On the Gregorian solar calendar, generated by the 364-Day calendar, the start time of Creation Week, from what is now known as Jerusalem, is 6 p.m. on Sunday, October 21 in 4101 BC. The first angel stands alone and the crystal ball shows light being separated from Darkness. What we are seeing is the light that left such stars about 6,113 solar years ago, when the universe was created. This piece must have been his way of portraying how he sees it yet trying to bring about the awe that the heavenly creatures also had for the same. BR: Wednesday, October 16 — Creation Day 3, 4115 BC BR Years from Creation: 0 Science, with its vast amount of information, has absolutely no way of explaining or contributing to our understanding of how the incredible events of Creation Week happened. The “Beginning” of the 7 Days of Creation Week begins and is tracked on two calendars that start on the same day. In this atmosphere wrapped around the earth, in this space called heaven, there is also a great amount of water in the form of thick clouds which some refer to as a canopy of water vapor around the earth. Into this large amount of space, God creates a large amount of formless and seemingly non-energized matter called earth. Day 1 begins with the first sunset (“evening”), of the Seven Days of Creation Week, followed by the first sunrise (“morning”) which completes the definition of a normal 24-hour day. The language of the Genesis account makes it clear that all of creation was formed from nothing in six literal 24-hour periods with no time periods occurring between the days. While I cannot say with any authority that this is the precise and exact moment that Creation began, I can say that this date in Time is the correct synchronization date of the 364-Day calendar consistent with Scripture and the currently used Gregorian solar calendar. BR: Tuesday, October 15 — Creation Day 2, 4115 BC

The last 6 hours of Sunday on a solar calendar are the first 6 hours of Monday on a Hebrew calendar. Julian Day Number: 223860.75.

God rested because His Creation was complete and perfect. On the Gregorian-Hebrew calendar (GH), the corresponding date for the fifth day of Creation Week is Friday, October 26–Heshvan 5, 4101 BC (GH). At 6:00 PM it becomes Monday October 14 on the 364-Day Hebrew calendar and the start of Day 1 of Creation.

As previously stated, the phrase, “according to its kind” is applied to all the birds, fish, and land animals, but not Adam and Eve. The Julian Day Number, given on this date on the solar calendar, is the last quarter of Sunday at 6 p.m. All Rights Reserved. This opening verse of Scripture states that God begins the act of Creation by creating the space needed for the universe and matter in the form of the earth. Time begins as God starts the act of Creation by creating a great deal of space. God simply speaks and the waters separate and the land appears. The birds coming before land animals contradict macro-evolutionary models. Julian Day Number: 223858.75, Time intersects and anchors into eternity as time begins the events of Creation Day 1. Earth’ calendar officially begins on “the fourth day” when the sun and moon are created according to Genesis 1:14-19. On this third day of Creation, God makes His last main separation by dividing the water from the land. On the sixth day of creation, land animals and man were created. God ceased from all His creative work because nothing else needed to be created or finished. BR Calendar Day Number: 4 And God saw that it was good”. Filter. This 364-Day Bible Reference (BR) calendar seems to digitally generate the main solar calendars used today. Clear All.

BR Years from Creation: 0

Type of Dated Event: “the beginning” The fruit, seeds and plants would also produce food for the animal life that would be created on days Five and Six of Creation Week. We will not sell or share your email address with anyone.

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