I'm ending this fucking relationship. He obviously didn't like the situation that somehow came to be. "This baby will always be more important." He had originally thought it was someone clinging to you all day, every day. "There, there, baby. "The two of you, take the rest of the day off. "You're right Eren, you have the right and it's to be expected. I'm a businessman, not a damn dad. He still curled around his stomach protectively, clutching at himself desperately, trying to suppress his furious shivering. ", "Visually. He glances at Mikasa and finally, he comes back to reality. All of them even gave me some of their old toys they thought that the baby would enjoy. "That is why I asked Eren who the father was, to minimize the damage. Erwin only laughed, calling after him, "We're still having a long talk later!" "What do you want?" A/N: Okay, so here's the deal. I'm not cut out to be one."

He looked around the lobby, admiring the fish tank, portraits on the wall, and looked outside the windows, seeing how high up they were. This time Levi opens his eyes. She headed for Levi at once and started disinfecting his palms. "Yeah. "Yes, sir," the three of them replied in unison, Eren being the only one who bothered to get up and salute his commander. Let me know how you feel about this, please. It's definitely not because no omega ever experienced accidental pregnancy. Levi, really, is that all you care about? Captain Levi's voice sounded a little too emotionless to seem unconcerned. I wrote this two days ago and I loved it beyond words. "I promise I will love you and raise you to the best of my ability. I don't have to say that if the government or the Military police find out they will either tell you to abort anyway, or try kill you and the baby. Places like this might attract vagrants and hooligans at night, Levi thinks. Almost every night he would come home hammered, either beating him or his mother. He carefully read it. He got up and out of his seat, wrapping an arm around the boy's waist, bringing him in for a kiss. "First. Most of the time Levi is able to quiet Armin down with a few murmured words of comfort as he rocks him gently in his arms. He took a seat in the arm chair. It's entirely possible I'll never write a new chapter and delete this in a few days, never to open the document again. He never thought someone other than his sister, friends and mother could do something like that for him. Share via Email Report Story Eren jumped out the window and ran to his dorm. The only person he constantly had around was his babysitter. After having slept with his lover, Eren finds out he is expecting Levi's child. He thinks that this will bring them closer together...he was dead wrong. The type of love that leaves you yearning for the others touch, love, smile, and voice. On the other side of the desk sitting in chair, back towards Eren was captain Levi, his bangs hiding his eyes and expression. Then I wouldn't have to worry about you being knocked up. "Hanji informed me," the commander sighed, "that you are... in a certain condition. But, choosing the right words for the right moment was difficult.

I don't know what else to do. Eren sat on his couch, tears falling from his eyes.

It seemed pretty serious to me; what the hell is going on? Honestly, Eren could never imagine a life without her. A tiny smile on her lips and a tinge of concern on her brows, she calls to her dad. The boy narrowed his eyes.

", The boy nodded. Gulping silently, he stood and followed the nurse. He was no longer the young, naive nineteen year old anymore. She did tend to work at different hours, and sometimes going at work together. I won't let you do that. It's completely up to the feedback this chapter gets. Daddy" Mikasa calls quietly. Eren looked up curiously from his messy eating and lets out a snigger, a sound only ever heard from an amused child. He did after all have his friends, Christa, a close friend, was completely excited for him, saying that she would take care of the baby whenever he couldn't.

But he is even more amazed when Eren sleeps peacefully right beside them, undisturbed. What could one night out do anyway?

"What's that supposed to mean? "Moreover," a new voice added, speaking for the first time since Eren arrived, "are you willing to deal with an enraged alpha, when he finds out you killed his child?" ", The elder turned around, looking at his young lover with an emotionless face, his voice void of any emotion, more so than usual. "Okay, Eren," Hanji interrupted again in a gentle tone. Armin cries. He opened the envelope, unfolding the paper that was inside. I promise you on my life I will put even more effort into my research, Erwin will put even more effort into his plans, Levi more effort into slaughtering everything standing between us and victory. "Eren, please, things can go back the way they were if you don't have this child. He shot the other boy a questioning look. He opted to send him a disapproving but loving look and leave the conversation for later. Years later, Levi finds Eren...and two small boys? Sakura, Levi's secretary greeted him. He never thought that it could be. Then I wanted to write more today, wrote two paragraphs before realizing it's all complete shit and having to physically stop myself from deleting the whole thing. She stood and left their bedroom quietly, searching for their dad. He gently rubbed his flat stomach. But, a certain shitty brat brunette changed his entire outlook on love. Things would still be the same. "Awoooooooooooh!" You both look like you need it.

