In a competency-based program, students with some education or previous college experience may also test out of general education courses and finish their degree faster. Doctoral degree: PhD in Educational Sciences The Faculty of Educational Sciences is one of the largest research environments in educational sciences in Europe. ", This Master's programme is officially registered under its name in the Central Register of Higher Education Study Programmes, 60 credits equals one year full-time study load (European Credit Transfer System, ECTS), Development and Socialisation in Childhood and Adolescence. M1 et M2 : Inscription en ligne à partir de début juillet. Below you find a list of educational programmes which are (closely) related to Educational Science & Technology. Pour valider sa licence (6 semestres), l’étudiant doit obtenir 180 crédits ECTS. Students with an associate degree may also transfer credits for general education … Formation continue ou demandeurs d’emploi : tarifs sur demande, contacter la faculté d'Éducation. in Education Sciences have changed as of the 2019-20 academic year. Students are advised to contact their state department of education or an Enrollment Services Representative (Academic Advisor) to determine if this program is suitable for certification/licensure and their career goals. Check your inbox! In addition, researchers and scholars from abroad are invited for guest lectures and research seminars. This one-year, English-taught Master’s degree will make become a highly valued communication specialist, equipped to help people and organizations navigate technological advances and societal shifts. Expose new thinkers to the world around them with an M.S. Enseignant dans un établissement spécialisé. Comprendre la complexité des situations éducatives. As a junior research assistant, for example, you might contribute to our studies aimed at understanding and supporting emergency response teams, outcomes-oriented teaching and learning in primary education, crossing boundaries & transforming practices in inter-organisational teams, or technology for supporting inquiry learning. You will get familiar with the latest technologies and their relationship with learning and development. This specialization provides you with knowledge of multiple scientific areas and skills to instruct students in science through a variety of learning techniques. In fact, UT is among the world’s top 10 universities in the field of learning sciences. You will tackle these questions and more in the Master’s programme in Psychology. The programme is based in the faculty-wide research theme of Education and Learning, which is embedded in local, national, and international research networks. - De 2 955 € à 6 770 € selon les revenus en 1ère année => Simulateur de tarifs en M1. - De 3 780 € à 6 770 € selon les revenus en 2è année => Frais de scolarité détaillés en M2.Possibilité d’obtenir une Bourse d’État.Formation continue : tarif sur demande auprès de la faculté d’Éducation. Des cours en LPC (langage parlé complété) et en LSF (langue des signes française) dispensés par des professionnels pour une ouverture à l’interculturel, au handicap, aux problématiques des malentendants. Abraham S. Fischler College of Education and School of Criminal Justice, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Allopathic Medicine, Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences, H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship, Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography, Mailman Segal Center for Human Development, Department of Higher Education Leadership & Instructional Technology, MS IN SCIENCE EDUCATION PROFESSIONAL LICENSURE DISCLOSURE, Foundations of Physical Science for Teachers, Teaching Chemistry: An Activity-Based Study of Matter and Energy, Interdisciplinary Earth Science for Teachers, Applied Professional Experience in Science Education, Practicing science teachers who wish to obtain graduate degrees and increase their expertise in their current field; OR. Many colleges charge tuition per credit hour, though some may set a fixed term cost. Are you fascinated by how people of all ages acquire new knowledge and skills, whether they are school kids, talented employees, or leaders? Les étudiants assistent chaque année à une conférence en anglais (et à une conférence en espagnol pour ceux qui ont choisi une 2è langue), sur le thème de l’année (ex : l’autisme, l’école inclusive…) ; ils doivent ensuite réaliser un compte rendu en anglais qui fait l’objet d’une validation. As learning scientists, we’re intent on offering a Master’s programme that itself fulfils the purposes of education: qualification, socialisation, and personal development. Education sciences or education theory (traditionally often called pedagogy ) seek to describe, understand, and prescribe education policy and practice. 4 options : professorat des écoles, intervention éducative, animation et éducation populaire, médiation culturelle et loisirs…. Search for scholarships and learn about the financial aid process. Do you want to disentangle and understand the complex interaction of development, education, and learning? You might become a Corporate Trainer, an Innovation Manager, a Learning & Development Project Manager with an international non-governmental organisation, a researcher specialised in child learning, an E-learning Multimedia Consultant and Designer, or a policymaker or advisor with the Ministry of Education or another governmental or educational body. In the Educational Science and Technology Master’s programme, as much as 80% of the content is customisable. BP 10808 Some have just completed a teacher training college, or a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Science or some other field, such as Psychology or Communication Science. Diplôme national bac + 3 en convention avec l’université de Haute-Alsace. We always learn by interacting with someone or something, such as: If you’re interested in learning about and carrying out high-quality research into these interactions, you can make a real difference in learning, teaching, and instruction.

Pour connaître les dates de commission d’admission, contactez de la faculté d'Éducation. Collaboration with students from multiple countries provides you with opportunities to explore issues in education and learning within a broader international perspective. Grâce à des enseignements ouverts sur différentes disciplines et pratiques, l'étudiant acquiert des connaissances transférables dans plusieurs secteurs socio-éducatifs, de la formation et de l'insertion. The Bachelor of Education degree was first introduced by the University of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in 1963. Engage in meaningful educational breakthroughs as a researcher, designer or consultant. Parcours Éducation, inclusion, intervention. Cette licence questionne les pratiques éducatives dans leurs dimensions  philosophiques, historiques, sociologiques, psychologiques… Elle inclut des stages et prépare aux métiers de l’enseignement, de l’éducation, de la formation, de l’insertion et du social. Le master se prépare soit en contrat d’apprentissage soit en contrat de professionnalisation ce qui permet, d’une part, d’acquérir une qualification professionnelle reconnue par l’État et d’autre part, d’être rémunéré.

Dossier d’inscription et entretien possible à la demande du candidat ou du responsable académique. Our lecturers represent different disciplinary backgrounds, such as developmental psychology, educational sciences, experimental psychology, human movement science, linguistics, pedagogy, natural sciences, and sociology.

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