When John dives out of the window after first seeing Michael, there is no way he can land on his feet. The film received awful reviews and failed to live up to its predecessor at the box office, resulting in the series being rebooted by Rob Zombie in 2007. The two actors share great chemistry on screen and Brennant's grisly death comes as a shocking moment in the film. Tony Allegre: Hasn't anyone told you, second hand smoke kills.Marion Wittington: Yeah, but they're all dead.

Sadly, while it it was likely intended to be, something happened. Janet Leigh's role is very small but should please horror fans ; her cameo is filled with references to Hichcock's Psycho (1960) as she is dressed like her Marion Crane character, drives the same car as in that film and a bit of the iconic Bernard Herrmann sountrack is even heard. They chose the latter and had an ace up their sleeve: Jamie Lee Curtis. It uses way too many cheap jump scares where characters only bump into each other or come out of the dark. He was baiting her, trying to get on her emotional side so he would kill her, he never loved Laurie only Zombie thought so(his remake has a genuine encounter and Michael seems rather willing to let her live and actually reunite with her). The mask is not my only complaint about the film. Check out the mistake & trivia books, on Kindle and in paperback. Continuity mistake: When Jamie Lee Curtis is teaching a class, just prior to the class trip, a shot over her shoulder shows on the blackboard 'W.B. It all started in 1978 with the release of John Carpenter's Halloween, a small independent film that broke box office records and is still known as one of the greatest horror movies of all time. John Carpenter was reportedly offered to direct but his asking price of $10,000,000 was considered as too much by the studio. Chris Durand successfully replicates Nick Castle's original performance. Apart from his appearance, the character remains the same as in the 1978 classic. Luckily, H20 stands out as a wonderful oddity. H20 is the second time mother and daughter share the screen, the first being in John Carpenter's The Fog (1980). Despite all that, like its main character, the Halloween franchise seemed unkillable and a 7th film entered production in 1997. I think the Halloween franchise is a victim of its sucess.

That’s kind of the nice thing about H20, is that is was intentionally shot in a way that it can be Michael and can also lead into the next one. My favorite moment occurs when Laurie and Michael finally get face to face. The moment wisely plays with audiences expectations and is a perfect way to end the Laurie Strode storyline. Basically just fan-fiction or something. They never tried to explain that. I especially love that exchange with Norma Watson (played by Curtis' mother Janet Leigh): Norma : I didn't mean to make you jump. She wants to stab him again but Ronnie prevents her from doing that. I agree completely. Outside of Donald Pleasance's presence, 5 and 6 had few redeemable qualities. It should be spelled 'Yeats'. Separate from membership, this is to get updates about mistakes in recent releases. Spoiler alert: it is revealed that Michael is Laurie Strode's (Jamie Lee Curtis) brother and he dies at the end of the movie.

In her last scene in the film, Janet Leigh is about to get into and drive away in the same car that she used in Psycho. Firstly, you have. Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie/Keri)smashes the electronic lock on the gate, grabs an axe and actively looks for Michael Myers in the school. As unproduced Halloween scripts go, its my second favourite behind the Dennis Etchison script for Halloween 4.)

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