Overpopulation has increased the acts of violence and aggression as people are competing with each other for getting resources and achieving a good lifestyle. Starvation is a huge issue facing the world... ...is now more of a threat than overpopulation to world development Human overpopulation increases pollution by littering, soil contamination and toxins released in the environment as well as carbon monoxide by ways of vehicular mechanisms being used on a daily basis that eventually causes global warming. Many farmers and gardeners will not be able to do any deep planting but only shallow. ...World Overpopulation Rise in Illiteracy rate: Before the one-child policy was implemented, the government encouraged its people to have as many children as they can since it was believed that it will empower the country. Science invents different vaccines and treatments for life threatening diseases. Oil and gas would probably reach its peak and cause prices to rise tremendously. Enhancing the quality of the education system, one child enactment, reduce the rate of a child fatality, give assistance to the poor people economically, etc can be the ways of solution of overpopulation. Topic: The causes of global warming To understand the impacts of overpopulation one must first understand the concept of overpopulation. The air pollutions will not only affect breathing, it will also contribute to the already thinning ozone layer. A country can only get success when its citizens are healthy and live a happy and content life. Poverty leads to overpopulation as residents in these areas see their children as an... ...in 1978 and implanted it in 1980. Government should impose some restrictions / hard method to control the number of children per couple. While in developing countries, people are not well educated and have no proper idea about family planning. Introduction: Population Growth is becoming a huge issue in our country and the world today. Indeed some negative effects of the global warming have a heavy impact such as the rise in sea levels, less precipitation, expansion of the desert retreat of glaciers and sea ice. It creates an imbalance in the city and a shortage of resources. Natural resources are depleting very fast due to the overuse of coal, oil, and natural gas, etc. Technological Advancement in Fertility Treatment: The photograph I saw was called Architecture of Density and it was taken by photographer and artist Michael Wolf. Causes of Overpopulation:- As the population increases in the world and the top ten nations control the greater number of population than the rest of the world, therefore this has become a big tension for all. Population growth is a continuing problem that seems to go unnoticed in many developed countries. With the numerous problems that currently plague mankind, overpopulation is perhaps the most threatening and overlooked issue. As a result, people need to face a lower lifestyle. We could also reduce the cost of living because there would not be as high of a demand for items. Overpopulation can have several effects on the environment, as well as other species within an ecological system. They give birth to large number of child and do not provide them the basic needs of life. We would have to get our local senators to bring it up to our Representatives until it is finally made a bill and lands on the president’s desk and becomes a law. Why we still suffering in this kind of situation, Over population of the Philippines is one of the biggest factor why we still suffering in this kind of economic problems, we have some features here like the lack of discipline in our observation we saw that those family who belong in “LOW CLASS FAMILY” have more children compare for those family in “MIDDLE CLASS FAMILY” and HIGH CLASS FAMILY. As our population grows, the needs of the population become bigger. The oceans would be affected and will not sustain quality sea life. Best Time to Wake Up | Sleep Time | by Age Groups | Earth-24, Effects of Natural Resources Depletion | Causes | Earth-24, What is the Paleo Diet | Benefits Meal Plan list | Earth-24. Causes, Effects, and Solutions: Overpopulation means an increase in the number of people in an area than the number, the resources of that particular area can sustain. Every underdeveloped country or where a country faces a lack of development has to face the problem of overpopulation. Overpopulation defines a population that has crossed the limit of a sustainable population. Pollution is an environmental problem whose magnitude is increased by overpopulation. Giving medical advantages to poor people may be the solution to overpopulation. So, there should be a strict reason for child labor as it is one of the reasons for overpopulation. Overpopulation remains the leading driver of hunger, desertification, species depletion and a range of social maladies across the planet (Tal, 2013). Percentage Of Water On Earth | Pollution Effects | Scarcity |... Technology Advantages & Disadvantage | Human | Environment | earth-24.com. Because of overpopulation, more waste is generated each day.

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