ASK ME A QUESTION | But how does a (mostly) straight man seduce a (possibly) asexual genius who can spot any maneuvering a mile away? He deserves more credit. Complex, Always Through the Changing by SilentAuror (E, 27,345 w., 1 Ch. And I think you are scared.” Sherlock blinks at me, his throat still swallowing. helloo! A Regular not at all Terrifying-for-unknown-reasons Conversation by Dodoa (T, 5,506 w., 1 Ch. @sherlockbatched456​ is looking for, I think, “A Visit to the Doctor” by flawedamythyst,, It has the line “ “Good,” said Watson, with satisfaction. Rel., Angst with Happy Ending, Fluff) – When Sherlock, asexual to his core, fears that John may grow bored of a sexless life, he decides to do whatever it takes to make John happy so he stays. || Asexual Sherlock, Bondage, Squirting, Hangover, Nightmares, PTSD, Threesome [J/S/Mary], Triggers) – In which John learns to balance a kinky girlfriend, an asexual boyfriend, a ten-inch cock, his sister, the neighbours, his friends, and his blog. || Freebatch RPF || POV Martin, Open Infidelity, HLV/TAB Filming, Jealousy, Angst, Drama, Hotel Sex, Twitter) – Set four years after Martin’s temporary brain injury that caused his universe to shift between reality and his coma dream of the Sherlock universe, Martin’s history with Benedict comes back to haunt them both as they attempt to make sense of the relationship between their characters during the filming of His Last Vow. The closest I recall is The Curious Adventure of the Drs. I think you know that you have an eating disorder. it is the same stuff in every article before it, i worked at a low-key gossip paper that pretended to be a real paper. I’m coming home, John. However, perhaps things can change if a series of events occur to make everything good, bad and unspoken float back up to the surface. I know we just only want good things right now. Thank you & have a lovely day! || Freebatch RPF || Brain Injury, Reality/Sherlock Crossover, Altered Perceptions, Angst, Motorcycle Accident, Sherlock is a Coma-Dream, Martin POV) – Martin Freeman wakes from a brief coma during which he dreamed the entire Sherlock series.

Follow. || Post-TRF, Psychological Drama, Dark John, John Whump, Angst, Non-Compliant) – He turns back round then and looks down at me, eyes curious. While this does pick up after the story “Forever 1895,” you don’t absolutely have to read that one to dive on in here.

The 2976 American people that lost their lives on 9/11 and R.I.P. It will be nice to think that somewhere in the future, there is a marriage certificate for Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, even if it is not in our universe.” “. Part 3 of The A.G.R.A. Do you know any good fics with ace sherlock because I am just getting t i r e d, And these fics on my MFL list, since I’ve nothing new to add to my original lists <3, Their Safe Haven by SwimmingBird (G, 846 w., 1 Ch. johnlock-is-my-trade. MY S4 META MASTERPOST Probably this is said a thousand times already, but it haunts me since the first time I’ve seen it - so I have to get it off my chest. Find and follow posts tagged johnlock on Tumblr. He has a wild look in his eyes that I don’t like, so I push back against my chair, stand up, and go towards him. Gone Is My Past by cyerus (T, 7,800 w., 1 Ch.

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He will outlive God trying to have the last word.”. “Is it Walter? I was wondering if you knew any metas about how Sherlock knew where and when Irene was to save her from the terrorist in the end of ASiB. Things that will probably haunt you until the end of time: 1) One of the world's first pieces of published gay erotica (Sins of the Cities of the Plain, published 1881) prominently features an upper-class homosexual with an address on Baker Street. I think a lot about s4, just trying to see things in a way where they make minimum sense and after a bit of rewatching I’d like to analyze this particular scene.

As showed, the image of Molly’s flat wasn’t constantly on screen.

Ahhhh, sadly I don’t really know of any off-hand that immediately come to mind. Hey!

Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. I guess my dad will understand better now, but I’ll have to explain him M-Theory! Okay so first of all, I’d like to point out the breakdown of the traditional seating arrangement for weddings: We all know neither Mary or John’s parents attended the event so we can get rid of four people already.

I write meta, curate a playlist, make gifs, and obsess about two idiots in love.

Hi, Steph! EVERYONE is watching the news right now, it is a PERFECT time for gossip places to slip in some trash they wrote by stealing blog content and making their own compilation. I personally always thought it was because she worked for Moriarty, and I have always believed that Mycroft is a character who Moriarty always watches (as either being under Moriarty’s thumb OR Moriarty has guys on the inside), so I imagine it was that. Right now.

Sherlock is attractive and women notices it. 2) The Criterion Bar, where Watson meets Stamford in canon, was in this period known as 'a great centre for inverts' according to George Ives. Unless it’s one of the ones on my Victorian Meets Modern Johnlock list.

The best I can do is direct you to my S4 Fics Masterpost <3.

Holmes.” That’s not my name. Part 14 of the A Love with No Name series, I Just Want You to be Happy by Sini333 (T, 2,177 w., 1 Ch. helplessly-johnlocked said: Thank you so much!!! Empty calories for an empty heart, I suppose :(. And Alexx has some Freebatch on this post here. First I’d like to point out the disposition of the room. I’m taking about Irene Adler and Janine Hawkins.

