[9], By 1528, only four years into their marriage, the couple's relationship had broken down irretrievably. Corrections? These incomes, however collected, would have been vital to the Earl both personally and militarily as his northern estates especially had been a victim of feudal decline for most of the first half of the fifteenth century: even on the forfeit of the earldom to the Crown in 1461, his arrears have been calculated as still standing at approximately £12,000. Both were arrested. [4] In July 1455, he successfully prevented an assault on Berwick by the Scottish King, James II, and was congratulated by the English King as a result. 1883. [1], In September 1536 he had a grant of £1,000 to come to London to make arrangements about his lands. Percy married Eleanor Poynings, who outlived him; together they had four children. While Cavendish claimed that the King already had a personal interest in Anne at this point, driving Wolsey's angry reaction, this has been debated. [15] Although this was a bloodless confrontation, a precedent for the use of force in this particular dispute had already been laid in the previous violence in the region. Henry IV’s success in gaining the crown was largely owed to Northumberland’s support, and the earl remained an important member of the privy council. In the parliament of August 1472, the first held by Edward since his restoration of the earldom to Percy, the attainder of 1461 was formally abrogated. 2 p. 325. The Earldom of Northumberland was then one of the greatest landholdings in northern England; Percy also became Lord Poynings on his marriage. https://www.britannica.com/biography/Henry-Percy-8th-earl-of-Northumberland, History of Parliament Online - Biography of Henry Percy. His troops were defeated and he himself slain at the Battle of Bramham Moor. When the crisis arrived the earl obeyed Richard's summons, and was at Bosworth, apparently in command of the right wing, but his troops never came into action; and, if Polydore [Vergil] may be believed, he would have gone over early in the battle had Richard not placed a close watch upon him. 2 p. 6. [1], He married, in 1524, Mary Talbot, daughter of George, 4th Earl of Shrewsbury, but left surviving no issue. [S143] #924 Journal of the Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society (1879-1960), Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, (46 volumes. He served Richard in numerous capacities but after 1398 supported the Duke of Hereford (afterward Henry IV) and took a prominent part in Richard’s abdication. Percy. He refused both requests; and when the lawyer William Stapleton went up to see him, he was in despair. [S74] #550 The history and antiquities of the county of Leicester, Nichols, John, (4 volumes, each in 2 parts. Brother of the 7th earl, Henry Percy served both Mary I and Elizabeth I in several capacities. Next to the Duke of Norfolk's, Richard bid highest for Northumberland's loyalty. Omissions? One of Edward's first steps on shaking off this constraint was to release Percy (27 Oct.), merely exacting an oath of fealty. His son, Sir Henry Percy, known as Hotspur, figures prominently in William Shakespeare’s…. [S6] G.E. and other Catholic agents and again sent to the Tower (September 1582), to be released after a few weeks. [8] The old earl allowed the couple little in the way of comforts or income. Parliament restored to him all the lands forfeited by the Percy rebellions under Henry IV and not yet recovered. Father of Isolda Percy; Sir Henry "Hotspur" Percy; Sir Thomas Percy and Sir Ralph de Percy This article was most recently revised and updated by, https://www.britannica.com/biography/Henry-Percy-1st-Earl-of-Northumberland, Fact Monster - People - Biography of Henry Percy. Under suspicion, he was seized and lodged in the Tower of London for 18 months (1571–73), then released and gradually returned to favour. When, however, his brother, Sir Thomas, was attainted and executed, Northumberland made the grant unconditional in June 1537. 3 p. 583, 616. 2 volumes. "Henry Percy, 1st Earl of Northumberland, 4th Baron Percy, titular King of Mann, KG, Lord Marshal (10 November 1341 – 20 February 1408) was the son of Henry de Percy, 3rd Baron Percy, and a descendent of Henry III of England. In the spring of 1489 he was called upon to deal with the resistance of the Yorkshiremen to the tenth of incomes demanded for the Breton war. During the northern rebellion, in which his brother was a leading agent, he was on the royal side, vigorously attacking the rebels. By this time his mind was fast failing. In 1536 Shrewsbury noted his daughter had been living with him for two and half years. Half brother of Mary de Roos and N.N. Some affirmed that over and above the immediate cause of collision the commons had not forgiven him for his conduct to Richard, who had been very popular in Yorkshire. [4] He was appointed Warden of the Eastern March on the Scottish border on 1 April 1440, originally for four years, and subsequent extensions in 1444, and 1445, for the next seven years. Henry Percy, 8th earl of Northumberland, English Protestant member of the predominantly Roman Catholic Percy family, who nevertheless died in their cause.

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