ASDE-X IN USE. Official FAA Data Effective 2020-11-05 0901Z. Runways: 4 runways, Concrete/Asphalt or Asphalt. © 2020 Global Aviation Navigator. NY John F. Kennedy Airport Map for travellers. IFR Chart of KJFK. GENERAL AVIATION: NON-BASED CHARTER & NON-BASED COML ACFT OPERATORS MUST MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR FUEL PRIOR TO ARRIVAL; CALL 347-566-6620 OR UNICOM 122.95.

Chart Supplement. Information provided here is believed to be correct, but frequent & sudden changes are common in the travel industry. //-->, Elevation: 14 feet above sea level Travelers should directly contact airlines regarding tickets, flights, schedules, etc. RWY 13L PAPI ROTATED 10 DEG RIGHT OF RWY CNTRLN. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. KJFK Airport Diagram. (806 × 1,237 pixels, file size: 240 KB, MIME type:, User:Chumwa/OgreBot/Potential transport maps/2016 October 21-31, User:Chumwa/OgreBot/Transport Maps/2016 October 21-31, User:Chumwa/OgreBot/Travel and communication maps/2016 October 21-31, User:OgreBot/Uploads by new users/2016 October 28 04:30, Commons:WikiProject Aviation/recent uploads/2016 October 28, MicroStation by Bentley Systems, Incorporated,, Federal Aviation Administration PDF files, Airport diagrams of John F. Kennedy International Airport, Pages with local camera coordinates and missing SDC coordinates, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. FOR NOISE ABATEMENT RESTRICTIONS CALL 212-435-3747 DURING NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS. always become familiar with all available information concerning your intended flight and have in your possession google_ad_slot = "0040388852"; METERING PROCEDURES IN EFFECT- CONTACT RAMP CONTROL PRIOR TO PUSHBACK 1200Z-1500Z DAILY/1900Z-0300Z DAILY. FAA data valid effective Nov 5 2020 - Dec 3 2020 (unless otherwise noted). ACFT ARE NOT PMTD TO STOP ON EITHER TWY A OR B BRIDGES. EMAS NON-STD ARRESTING GEAR/SYSTEM: ENGINEERED MATERIALS ARRESTING SYSTEM (EMAS) 393 FT IN LENGTH BY 226 FT WIDTH LCTD AT DER 4R. HIGH VOLUME OF LOW LEVEL VFR TRAFFIC, 500 FT AND BLO, ALONG SHORELINE SOUTH OF JFK. all current, appropriate charts, as required by the Federal Aviation Regulations. Home Sunday, November 1, 2020 06:32 UTC Log In Register Free Current TFR Listings EMAS NON-STD ARRESTING GEAR/SYTEM: ENGINEERED MATERIALS ARRESTING SYSTEM (EMAS) 405 FT IN LENGTH BY 226 FT WIDTH LCTD AT DER 22L. ( RY 13R) OFFSET PAPI SUPPORTS VOR OR GPS RWY 13R & PARKWAY VISUAL RY 13R.

ALSF2 Standard 2,400 Foot High-intensity Approach Lighting System with sequenced flashers, CATEGORY II or III Configuration. METERING PROCEDURES IN EFFECT- CONTACT RAMP CONTROL PRIOR TO PUSHBACK 1200Z-1500Z DAILY/1900Z-0300Z DAILY. NON-STD MARKINGS IN GA APN, CTC SHELTAIR/FBO ON UNICOM OR 347-566-6620 FOR WING WALKERS. converging opns on rys 13r and 22l conducted via arrival distance window. jfk: kennedy: 115.90: 333 ... enabled on all airport surfaces. Tower phone: 718-656-0335.

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