Like many of the best things in Italian cooking, focaccia di Recco was born out of simple necessity.

More importantly, they make an absolutely delicious pesto – just blitz them with Parmesan, Ligurian olive oil, salt and pepper and spread over bruschetta for a typical Ligurian snack. Must-try food, the ultimate bucket list for your food travel to Liguria. They created a flatbread with a cheese filling to sustain them, and thus, focaccia di Recco was born. Ligurian food is all about fantastic vegetables, summer sunshine flavours and fantastic seafood, making it quite different to the rest of northern Italy. ‘Pansa’ is the Ligurian word for belly, which seems apt for these little pot-bellied triangular ravioli! The Ligurian, by nature solitary and private, also possesses an innate stinginess. What’s the most popular food in Liguria? They’re held as somewhat of a lucky charm by many – farmers believe keeping the beans in their pockets will encourage a good harvest, and they’re traditionally seen as apotropaic objects, capable of warding off evil.

The Italian Riviera: Italy’s vegetarian heartland, Chestnut flour: Tuscany’s secret ingredient.

Torta pasqualina is popular all over Italy – particularly over Easter when it's eaten at family gatherings – but it originally hails from Liguria. This is the home of ravioli and triangular pansotti, as well as coin-shaped corzetti, flattened trenette (which sits somewhere between linguine and fettuccine) and the rare, highly unusual mandilli de saea – a veil-thin pasta sheet, named after the Genovese term for a silk handkerchief. Planning a trip to the Italian Riviera soon, or just fancy some inspiration for dinner? Focaccia Genovese started life as a humble flatbread and retained its popularity in the city as it was inexpensive, nutritious and had a long shelf life. It’s an incredibly simple dish that might sound a little bland, but when cooked properly the creamy texture and sweet flavour is a delight.

Bordering Nice in France means the region shares many similar dishes – Farinata, a chickpea and rosemary pancake, is called socca in Nice, and Condiglione is almost identical to the more famous salade Niçoise. It’s thought they couldn’t afford an expensive capon chicken – which was what more wealthy Italians would serve at the table – so they would get seafood instead and present it in an elaborate way, hence the name cappon. The whole thing is dressed with a thick herby sauce and brought to the table to share. All other types of basil pale in comparison to the verdant, deep green variety grown in Genoa. The most important aspect of the pie is the eggs baked inside – they symbolise rebirth and should be cut into when you're slicing it up to share out amongst your guests. That's especially true in Liguria – as the birthplace of pesto, it’s earned its place in the Italian culinary hall of fame, and the wealth of incredible ingredients grown and reared in the region makes eating well … Taggiasca olives are called Cailletier across the border, and often find their way into a salade Niçoise. What better to enjoy on a sun-kissed afternoon by the Ligurian Sea? Discover more about one of Italy’s most underrated provinces. It’s also home to focaccia – stick with the classic and bake a loaf of Focaccia Genovese, or try something new with the unusual Focaccia di Recco. Although frequently subject to ironic comments, such parsimony comes from the prudence of those who for centuries have had to produce their food from the tiny … Great Italian Chefs is a team of passionate food-lovers dedicated to bringing you the latest news, views and reviews from the gastronomic mecca that is Italy. It’s so good that it has its own PDO protection, which ensures only basil from the local area can be called Genovese. And be sure to try Pansotti, the local variety of ravioli, usually dressed in a beautiful Salsa di noci sauce. Pesto is Liguria’s gastronomic gift to the world, and while we’ll happily slather it over chicken and stir it through any pasta we like, the Ligurians are rather more selective; they make pasta alla Genovese, which combines slices of boiled potato, green beans, plenty of (handmade, fresh) pesto and trenette pasta.

Focaccia Genovese is thinner – around two centimetres thick – and only flavoured with salt and olive oil, but there are other regional specialities too, including the aforementioned focaccia di Recco (baked with soft cheese in between) and sardenaira with anchovies or sardines on top. LIGURIAN CUISINE. Northern Italy tends to have a rather colder, alpine climate, but Liguria's unique landscape creates the perfect climate for 'southern' vegetables to grow in abundance.

