As Harris approached the stairs leading up to the next floor and the Headmaster’s study, he looked down the short flight to the main doors. As Vikki screamed, a woman behind in the next row leapt to her feet and screamed also. A faint scuffling noise. He stumbled as another rat attached itself to his other leg, but managed to keep on his feet. The alarm gave way to relief as the people realised the vermin were dying, the crisis was passing. Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement. The sight of him grovelling on the floor like a frightened child would stay in his mind for a long time. When he asked them about Mary he was surprised by their smirks and guarded answers. He was deter-mined to learn as much as possible about the situation.

I’ll beat him to the house - he’ll have to find his way there, I can go straight to it. The experts will soon be here.’ Harris swore under his breath as the voice droned on: ‘We believe they are bringing gas to deal with the problem.

A good sharp clout now and again worked wonders. OMFG this is about rats, lots of fucking rats, not just your average normal run of the mill rats but super big fucking rats that have taken a liking to human flesh.

Not moving, seemingly unafraid, The solicitor’s clerk felt icy cold as though his very soul was being scrutinised.

Right. Then he had to smile at himself. He lifted the writhing body and staggered towards the lifeless figure of Foskins. ‘Good morning, Keogh,’ said Harris. Hadn’t she, as a child, watched her parents making love so many times without their knowing she was wide awake in the dark of their only bedroom, listening to their happy sighs and her mother crying out for Jesus Christ before the final lapse into silence followed by heavy contented snores. They staggered on, hack towards the gap in the fence that would allow them to escape from the death-trap canal.

He was hard to recognise for his nose had gone and one cheek was flapped open wide, but Harris instinctively knew it was the ex-Under-Secretary. Of course, it was all hushed up, but somehow Schiller got wind of it and decided to do some investigating.’ ‘All right,’ said Howard impatiently. He stopped dead at the spectacle before him, his mouth hanging wide. Ferris was the first to see them. He raced up the stairs and through to the next floor, slamming the door shut behind him. In the meantime, Mr Harris and I, together with the Borough surveyor will work to find the most suitable locations for deploying the infected dogs. Fresh air, open spaces. How often does a book actually live up to the hype? He rolled on to his side as the gin began to pump from his body and laid there while his body shook. 3c had an aquarium. He had to get to the telephone. With a scream he scrambled to his feet, drawing the hand with him. How many more people would they kill before they were put down? He could be the typical bluff salesman; the dirty jokes, the sly wink, the back slapping, the professionalism of his trade hiding any imperfections in his maleness. He noticed Howard standing to one side, glaring at Foskins, taking no notice of the chattering Fiona at his side. The elder man at last tore his eyes away from the rat and looked at the red-faced teacher.

He cautiously lowered his head towards the larger of the black holes and tried to peer into the darkness.

Finally, he decided on a plan of action, trying to ignore the cries from the rat-besieged animals in that section. Now the four in front had begun to move forward, taking tiny crouching steps, the back muscles tensing, ready to spring. Two fire engines rounded the comer at the end of the road, their frantic sirens adding to the noise. Herbert, James The rats. ‘Yes. Water was seeping underneath the door at the bottom.

‘For the good, for the bastards, for the innocent - for the rats like yourself!’ He hacked at the heads, killing the two brains that had dominated its fellow creatures. A voice broke through their tranquil thoughts. He almost cut the black-furred body in half. I’ll come back to the train with you. The Rats Is My All Time Favourite Horror Novel. Harris had barely begun to study the vast glass map when he saw Judy at the door talking excitedly to an army sergeant whose job it was to prevent intruders, pointing towards him. He peered through the broken window but could see nothing through the gloom, the surrounding trees and undergrowth preventing a lot of the light from penetrating into the interior of the house. Suddenly, the dark creatures emerged from the water and scurried up the bank. The giant white rats then started dominating the smaller black ones and forced them to bring food for them. It was in a bad area, too near the docks, but they’d lived in Poplar most of their lives anyway, so it didn’t make much difference. She cherished her new found love and knew no other man would ever be able to fulfil her the way Timothy did, but she never once tried to push him into marriage. She couldn’t wait to show him off to her friends - she’d make Marion green. A huge rat ran up the side of the wall and landed on his lap, causing the boy to fall back on to the ground. He dragged them down from the shelf where they’d laid for the best part of a year, ready to be used for the next endof-term prize-giving. After a few moments of making circling motions with his exploratory finger and waiting for the rebuttal, he withdrew it and moved his hand upwards towards her breasts.

‘Yes.’ ‘Deep breaths.’ He reached for her.

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