Chances are that you may have forgotten to notify the State Assessment office of your change of address and the tax bill was returned to us. Dorchester County Tax Assessor . Taxpayers may opt to pay annually, but they must notify their lender prior to May 1st of their intention.

South Carolina is ranked 1246th of the 3143 counties in the United States, in order of the median amount of property taxes collected. For information or an application, please call the State at (800) 944-7403 or visit their website at You will be redirected to the destination page below in 5 seconds... In cases of extreme property tax delinquency, the Dorchester County Tax Board may seize the delinquent property and offer it for sale at a public tax foreclosure auction, often at a price well under market value. You will be redirected to … Neither the County of Dorchester, SC nor any agency, elected official or employee of the County of Dorchester SC warrants the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of any information on this website and shall not be liable for such. 2. There is a Homeowner’s Property Tax Credit Program, which is administered by the State and available to eligible homeowners based on household income. Lower taxes… If you need to find out the exact amount of your property tax bill or find other specific information, you can contact the

Applications must be filed no later than September 1st of each tax year. We can check your property's current assessment against similar properties in Dorchester County and tell you if you've been overassessed. © Copyright 2020 Dorchester County Government, State Legislation approved during the 2007 session of the General Assembly, requires homeowners to submit an application in order to continue to receive, homestead tax credit application online, please click. Semi-annual tax payments are due in two installments; the first on or before September 30th and the second on or before  December 31st. The 5% Hotel Rental Tax applies to transient charges collected by hotels, apartments, inns, motels, rooming houses and tourist homes. The Dorchester County, SC website is not responsible for the content of external sites.

Thank you for visiting the Dorchester County, SC website. The second semi-annual installment is due December 31st and becomes delinquent January 1st. The Dorchester County Tax Assessor is responsible for assessing the fair market value of properties within Dorchester County and determining the property tax rate that will apply. Taxpayers receive a delinquency or tax lien sale notice in April.

Effective July 1st, 2000, a semi-annual tax payment schedule became mandatory for all owner-occupied residential property owners in the State of Maryland. For more information concerning the County’s budget, please see the Taxpayer Information pamphlet enclosed with your bill or visit the County’s website at

The tax rate is set each year by the County Council and applies for the taxable year beginning July 1st and ending June 30th. Proceeds of the sale first go to pay the property's tax lien, and additional proceeds may be remitted to the original owner. Property taxes are managed on a county level by the local tax assessor's office.

Annual tax bills are due September 30th. The average yearly property tax paid by Dorchester County residents amounts to about 1.78% of their yearly income. Legally blind persons may apply at any time and need not meet the general September 1 filing deadline.

Once approved, property owners who have rehabilitated structures will receive a tax credit phasing in the taxation of increased taxable assessed value. Dorchester County collects, on average, 0.67% of a property's assessed fair market value as property tax.

For properties considered the primary residence of the taxpayer, a homestead exemption may exist. IMPORTANT HOMESTEAD TAX CREDIT NOTICEState Legislation approved during the 2007 session of the General Assembly requires homeowners to submit an application in order to continue to receive the homestead tax credit. Please click here to view the residential reassessment area map maintained by the State Department of Assessments and Taxation.

Any applicable credit has been used in the calculation of this bill. If your mortgage company pays your property taxes, it is your responsibility to send a copy of this bill to them. This option is not available after September 30, 2006. Stay Connected, Get News, View Updates & Insights, Created By Vision - Where Communities & Government Meet. If a property does not sell at the annual tax auction, the County will take ownership and maintain the property until it can be transformed into productive property by new home owners, non-profits, adjacent property owners or neighborhood groups.

Homestead Tax Credit Our property tax estimates are based on the median property tax levied on similar houses in the Dorchester County area.

Property tax accounts taken to tax lien sale may be subject to additional legal costs that are incurred by the new tax lien certificate holder. This form is used to apply for the County’s Residential Sprinkler System Tax Credit. The 5% Hotel Rental Tax applies to transient charges collected by hotels, apartments, inns, motels, rooming houses and tourist homes.

Smaller, less intrusive government. Homeowner’s Property Tax Credit

Beginning July 1, 2006, the taxable assessment for County taxes on owner-occupied residential properties in Dorchester County is limited to 5%. The Delinquent Tax office investigates and collects delinquent real property taxes, notifies owners of taxes owed and seizes property for non-payment. The County Council has extended this credit until June 30, 2022. Blind Persons The median property tax amount is based on the median Dorchester County property value of $171,400. For more information concerning this credit, please see Chapter 144, Article XVIII, or Bill 2016-3. Note: This page provides general information about property taxes in Dorchester County. To get a copy of the Dorchester County Homestead Exemption Application, call the Dorchester County Assessor's Office and ask for details on the homestead exemption program. The exact property tax levied depends on the county in South Carolina the property is located in. The Dorchester County Homestead Exemption can reduce the appraised valuation of a primary residence before calculating the property tax owed, resulting in a lower annual property tax rate for owner-occupied homes.

Each property is individually t each year, and any improvements or additions made to your property may increase its appraised value. Our data allows you to compare Dorchester County's property taxes by median property tax in dollars, median property tax as a percentage of home value, and median property tax as a percentage of the Dorchester County median household income. The median property tax in Dorchester County, South Carolina is $1,147 per year for a home worth the median value of $171,400.

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