The region’s stunning scenery, warm climate and beautiful beachside resorts have led it to be known as the Italian Riviera, making it one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations. These not only make the pasta circles nice to look at; they also create edges and grooves for sauce to cling to. Food was especially short during the Third Crusade, and with just flour, water, oil and prescinsêua available to them, the locals of Recco were forced to adapt. Salsa di noci (or walnut sauce) is often slathered over pasta or gnocchi in Liguria, giving it a rich, creamy, satisfying flavour. That's especially true in Liguria – as the birthplace of pesto, it’s earned its place in the Italian culinary hall of fame, and the wealth of incredible ingredients grown and reared in the region makes eating well incredibly easy. They contain fewer free acids than most olives, which results in a very fresh oil with low levels of bitterness – in fact, many Ligurian olive oils are said to contain sweet marzipan notes. Coming soon to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami…, Authentic Italian Cooking since the 1920s, © Edizioni Condé Nast s.p.a. - Piazza Cadorna 5 - 20123 Milano cap.soc. Check out some of the flavours and specialities you shouldn’t miss when visiting the area. These little discs of pasta dough are the perfect example of artisan produce, as they’re still made fresh in specialist pasta shops all across Liguria. Known in Ligurian dialect as fugassa (very similar to the French fougasse), focaccia Genovese is recognisable via its thickness (usually between one and two centimetres) and its golden, dappled crust – a result of the mixture of oil and salt it is brushed with before baking. It has its share of mountains, too, but most people associate Liguria with a relaxed way of life and sunny seaside resorts.

Explore 67 national, regional and local dishes and products of Liguria. There’s no cooking required whatsoever, so as long as you have some pasta in your cupboards, you can whip up a meal from scratch in as long as it takes you to boil some water! The dish is essentially a salad containing the best fish and shellfish available, hard-boiled eggs and vegetables, laid on top of toasted bread or crackers rubbed with garlic and soaked in vinegar or water. Great traditional Ligurian restaurants. By far the most common though are trofie – little hand-rolled pasta twists that come slathered in pesto Genovese. The contents of the salad change depending on the season, but for the most part, condiglione is a salad of onion, tomato, pepper, anchovy, salted olives, garlic, boiled egg, tuna and plenty of Ligurian olive oil.

10 most famous traditional Ligurian dishes and local products, with authentic recipes and the best authentic restaurants with Italian.

This unleavened chickpea pancake originated on the Ligurian coast but can be found across Italy in many other guises – it’s called cecina in Tuscany and panelle in Sicily (the dish has even made its way to nearby Nice, in France, where it is known as socca). As previously mentioned, Liguria makes some of the best olive oil in the world – local Taggiasca olives are DOP-protected to maintain quality – and with a coastline that spans nearly 300 kilometres, it’s also home to an incredible bounty of seafood. Liguria, however, is a bit of an anomaly, feeling much more southern thanks to its turquoise ocean, beautiful coastal towns and verdant, lush countryside. Liguria’s most famous culinary export is of course Basil pesto, which is often used to create Pasta alla Genovese, complete with green beans and potatoes. A bit like ricotta but softer in texture – think thick yoghurt – prescinsêua is stirred through sauces, used to top toast or most famously sandwiched between two thin slices of focaccia to create the local delicacy focaccia di Recco.

It’s not unreasonable to assume that every green sauce you see in Liguria is some form of pesto Genovese, but fava (or broad) beans are also popular here too. Milano n. 00834980153 società con socio unico, Ligurian Piccagge: Pasta with Chestnut Flour, Stuffed Anchovies: Fish, the Ligurian Way, Meatloaf alla Genovese: The Ultimate Recipe for Spring, Pasqualina Cake from Liguria, Curiosities and Traditions, Spaghetti all’Acciugata: Cooking at Home with an Americana in Milan, Focaccia: the Original Recipe from Genova, Frisceu: Irresistible Fritters From Liguria, Ligurian Cuisine: Farinata, Made in Savona, Pesto Genovese: Where to Eat the Original Italian Sauce, Biscotti della Salute: the traditional recipe, Traditional Fom Liguria: Pansotti with Walnut Sauce. All the usual fare can be found in the markets, but the Ligurians particularly love their sea bass, mussels and seppie, tiny little cuttlefish that are cooked simply and eaten as a snack or main meal.

Discover the best regional recipes and enjoy the traditional cuisine in Liguria: authentic recipes, homemade dishes and easy how-to step by step!

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