Not even another pregnancy can save them completely.". At least for now. ", Eren looked Jean in the eyes and was surprised to find concern in the soft browns. He almost cried again. You're not helping anything. Freedom from his abusive father, love of his timid mother, undying loyalty from his sister, and the love of another person. But, know, that I love you." Erwin only laughed, calling after him, "We're still having a long talk later!". He didn't really mind if he were to be told he was pregnant, question was, would Levi? He gave a small smile. They did need the money, after all. That's not the problem. "What are you going on about, Eyebrows," questioned Levi cautiously, although his body visibly relaxed at the realization that he made his point heard. (Eruri. Fortunately, Armin has fallen asleep during their walk. Whatever the circumstances, the omega won't ask for abortion. The boy lifted his head suddenly. Hanji, I want you to give Eren a full checkup and I want an estimate of what i can expect in what time frame by next week. Eren's heart stopped as he heard those words, they pierced through his very being. Eren never had the best life to begin with. ", "So, you're practically saying that it was my fault that I'm pregnant? ", "It's not a fit, Levi.

It wasn't long before she finds him in the kitchen. He asks, as he gently picks up his little girl and sits her on the table top. His head resting on his shoulder as he breathed evenly, but his hold on Armin and the bottle still firm and safe. He and I haven't seen each other as of late. That is, until one sentence from someone he loved dearly destroyed it all. I had received a scholarship grant and so I went to study at the University of Rose, near the inner city capital of Sina …And then he approached me one day, after class, "I see you don't have a book of your own. Daddy." "Wait. "Good night." Eren had always pondered on that question every time it was asked to him. "You know, Levi. Pregnant omegas getting beaten up so bad they miscarried. It must have been something for his teaching degree.

He lifted his head up again. "Hard to say. "G'night."

Mikasa hushes. On a trip with his father, to some other small town he had never been to before. They come stomping to his door and knock persistently, "Do you not realize what time it is?" It will be hard for you to study without it. "Eren." He did have time for him. For a moment the three watched her in silence before Erwin directed a question at her.

There was one empty chair next to the captain, one to which Erwin gestured for Eren to sit down, a silent command that Eren obeyed immediately. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. And Levi is forced to take his children to the nearby park. Why don't we share mine?" Both in their wolf form, still in their pajamas, howling. Probably the most difficult decision you'll have to make in your life. implied Mpreg.) I'm sorry for almost forcing you to agree to it.". Refusing to let the other go. Let's all go to sleep now." The man wasn't able to see his lover in a while. "Is it dangerous? The raven got up from his seat, going over and taking Eren's hands in his own. Other times, the neighbors complain. Shaking her little head and smiling softly at her dad, she goes back to eating her food, "Nothing." Hanji could only sigh with relief. During supper one night. His mother began to regain all her confidence, being more present and involved in his life.

His head was still angled in a way you couldn't read his expression at all. But you yourself know it's the best way. It isn't a big problem to carry Levi because he is so small and petite. Eren quickly texted Levi, saying that he needed to talk to him about something important. Eren stood there watching the raven's reaction. "No. "Th-Thank you, sir," he stumbled over his words, blushing a little and bowing his head bashfully, having no idea how to react to something like that. "I'll ask you again," Levi growled lowly and dangerously, taking a stance, ready to both attack and defend. I don't want to see you either. ", "Since he knows, he has to be present for this, Eren, or it will only... well, complicate things.". The elder walked into the living room, waiting for Eren to come in. Hanji and Erwin both gasped as they realized the whole picture. Getting up, he left his office, the doorbell ringing. So. I don't doubt you don't have any idea, living all your life on the surface. At least that was his intention but Jean's hand on his arm stopped him. Not necessarily cling, per say, but, he did feel his heart and chest warm whenever Eren would smile at him. Levi lingered a few more moments before breaking eye contact with his friend and superior and turning to leave as well, mumbling a quick thanks. It has brought us many good things. "That's..." Hanji didn't know how to say it gently. Anyplace is terrifying when it's dark. As you can easily imagine, the two were immensely happy. ", Levi nodded, leaning on his desk. Since she was the only Asian girl in their community, she was to be sold as a sex slave. And fondly, a little sad now, he realizes she must've inherited her father's height. I'm not staying with someone that would reject his own baby. He sighed, placing the papers on the table, setting his head into his hands. ", "I don't know if I would call being pregnant 'a certain condition,' but that is correct. ", Jean frowned even more. Erwin smiled warmly at them, catching them both off guard. "Hey, Eren." He can probably guarantee if he didn't have his two friends, Mikasa and Armin, who knows what would have become of him as he grew up?

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