Beyond that, though, they come with guides for every step of the web process, from writing copy to assessing risk. Get a demo based on your specific needs, for your unique solution. Equip employees with the modern tools to get work done faster. Efforts like creating a font such as Public Sans might seem irrelevant, but they are steps in a bigger well-thought strategy. Government and Municipal Website Examples. Get ready to build better solutions faster with guided journeys that take you from novice to expert. Health. MedImpact provides pharmacy benefit programs to hundreds of organizations, each with their own unique combination of offerings for members. The Finnish website’s resemblance to Tumblr feeds of yore (as opposed to other government websites) isn’t a coincidence—it’s a sign of recognition, showing we speak the same digital language and we’re moving in the same direction, together. With deep experience in your field, we provide the brand image that communicates your service with focus, clarity and creativity. Oswego Township is located to the south of the Fox River in the northeast corner of Kendall County, Illinois. The joy of stumbling upon a usable government website is what those “design for delight” designers dream of. The best governments and companies have something in common: they are using design systems. And had a capable Public Digital Agency to make their websites. In the six months since its release, the design system has been celebrated by those using it.

Combined with single sign on capabilities and custom portlets, the portal lowered MedImpact’s operational costs and increased their control over the programs they manage for pharmacies. Features: Responsive Website Design, WordPress. Excellus regularly hears from their customers how much they love using the new sites, and plans to broaden that experience to all of their audiences. But the tide is turning.

With personalized dashboards, members are able to easily view relevant content and review their plan information.

With the "My Insurance Portfolio" customer site, users have the ability to retrieve historical records of purchased products and services along with integrated features to facilitate policy payments and renewals. Of course, things will change: this will be one of many extensions of the Design System. Mutually beneficial partnerships increase success and capabilities of the Liferay ecosystem. ), grades, student account information, subscriptions to non-York newsfeeds and more. is unique in that it sends more than 1 million email notifications at the public’s request and receives more than 4 million page views weekly. The infographic explores solutions for better citizen experiences. As such, when they released a beta version of their design system in June 2018, there wasn’t much fanfare. Meet thisisFINLAND, the Finnish government’s website—and the direct result of their experimentation mindset. In order to properly serve a quickly-growing customer base, Carrefour Bank created a new self-service portal for its audience, which gave users the ability to access financial extracts, manage their interactions with the organization and negotiate their debts and credits in a single location. Which is an important note! Web portals are excellent at providing personalized customer experiences after purchase, but enterprises find that they need solutions to address the entire customer journey.

We schedule a weekly meeting between design, development and testing teams to talk about anything happening cross-team that might impact the components or design system…Everyone in the team is accountable for the way things look and function, with designers and developers pairing when designing and creating new components. With a fully-functional government portal, the government could simplify grant management and eliminate redundancies. Unify your new and existing systems into one powerful platform. Also note that print and electronic references are largely the same. Through the consolidation of online solutions, AvMed was able to create unique user portals with a single sign on, helping to serve a wide variety of unique users quickly and in a single location. Including links to local hotels, restaurants, realtors, and other resources is a win-win situation.

The mission of is to allow applicants for federal grants to apply for and manage grant funds online through a common website. The Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority (FMERA) was created to guide the investment, growth and integration of Fort Monmouth and the surrounding communities. For that reason, a municipal website can be just as much of a focal point as City Hall or the local post office.

Partnering with Weblinx, civic and public organizations such as yours can stand apart from the rote presentations that people often expect. Use this sample accessibility statement to help you write a statement for your own public sector website or mobile app. To improve both customer and employee satisfaction, Volkswagen overhauled their extranet and intranet, with new portals supporting existing applications and providing new needed features. The new portals provide a consistent and streamlined user experience for members. Released in April 2019, the four-point plan clarifies what those in Oceania have been hard at work on creating a forward-thinking design culture to benefit all New Zealanders. The Council of Europe includes 47 member states and was created for the protection of human rights, democracy and the rule of law across the continent.

Oswego Township Visit Site. The YBSD provides wastewater transportation and treatment services for the City of Yorkville, Illinois, the county seat of Kendall County.

It’s an unfortunate truth that government design is more often a joke than an inspiration (ask anyone who was around for the launch of about that). An increasing number of users that represent various audiences led UMS to replace their old portal with a new system that supplied class information, communication channels and more services. In addition, these services were tailored to unique user roles including students, staff, faculty, alumni, administration and more on a campus-by-campus basis. As the world of digital products leaps forward, it can feel like governmental agencies and offices are left behind.

Software designer Marc Belle documented his experience of applying the new design system to app design, and how something as innocuous as a design system has widespread impact on the collaborative process writing, “What else have we achieved? Discover new marketing documents and collateral, or register opportunities. With over 2,600 employees, Materion, a global advanced materials supplier, updated their intranet solution to deliver better support company-wide. A s the world of digital products leaps forward, it can feel like governmental agencies and offices are left behind.

Satisfy your partners with a platform built to handle complex scenarios. As a web-based platform, a portal allows users to connect with one another and find content that is relevant with ease and simplicity. For that reason, posting maps, local landmarks, and community profiles is a great idea. Access Liferay technology, source code, updates and legal benefits for embedding software. Each of these 16 sites was created using various editions of the Liferay platform. Find health resources from the government. New Zealand’s digital design practice is a clearly-drawn map towards a new, design-forward world.

And it’s telling its civil servants not to be afraid to try out new ideas.”. West Bend Mutual Insurance Company recognized the need for enhanced digital offerings for their customers and agents.

Oswego Township is located to the south of the Fox River in the northeast corner of Kendall County, Illinois. You can do it too. And if you want to send that feeling forwards, there’s official Finnish emojis for that. Government Agencies and Elected Officials. To sum it up: we talk more. There are many good examples of e-government, some are transnational and some are not. MedImpact’s portal centralized authentication and authorization control across numerous sites that had been previously built to supply and manage various benefit programs. Still in beta, the design system is comprised of styles, components, and patterns, all of which are fully WCAG 2.0-compatible. Those links can be incredibly valuable to people who aren't familiar with your town or like having lots of options in one place. We are constantly building, evaluating and working hard to make things better. Features: Responsive Web Design, WordPress CMS. Domino’s equipped their workforce with a modern intranet designed to provide employees with news updates, important links, department-specific homepages and more on a single site. Government Portals 12. And yet. If you're planning a new website for your city, county, district, township, or community, here are four elements you should definitely incorporate: It only makes sense that the municipal website should be a hub of emergency information. They are intended only for general use and information.

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