MY META | He apparently wants John’s body. Probably will be for only a few days or a week (my freelance work will take a week to do, so I’m already stressed about that on top of my day job stuff after hours and it’s pissing me off. Until we hear an official announcement, do not get too excited, my lovelies. The only one I can recommend to you is one that the WONDERFUL Alexx has written for me: I’ll Meet You in Hong Kong by alexxphoenix42 (E, 12,767 w., 5 Ch. 3) Some of the most notable haunts for gay men in London in the 1880's and 1890's were restaurants and hotels in the West End, theatres and music halls in Soho, gentlemen's clubs near Pall Mall and turkish baths (particularly on Jermyn Street), i.e. Ahhh, not on the regular, but I do enjoy it when I do catch a glimpse of it!

On the couch. Hey guys! || Past Sherlock/Victor, Past John/Mary, Sherlock/Mary, Angst, Language, Character Death, Asexuality, Sexual Content, Kid Fic, Fluff, Violence, Paternal Lestrade, Domestic Violence) – Alice Watson is four months old when her father walks out of her life. Not Mary, god forbid the bride gets jealous of her husband being intimate with someone else.. It’s traditional to show one of the people getting married in a wedding episode getting jealous of the other’s ex. How're you? Can anyone confirm or let me know which fic it is? It’s always fun to see the two work out that ‘hey, we’re in love, we don’t have sex,’ but it’s still a wonderful and meaningful relationship.”, Bless You and Keep You by aceofhearts61 (M, 2,047 w., 1 Ch. inevitably-johnlocked:. ♬ THE JOHNLOCK PLAYLIST ♬ Was wondering if you or anyone else ever wrote/came across a fic that describes *Sherlock's* thoughts and feelings about John's text affair with 'E' and his confession about it to Mary?

Part 1 of the What Would Sherlock Do? Or Wilbur? by EinahSirro (T, 9,359 w., 1 Ch. Thank you!! “I think you know what this is. Part 1 of Living Witness, Indecorous by Basingstoke (E, 55,424 w., 25 Ch. John’s POV (mostly). Johnlock Fic Rec.

Maybe something really awful like, er,” he smiles wryly, “Willoughby? Yet his body didn’t seem to recognize the danger. It would make more sense if she said maybe “he’d rather see anyone but you” or “he’d rather want help from anyone but you” but the word ‘have’ made me think of this, In TEH John says ‘have’ to Mary meaning have as her husband, So what if he means ‘have’ in the same sense to Sherlock, even if it’s that he wouldn’t have him, I’m thinking John’s letter might say something about him confessing his feelings for Sherlock, but that after Mary died, “he’d rather have anyone but him”, Just a thought.. Angst. The famous Sherlock’s “I love you”. johannadc said: So happy to help @sherlockbatched456 ! Thank you (ignore my previous submits), OHHHHH This has been bugging me since I got this ask, because I think I STARTED this fic, but I never finished for whatever reason, and I can’t recall its name. The Body by ButterscotchCandybatch (E, 14,751 w., 7 Ch. If anyone has any they’d like to recommend, please do!! The fact that they’re dressed exactly the same doesn’t help either. The A.G.R.A. we can get through this johnlock hell together. TJLC is real. But I also do not want my friends disheartened again, and I just want everyone to err on the side of caution. Hope you're doing well! Thank you!!! It's where your interests connect you with your people. cant-deny-the-johnlock-ship Okay so first of all, I’d like to point out the breakdown of the traditional seating arrangement for weddings: We all know neither Mary or John’s parents attended the event so we can get rid of four people already. || Ace Sherlock, Sherlock/Lestrade [not johnlock]) – Sometimes, on the very worst of nights, the only thing that can calm Sherlock’s mind is the sound of Lestrade’s voice. || WiP || Freebatch || Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Conflicted Martin, Patient Ben, Supportive Sophie, Behind the Scenes Filming S5, Slow Burn, Eventual Romance, Eventual Smut) – Series Four of Sherlock and so much pain has left what Benedict and Martin had in nothing but ruins. daemon-adest. Complex, Hey Steph how are you dear? Check out my old Podfics list for some great stuff!! “Your name, W.S.S. He should be infused with adrenaline, his fight or flight response fully engaged. || Freebatch RPF || Ben POV, Drinking, Dancing Contest, Jimmy Fallon Show, Anal, Blow Jobs, Rimming) – Jimmy Fallon invites Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman onto his show to have a dance-off…. || Asexual Sherlock, Biromantic Heterosexual John, Establish Relationship, Overthinking Sherlock, They Need to Talk) – John and Sherlock have been dating for a while, and Sherlock starts to overthink. As he recovers from his brain injuries, he has trouble distinguishing between reality and the Sherlock universe in his dream. Idk if he is interested in it, but I’ll let him know, at least, about how Sherlock knew. All the Best and Brightest Creatures by wordstrings (E, 188,426 w., 33 Ch.

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