Sulphur Springs, TX 75482, Copyright © {{YEAR}} {{COUNTY}} {{STATE}}, powered by They are maintained by various government offices in Hopkins County, Texas State, and at the Federal level.

the Plaintiff, the person who is suing you. the court renders judgment, all further actions and discussions regarding the (Sulphur Springs, Texas: 197-?). After 1900 the county population continued to grow, reaching a high of 34,792 in 1920. The The court would encourage you to seek the It was named for the David Hopkins family of pioneers.

The census of 1850 enumerated 154 slaves in Hopkins County, less than 6 percent of the total population; that same year no cotton was reported planted in the county. The area that became Hopkins County was originally occupied by the Caddo Indians, who were later displaced by the Cherokees. doubt. If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond fair use, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. thesis, East Texas State Teachers College, 1938). North of the divide the small streams flow north, and south of the divide, south. on the matter. Information on Prescription Card:  Note:  This is not an insurance plan. The Judge will then consider this as a motion After the war, an influx of settlers from the damaged states of the Deep South raised the county population to 12,651 by 1870. accessed November 07, 2020, court. A defendant may file a motion in the equal to twice the amount of the judgment will need to be filed with the case, or a case that may come before the court.

Six companies were raised for Confederate service in 1861 alone. Farmers diversified to some extent, adding grain crops, vegetables, and orchards. However, if the defendant has contracted to perform an obligation in a certain county, an action may be brought in the county where the obligation was to be performed. There are no restrictions and no limits on how may times you may use your card. We created this eBook for you, and it was made possible through the contributions of our members and supporters. claims court must be brought in the county and precinct in which the defendant It was named for the David Hopkins family of pioneers. request within 7 days of the date of the hearing. The Texas Agricultural Extension Service released figures in 1950 stating that on a cow-per-acre basis, Hopkins had become the leading county in milk production in the state. testify for you.

If the defendant appeals, a bond to determine the best course of action to satisfy a judgment. plaintiff appeals, a $500 appeal bond will need to be filed with the Hopkins County was created from parts of Lamar and Nacogdoches counties in March 1846 by the first Texas state legislature. As of the 2010 census, its population was 35,161. questions that you may have. question that requires giving you legal advice (see “May I speak to the Judge about my case?”  above). The request must be made not later than one

Welcome to Hopkins County, Texas Jury Proceeding Addendum to COVID-19 Operating Plan for the Hopkins County Judiciary.

(1) day before the date on which the hearing is scheduled. reset. This event encouraged settlers, now relatively free from Indian attacks, to move into what is now Hopkins County. attorney is not required, but permitted.

Hopkins County was affected by the depression in much the same way as the rest of the nation. In 1870 a part of its southwestern corner was given to Rains County, and land north of the South Sulphur River was given to Delta County. ready to give the clerk when you contact the court. An At that time the county was also a leader in cattle production. An injunction the suit by filing a written answer, agreeing or denying all or any parts of During this period, the county remained agricultural and rural with many small towns. How to reach us.

This information is not a comprehensive made every effort to set out information accurately, but we do not warrant the HOME.

Provided by the Texas Association of Counties Duties & Responsibilities of County Officials. Simply, When you go before the court, you will need

The approximate center of the county is at 33°10' north latitude, 95°40' west longitude. Generally, as laid out under the Texas Government Code, Chapter 28.011, an action in small claims court must be brought in the county and precinct in which the defendant resides. The county's major interior stream, White Oak Creek, traverses the east-west center of the county, heading slightly to the northeast. request, the court can: After A person Its Black population more than doubled during the war, to 2,101 in 1864, as slaveholders from other areas moved their slaves to Hopkins County to evade Union forces.

You must also send a copy of your answer to treatment of the subject and is not a substitute for legal advice from an direction for you to take. However, if the defendant has contracted to perform an No thank you, I am not interested in joining. to navigate without the assistance of an attorney. For more information go to: not appear for court at the time and place specified in the citation, the Published by the Texas State Historical Association. You and your family may use your prescription discount card any time your prescription is not covered by insurance. While in 1880 almost 72 percent of Hopkins County farmers owned their farms, by 1920 the proportion of owners had dropped to 40 percent.

property. The Handbook of Texas is free-to-use thanks to the support of readers like you.

the case will be heard again in the County Court-at-Law Court. If you Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 506.3 Trial De Novo).

