Once this earlier project is terminated, the effect from the new project would become evident. the technical options and considerations presented in this guidance.

Find training opportunities on impact assessment, Find guidance on conducting an impact assessment, Subscribe to the Agency weekly news bulletin, Practitioner's guide to impact assessment, Impact Assessment Agency of Canada News Releases. (���Z((�- ���:�`0�B)��"��M"�"��Ӹ�G���H@��ɰ���M)���&�4��j��)(qK�AK� 6���4��0Ԫ���R1I��!p�ץ3i�j��FhL ���T�5 l The methodologies used to predict cumulative environmental effects must be clearly described. Find training opportunities on impact assessment.

A VC may also take generations to stabilize to a new state, or to recover from the perturbations of the project and/or physical activities. Practitioners should take into account the following considerations in conducting the analysis.

Each overlay can be a layer of information, such as a map of a single impact. This information could be found in news media, the proponent’s website or via an announcement from the proponent.

Figure 5 demonstrates the loss of habitat increases with each new element of development (a new town, followed by new roads and a golf course). The information might also reveal a trend in the state (health, status, or condition) of the VC that could help predict a suitable point for a future temporal boundary. Scoping helps determine which, Step 2 considers how the physical activities examined during Step 1 may affect the. Throughout the guidance, the term “environmental effects” refers to environmental effects as described in section 5 of CEAA 2012 (see description and examples below).

Example: Noise from the project could be identified by an Aboriginal group as an issue of concern relative to wildlife in the context of traditional use of lands.

The pathway is the route the source takes to reach a VC. Each proponent is responsible for carrying out their own assessment of cumulative effects. Mitigation may include elimination, reduction or control or, where this is not possible, restitution measures such as replacement, restoration or compensation should be considered. Some examples of stress indicators for which models have been developed and have been correlated to specific VC conditions include kilometres of roads per square kilometre; total cleared area; percent of area disturbed by class of activity; total area burned; and stream crossing density. Practitioners may also find that the effects of past and existing physical activities are reflected in current ecosystem processes. the characteristics and interactions between. CEAA.guidance-orientation.ACEE@ceaa-acee.gc.ca, 1.4 Examining physical activities that have been and will be carried out, 2.0 Overview and Outcomes of the Analysis, 2.1 Analyzing Various Types of Data and Information, 2.2 Addressing Data Limitations and Uncertainty in the Analysis, Appendix 1: Source-pathway-receptor model, Appendix 3: Selecting the methods to be used, Figure 1: Generic approach to scoping for cumulative effects assessment, Figure 3: Example of a matrix structure for outcome documentation, Figure 7: Compensatory cumulative effects, Figure 9: Network or system diagram of cumulative effects, Cumulative Effects Assessment Practitioners Guide, Section 1.4: Examining physical activities that have been and will be carried out, Considering Aboriginal traditional knowledge in environmental assessments conducted under the, Defining the scope of the assessment is the first step in the assessment of cumulative effects. Collection and use of ATK is covered in the reference guide Considering Aboriginal traditional knowledge in environmental assessments conducted under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012. Even though the local habitat may not yet be under pressure, a review of population data might show that the species is under pressure due to other factors, such as habitat loss in another country. identify the VCs that will be carried forward to Step 2 of the Cumulative Effects Assessment Process, based on the scoping. For example, an aquatic species could be examined across its distribution in a watershed, thus allowing practitioners to take into account the availability of habitat and the success of recruitment processes across the watershed. The cumulative environmental effects assessment must consider other physical activities that have been carried out up to the time of the analysis, or will be carried out in the future, provided that these physical activities are likely to have an environmental effect on the same VCs that would be affected by residual environmental effects of the designated project. When superimposed on one another, the overlaps illustrate areas where there are potential cumulative effects. A reasonable approach should be taken to ensure the cumulative effects assessment is undertaken at an appropriate level of effort that supports defensible conclusions. Consideration should also be given to whether an existing physical activity will be decommissioned in the future, and whether this decommissioning might affect the future condition of a specific VC. Where scenarios are used to reflect future or past activities, it should also be noted. Reviewers of the EIS should be presented with a complete picture of the potential types and scale of cumulative environmental effects. Information on potential and current impact assessments of projects, and regional and strategic assessments under the Impact Assessment Act. If masking of cumulative effects is predicted, a follow-up program may be required to ensure that mitigation measures remain effective in managing cumulative effects when the earlier project is terminated. The methods discussed in this Appendix include: Questionnaires and interviews are a means of gathering a broad range of information from knowledgeable or interested individuals. In this case, it is reasonable to document the evidence and conclude that the deer will not be carried forward for further analysis (Step 2). Example: A VC may be defined broadly, such as “terrestrial vegetation” (e.g.

(�� Information about a physical activity may not be readily available if, for example: Information from similar physical activities at other locations (known as surrogate information) may be useful. changes to the environment that might result from the federal decisions as well as any associated effects on health, socio-economic conditions, matters of historical, archaeological, paleontological or architectural interest, or other matters of physical or cultural heritage. Identification of VCs for the project EA is made in relation to section 5 of CEAA 2012 and takes into account direction provided by the Agency. As the first step in a cumulative effects assessment, scoping serves to orient and focus subsequent steps.

types of data and information that were gathered or generated for each. Spatial analysis is useful for identifying where cumulative effects may occur as a result of the geographic location of the project in relation to other physical activities. A variety of approaches for addressing data limitations are available and have been mentioned in other parts of this technical guidance, including: Scenario building may be useful to account for a range of future conditions for a VC and address uncertainty regarding the future state of a VC. In an EA, it may be used as a surrogate to predict environmental effects on other species or another ecologically justifiable grouping. For the determination of significance, indicators and indices can form the basis for establishing benchmarks.

Time horizons for the project or selected physical activities should include timelines associated with construction, operation, and decommissioning. It can be useful to interview experts during scoping and/or analysis to provide a range of expert knowledge during a cumulative effects assessment. Potential cumulative environmental effects should be considered, as appropriate, in the analysis, even when there is little supporting data or there is predictive uncertainty. (��

Example: Grizzly bear, a culturally important species to Aboriginal groups in a project area, might prove to be a good VC to represent other culturally important terrestrial animal species if it is known to be vulnerable to the perturbations of projects and physical activities. It can also be useful at a smaller scale for VCs that are an ecotype (i.e., a genetically distinct variety, population, or race of a species adapted to specific environmental conditions). (�� Legislated requirements associated with access to information must be considered. This involves outlining how these limitations affected the choice of methodology and assumptions. Stress indicators are measurements that provide information about the attributes of human-caused disturbances or the surrounding environment, such as the magnitude, intensity, and frequency of physical activities, or natural phenomena that may bring about changes in environmental components.


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