Simpson fancied himself an actor, and even went around telling people he had uncredited cameos in his and Bruckheimer's movies, which was untrue. Cruise's reaction after taking a car around the track at 175 mph: “Hey, we gotta make a movie about this!”.

Bruckheimer was the one who got the work done, NASCAR's support was full and unconditional. Do you have an upcoming event in the Charlotte region that you think should be on our calendar? Here are some things you might not have known about everyone's favorite NASCAR movie (non-comedy division). The producers landed on their feet elsewhere and went on to make The Ref, Bad Boys, Crimson Tide, Dangerous Minds, and The Rock before Simpson's death in 1996. Allegedly. The production delays caused by Simpson and Bruckheimer's incessant creative involvement (to be fair, there were weather issues, too) meant everyone had a lot of downtime. Early in the shoot, NASCAR driver Hut Stricklin, hired as a consultant and stunt driver, told Cruise that stock cars are built to turn left. One scene in particular included almost 500 high school students from Charlotte, who packed the South Mecklenburg High School stadium to re-create a Friday night football game for the film. Allegedly. NASCAR teams are famous for proudly displaying their sponsors' logos on their cars, so it wouldn't make sense to make a NASCAR film without similar decorations on the fictional drivers' vehicles. Today, the lake even hosts an annual Dirty Dancing Festival.

After that, Cruise listened to new lines as Towne dictated through a headset.”. Movie Days of Thunder Scene Crash Scene Vote. By most accounts, Bruckheimer was the one who got the work done, while Simpson partied, slept, and caroused. And still, even at a reduced speed, the work was dangerous. Amelie’s French Bakery, even provided the sweets that tempted Haymitch, Effie, Peeta and Katniss in the lavish dining car en route to the Capitol. Richard Childress and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. discussed how Days of Thunder was based on the rivalry between Dale Earnhardt, Sr. and Geoff Bodine. Days of Thunder was many people's first exposure to the high-octane, left-turning world of NASCAR. According to one crew member, the producers’ “main concern [was] getting laid.” They—mostly Simpson, a notorious party animal—spent studio money to build a private gym at the hotel where they were staying, with a neon sign alerting nearby beachgoers to the movie’s (and thus Tom Cruise’s) presence. The couple shared a milkshake at Pike’s Soda Shop in the South End. Its original Memorial Day release, where it would have competed with Back to the Future Part III, had to be pushed back to June 27, where it competed with Ghost Dad. Days of Thunder was filmed in 1990 – mostly here in the Charlotte region. The shoot went more than three months over schedule, finally ending in early May. The legendary actor and part-time racer shared his enthusiasm for motorsports with Tom Cruise when they made The Color of Money together. Rosemary introduced Hal to her parents in the South Park neighborhood. Among Simpson's many excesses was making screenwriter Robert Towne write in a small role for Simpson's new girlfriend, an actress named Donna Wilson. According to Don Simpson's biographer Charles Fleming, “For a while, Cruise read new lines off the dashboard of his speeding stock car, until keeping his eyes off the road caused him to crash. And Hendrick Motorsports prepared most of the cars in the movie and later used some of them in real races. Movie James and the Giant Peach Scene Giant Peach Scene … Things happen to metal at 140 miles an hour that don't happen at 60 miles an hour." That's an unusually short post-production schedule for such a big-budget, tech-heavy film, but shooting delays left Paramount with little choice. Covid Cases and Deaths Now Hitting Record Levels In Gaston County... Charlotte Is About To Witness This Generation’s First ‘Halloween Blue Moon’. After Mauricio reversed the spell on Hal, they abandoned Rosemary at a restaurant and walked through the Latta Arcade courtyard on South Tryon Street. The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing truly has national popularity now, but in 1990, it was mostly a regional thing, big in the Southeast quadrant of the U.S. and small everywhere else. The scene where Big John tells Cole and Rowdy they will drive to dinner together is based on an actual meeting Bill France, Jr. had in the 1980s between Dale Earnhardt, Sr. and Geoff Bodine. (The duo's previous films, including Flashdance, Beverly Hills Cop, and Top Gun, had been cash cows, but enough was enough.) The two were then introduced to NASCAR team owner Rick Hendrick (the inspiration for Randy Quaid's character), who let budding racing enthusiast Cruise drive a stock car himself. The Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, was the setting for many of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s most iconic scenes. NC Votes Continue To Be Counted – Here’s How You Can... Huntersville Officer Taken To Hospital After Melania Trump Motorcade Crash. This new film starring Mickey Rourke and Sarah Silverman was shot almost entirely in Charlotte. "Too bad he had to kill a $100,000 camera." Movie Ronin Scene Audi S8 Getaway Scene Vote. Today, you can take Hunger Games interactive fan tours that take you to all major locations in the North Carolina mountains. Cruise figured it out soon enough when he turned left without trouble, then tried going back to the right and spun out. Movie Days of Thunder Scene Race Scene Vote. Several sections of the film were shot at the American Legion Memorial Stadium (CPCC Uptown Campus) with the Charlotte skyline in the background serving as the 1920 Chicago skyline.

That's down from the 200 miles per hour those cars would do in a real race. She had only one line, but it was enough of an excuse for Simpson to bring her to Daytona for the entire shoot. The blockbuster hit from the mid-90s starring Jodie Foster and Liam Neeson was filmed almost entirely in Charlotte. Naturally, the studio jumped at the chance to make a movie full of product placements that could be justified by the story. Here are the 10 most significant filming locations around the Charlotte region that you may recognize on the big screen; Days of Thunder was filmed in 1990 – mostly here in the Charlotte region.

Actors would be given new pages of dialogue immediately before filming—or even during.

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