100000 Wildlife Management L16100000 Resource Management Planning Functional Area Name L10600000 Wild Horses & Burros Budget Officer. Careers . The BLM's national and state leaders bring a combination of innovation and experience to the organization. GAO noted that: (1) the Forest Service and BLM manage their federal lands for multiple uses through a multilevel--headquarters and field office--organizational structure; (2) the agencies are responsible for managing the same types of natural resources--such as timber, minerals, grazing, recreation, and wildlife--on about 70 percent of all public lands; (3) these lands represent about 21 percent of the nation's total … Our multiple-use mandate ensures healthy, productive public lands for current and future generations.

Division of Support Services, Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution. We will be agile and adaptive to modern technologies and tools to attract and retain a highly-skilled staff.

Box 1828

WY-2010-028 organizational support and land resource information systems was used to track administrative costs. L16510000 Operations This WY policy has … Find Recent Work on Natural Resources and Environment, Actions Needed to Improve BLM's Royalty Relief Policy, Interstate Transportation of Natural Gas Is Generally Reliable, but FERC Should Better Identify and Assess Emerging Risks, Updated Guidance and Regulations Could Improve Facility Permitting Processes, A Climate Migration Pilot Program Could Enhance the Nation's Resilience and Reduce Federal Fiscal Exposure, Improved Communication and Adaptive Management Strategy Could Help Address Stakeholder Concerns, Identifying a Federal Entity to Address the National Academies' Recommendations Could Strengthen Regulatory Analysis, Fiscal Exposure Persists Despite Property Acquisitions, More Than 800 Operations Authorized to Mine and Total Mineral Production Is Unknown, Data on Solid Mineral Operations on Federal Lands, Information on Forest Service Response, Key Concerns, and Effects of the Chetco Bar Fire, Department of Energy's Contract Management for the National Nuclear Security Administration and Office of Environmental Management - High Risk Issue, Electricity Markets, Grid Security and Resilience, Limiting the Federal Government's Fiscal Exposure by Better Managing Climate Change Risks - High Risk Issue, Management of Federal Oil and Gas Resources - High Risk Issue, National Flood Insurance Program - High Risk Issue, U.S. Government's Environmental Liability - High Risk Issue. We manage spatial data to support multiple activities at varying scales. Pursuant to a congressional request, GAO provided information on: (1) the operational and demographic profiles of the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM); and (2) GAO's observations on the major similarities and differences emerging from this information. Area Number 1680 (950) P Publicly Released: Oct 6, 2020.

L12200000 Recreation Resources Management Expires: 9/30/2011 Published: Aug 6, 2020.

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