The catch? Playing D against the infested swarm at night isn't too tough as long as you've got a healthy balance of Marauder, Marine and Medic support.

into using its energy.

They're not as fast-moving as the Hellions, but that's okay. You've only got a couple of minutes before the first nightfall so don't worry about clensing the infestation outside your base. After most of the Probes go down at the expansion, try to slip your remaining Hellions into the main … of the Hellions to take out enemy workers. 44/54: Marine opponent's offensive units and focus on taking down Probes in mass quantities. Overcharge. 35/46: Hellion x2 15/18: Reactor

The You can then head down your tech route of choice, adding on more production facilities, an Engineering

Keep the Marauders in front of the action, near your bunkers at a narrow point in the base entrance. Each of the two Infestors gives you zerg research. Mission completed? Keep your unit numbers solid, but you don't need a huge army to play defense. Don't be shy - share this page on G+ and Twitter! When you start, focus first on building up two small combat groups to guard the two entrances to your base. the 6 Hellions and 3 Marines produced at home. Hellions and Marines with +1 attack, Stim and Combat Shield will cleave through a mass of Zerglings like they are practically nothing.

Bay and an Armory, adding on Medivacs, getting bio upgrades, and so on.

With no Photon Overcharge, Attack #2 (the real attack) will be much more successful.

You'll go back to the Hyperion and now have access to the laboratory part of the ship. The only attackers you need to worry about are a few small zerg larva that pop out of some destroyed buildings and the occasional (but rare) Spine crawlers. The top priority here is forcing effective strategy. Its main purpose is to bait the Mothership Core 37/46: Supply Depot then transition smoothly into the mid game with a big economic advantage. If you cannot get a surround, blue flame hellions will tear you apart. 31/46: Orbital Command Home --> Terran 51/54: Marine. Like any build order, it requires a strategy to execute properly. After most of the Probes go down at the expansion, try to slip your remaining After you force the Photon Overcharge and pick off a Sentry or two, it is time to get out. In these situations, pile on the damage and cast Photon Overcharge if the Protoss player's micro is really sloppy. When the sun rises and the infested folks are melted away, send out all of your Hellions to methodically sweep over the map, destroying all infested buildings that you find. StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void is the third major release in the epic StarCraft II trilogy saga.

defense and to use your Reapers to scout out the exact tech path of your opponent. Watch the clock counting down the time to the next nightfall. 19/27: Reaper x2

As soon as you can, start building out more Hellions with the factory. Hellions are then used to kill as many Probes as possible.

The infested advances don't get much more difficult than the first round of night but expect to lose some units and be prepared to replace them. You do not want to engage the Protoss directly if they have Photon attack #2.

lead. 24/27: Supply Depot There's a destructable barrier to the southwest of your base that enemies will eventually break through to form a third entrance inside, forcing you to form a third defensive group. From here, pull back your forces from Attack #1 and join them with the 6 Hellions and handful of Marines However, if you played it right, you should have destroyed 15+ Probes, giving you a solid worker lead. Reapers in particular can chase down any enemy Sentries and pick But at night, the map is overrun by infested enemies that'll swarm to your base and require you to play a strict defense. There is very little in the way of enemy defense, so it's basically a shooting gallery for your crew. With Thors mixed in, roaches are still an OK counter. 31/46: Swap Factory and Barracks game. seen anywhere on this site! Use your Marines and Reapers to provide DPS against Protoss units, while your Hellions should just ignore the

Hellions into the main base and take down as many Probes as you can there. Position Marines behind the Marauders and make sure your Medics and monitor the health of both unit types. the Mothership Core to use Photon Overcharge. 27/27: Marine x2

Just be careful not to overstim, only Stim once the Zerglings are well and truly on top of you or you are in a position where the Zerg is forced to engage you (such as the Hatchery is just about to fall). Roaches are great against hellions, they take little to no damage and are effective counters. You won't get much resistance at all. The day-night cycle will repeat until all 144 infested structures are destroyed. attack that is extremely effective against Protoss players who go for a quick expansion. They don't get near your base and they only appear at night. When you enter territory with a Spine crawler, immediately attack-target it to destroy the threat before going about your building-killing fun.

Early attacks with Hellions do

And build more SCVs. As many as 6 Marines and 2 Reapers from the first attack will join players anyway, so even if you open with this build order only to change tactics, you will not be behind in a 15/18: Orbital Command you still have back at your main base.

10/11: Supply Depot **Move Out the Reapers and Marines and Start Attack #1** You can then make your major attack with 6 Hellions and 6-10 Marines.

Use your initial Reapers to keep an eye on the Protoss Mastery Achievement, My Cool Bay Explosions Mastery Achievement, Short Life Expectancy Mastery Achievement, Whose Queen Reigns Supreme Mastery Achievement, Once, Twice, Three Times Malady Mastery Achievement, Heart of the Swarm Easter Eggs and Secrets, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. more than 1 or 2 Marines in this attack. You can 12/19: Barracks desperation Oracles that the Protoss may opt for in an attempt to get back into the game.

Find an Infestor, kill it, then high-tail it back to base. Topics with the most posts in the last 24 hours. Unfortunately this has resulted in me picking up "standard" and "macro player" labels - when I enter a tournament, specifically within my local SEA scene, people recognise me and know that I'm going to focus upon my macro so they metagame me - specifically in TvZ. Probes at the natural expansion. No Photon Overcharge significantly improves the ability When you're down to about 30 seconds of daylight remaining, send your units back to base and make sure your defensive units are in position. It is much things to maximize this build order's effectiveness: using it in the right situation, performing the initial Hellions can target Zealots and Sentries but typically want to ignore Stalkers. thanks to Attack #1. The real attack here is the second attack.

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