Copyright David Tenenbaum. As blogged the previous week, deforestation can be the cause of various hazards. Lan, Chia-Wei

And there are cultural artefacts and traditional livelihoods associated with sheep that form part of the identity of certain regions. Wilkinson, M. Justin I agree that sheep farming is part of the cultural heritage of the British uplands, and have no reason to criticise the industry in principle, and make enemies in the farming community – some good friends of mine are sheep farmers. and ©2015 Wales Wild Land Foundation       Wales Wild Land Foundation CIO is a Charity Registered in England and Wales Number 1158185. If a river cannot handle the load of water it is required to carry, it will rise above its banks.

Deforestation: the muddy cause of landslides? BBC footage from helicopter fly over of Cumbria 5th December 2015. Having experienced flooding myself in the past, I am profoundly sympathetic towards the unfortunate people who have had their homes flooded. 2003. A major problem from deforestation is flooding; but to what to extent is deforestation a contributor towards flooding? Ashmore, Peter This isn’t an implied criticism of farming, but it is a criticism of the attitude that every part of the landscape needs to be managed and productive. * Views captured on Cambridge Core between . There have been plenty of scientific studies demonstrating the facts and it has been widely reported in the past.

FAO/CIFOR news release. (1996) Soil, Water and Plant Characteristics Important to Irrigation [last accessed 13/05/12] In real forestry, you grow the trees back," she adds, so that after 30 or 40 years, runoff amounts fall to forested levels. The recent flooding in Cumbria and other parts of northern England have provided some striking images of devastation. Maybe, just mabee, beavers should be considered. However, this is the natural consequence of rainfall on treeless hills. Sheep farming is an uneconomic activity in upland areas and only continues with the support of government subsidies. Karami, Mahmoud

An interesting and informative article. This is when floods occur. Coming across the Atlantic from the Caribbean, the moist air meets the hills in the west of Ireland and Britain cooling the moisture content which falls as rain. The connection between deforestation and flooding is well recognised in other countries. Deforestation and Floods - Volume 14 Issue 1 - Colin Clark.

The stream is trying to find a regular path again.

2017. Four temporary shelters opened to house Selangor, Negri flood victims, 420 flood victims safely evacuated in Seremban, one man missing. Developers can reduce the rate of runoff by finding alternatives to paving, building catch basins to recharge the groundwater, avoiding stream channelization (so water reaches the rivers more slowly) and restoring damaged wetlands. Close this message to accept cookies or find out how to manage your cookie settings. I hope that Britain’s politicians take note! October 12, 2005. ( Log Out /  For example, last December Typhoon Washi hit the Philippines with devastating effects. The thing is, this is not news even here in Britain. , 71% Lotta logging

Finally, the compaction of the soil by livestock, and in particular sheep which apply greater pressure in pounds per square inch than other animals, means that rain cannot percolate into the soil and instead runs over the land surface straight into rivers. 1992.

Panahi, Mostafa

Lulla, Kamlesh P. Some rainwater stays on the leaves, and it may evaporate directly to the air (the more water used in the watershed, the less remains to run off). Deforestation: the real reason floods are caused? This year is a strong El Nino, possibly the strongest on record (since 1950), which is related to variations in ocean currents.

Check if you have access via personal or institutional login, COPYRIGHT: © Foundation for Environmental Conservation 1987. Malekian, Arash For more on this, see George Monbiot’s recent article. As deforestation is so prevalent in modern times in the Philippines in relation to the recent floods, I decided to look into how GIS is used in this region of the World. Furious floods Wilkinson, M. Justin Sometimes people cut down trees (deforestation).

}) How can deforestation cause flash floods? Change ),,

(1993) describe how maps in the Philippines were modernised using GIS; ‘the two land-use maps, the 1941 road map and the boundaries of the 13 administrative regions shown on the 1988 map were manually digitised using vector-based GIS software package.’ Using GIS, ‘buffer rings were used to study the effects of roads on deforestation’ (Liu et al. View all Google Scholar citations Adamson, James C. And the growth of the trees can provide an ongoing supply of woodfuel or wood chip, which can be used as bedding in place of straw. Keep track and manage your login sessions and devices here. The pictures are taken from BBC footage from a helicopter flight over the region on 5th December. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Please use the Get access link above for information on how to access this content. Helfert, Michael R. Liu, Iverson and Brown (1993) Forest ecology and management: Rates and patterns of deforestation in the Philippines: applications of geographic information system analysis, Daily Mail Reporter (19/12/11)      British man dies in Philippines floods as new pictures show full scale of carnage after country was hit by Typhoon Washi [last accessed 12/05/12], McGeown, K. (20/02/12) BBC: Logging blamed for Philippine flood deaths [last accessed 12/05/12], Scherer et al. 2007. Deforestation and increased flooding of the Upper Amazon, Transactions, Institute of British Geographers,, Economic Impacts and Drivers of Deforestation, Trends and patterns of tropical land use change, Past, Present and Future Hydrological Research for Integrated Land and Water Management, Forest cover change patterns in Myanmar (Burma) 1990–2000, Magnitude-Frequency Concepts and the Dynamics of Channel-Forming Events, Deforestation dynamics in a fragmented region of southern Amazonia: evaluation and future scenarios.

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