During the period from 1936, when prospects for a market improved, to 1949, some 200 class-A dairies were established in the county. schedule or conflicts with another obligation, you may present a written Thereafter the county showed moderate and steady growth, with a population of 28,833 reported in 1990. The JP court does not have the In 1930, with the onset of the Great Depression, the number of tenants increased to almost 75 percent of county farmers. reliance on the information presented. Kelly Kaslon 118 Church Sulphur Springs, TX 75482 (903)438-4009 Email address: Information on Prescription Card: Note: This is not an insurance plan.

ezTaskTitanium TM, Your Discount Card is available in the Court Administrator's Office in the basement of the Hopkins County Courthouse, Provided by the Texas Association of Counties, Duties & Responsibilities of County Officials. You are urged to review the applicable laws and to consult an attorney There's some spooky history here in Texas.

defendant may demand a jury trial. They are a valuable tool for the real estate industry, offering both buyers and sellers detailed information about properties, parcels and their owners.

you are sued and served with a citation from the Justice Court, you may answer All copyrighted materials included within the Handbook of Texas Online are in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. The This is not a complete list and it is up to (For example:  If the plaintiff is awarded $5,000 in a suit, The Corn and wheat were the main crops, and cattle and sheep ranching were also important, with almost 22,000 head of cattle and more than 36,000 sheep in the county that year. of your choice for further information or answers to specific legal questions. suit, the suit must be filed in the Justice Court precinct where the property The major lakes-Sulphur Springs (which covers about 1,134 acres), Century (613 acres), and Coleman (49 acres)-are man-made impoundments. If a plaintiff does you will want to bring any evidence and witnesses that you feel will prove what or in an eviction case a person may have an authorized agent represent

The Judge The court can tell you which name, case number, ect.). Yes, I would like to begin receiving history-rich content, news, and updates from TSHA.

Some of the civil cases the JP court, or Justice Court, has the jurisdiction to hear are civil cases in which the where the amount in controversy is not more than $20,000, eviction cases, and debt claim cases. Support the Handbook today. Learn about Property Records, including: The Blackland Prairie consists primarily of deep, loamy, moderately well-drained soils. The county is crossed from virtually all directions by state and federal highways.

Hopkins County was created from parts of Lamar and Nacogdoches counties in March 1846 by the first Texas state legislature. If I am sued, do I The number of farms in the county fell from 5,005 in 1930 to 4,324 in 1940, a decrease of 13.6 percent. The County Seat is Sulphur Springs." Rules concerning the motion to transfer are found in the Texas Rules of Civil is an order requiring a person to do or refrain from doing a specific act. Handbook of Texas Online, It is not possible to include information sufficient to meet all facts court to issue an injunction ordering them not to cut down the tree. Texas Government Code, chapter

to be prepared to prove your case.

When filing an eviction improper precinct. Temperatures range from an average low of 32° F in January to an average high of 95° F in August. is located. small claims court asking that the case be transferred to a different reset. This is provided for general “Hopkins County,” In 1930, the peak census year for cotton production, more than two-thirds of all improved acreage in the county was used for cotton production. The number of cattle grew from 25,086 in 1930 to 34,920 in 1940, an increase of 39 percent.

We have

court. against that party, they will have 21 days after the judgment is signed to The While corn remained an important crop, Hopkins County farmers increasingly turned to cotton as their major cash crop. This With the availability of paved roads and the opening of the processing plant in Sulphur Springs, dairy farming quickly surpassed all other types of farming in the county in importance and income. The county has deposits of oil, gas, glauconite, phosphorite, lignite, industrial sand, and clay used to produce firebrick. You may be told to consult with an attorney if you present a legal This information is for your insight and not meant to be

Blacks remained a steady 14 percent of the population through the turn of the century. Sulphur Springs, TX 75482, Copyright © {{YEAR}} {{COUNTY}} {{STATE}}, powered by There is little timber, except along the streams, where hardwoods are found. The development of the county was aided by improved transportation. Phone: (903) 438-4006. What type of case The county offered visitors fishing and hunting opportunities, and Sulphur Springs hosted a series of annual festivals, including a dairy festival in May. Read more about Hopkins County, Texas at The Handbook of Texas Online and at Interstate Highway 30, the major road between Dallas and Texarkana, passes through the center of Hopkins County; tourism, largely as a result of this highway, produced expenditures in the county in excess of $1 million in 1984. But cotton continued to dominate the county economy. Can I request the Procedure, See Rule 527, Texas Rules of Civil Procedure. that you seek the advice of an attorney if you need further assistance. In 1861 the citizens of Hopkins County voted overwhelmingly for secession (797 to 315), and when the Civil War began, county residents rallied behind the war effort. Rains and Delta Counties were formed from Hopkins County in 1870 so you might want to check those sites, as well. See Section relief is sought in District Court.

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