High School Youth Ministry Pictures may be used for the website, social media, and other print publications. Contact: Rosemary Beahan, Staff, RESPECT LIFE TEAM MEMBER: Team members work to educate parish members on all “Life Issues” from conception to natural death, organize and sponsor “Respect Life” events, and help the parish take part in local or national events. Eucharistic Ministers Commitment of one hour per week during the school year. Middle School Youth Ministry - EdgeMiddle School catechesis program that is designed to foster the young teens’ relationship with Christ and the Church. In addition to sharing artistic and horticultural talents, there is a need for assistance with the organization, storage, care and maintenance of decorating supplies.

Senior Adult Ministry Contact: Deb Shereda, parishioner | 616.450.0391. The Catholic Church Ministry Directory. It also seeks to strengthen the faith and understanding of those who are fully initiated into the Catholic faith. Contact: Ike Yskes,  parishioner, CHURCH WORSHIP, ART & ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE: Share your gifts and talent by assisting with the enhancement of the liturgical celebration (flowers, plants, seasonal decorations, etc.)

Contact: Parish Office, MASS COORDINATORS: These individuals help set up for daily or weekend Masses, helping things run smoothly, and ensuring that all liturgical ministries are fulfilled. List Your Ministry to Connect With More Community Members Now. School Parents’ Association, Nursery/Preschool-forming

The Church calls people to the responsible stewardship of their time and talent in support of the Church. Planning begins in June and goes through September. We advertise the Church Ministries to the General Community. This often takes the form of volunteering for a specific lay ministry, most of which are liturgical, catechetical, or involved in pastoral care and social justice. Sessions are usually 6-8 weeks and start during Advent and Lent. Contact: Rosemary Beahan, Staff, VISITORS FOR CHRIST: Individuals, families, youth, retired individuals who visit, phone, play cards or games, etc. Madrid, Spain, Nov 19, 2018 / 07:46 pm ().- Matteo Pio Colella was just 7 years old when he contracted a deadly disease. Thanks for your message! Alcoholics Anonymous, Holy Cross School Contact: Parish Life, Staff, GOLF OUTING & HAITI BENEFIT COMMITTEE: Team of parishioners to help plan the Golf Outing and Haiti Benefit in August. Contact: Ashley Rottman, Staff, YOUTH LEADERSHIP TEAM (for teens): Provide peer leadership in all areas of Youth Ministry. Confirmation Prep- High School, Vacation Bible School In canonical and general usage, it refers to those who exercise authority within a Christian church. Contact: Chole Purvis, parishioner, PRECANA COUPLES: Married couples share their marriage experience at our Crossroads PreCana Retreat. We seek to empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today. Confirmation Prep - Adult Beginners welcome. Whether it was through a conversation, a meal, or an invitation to be with him, Christ valued the power that came from bringing people together, connecting with them, and building community. We’ll get back to you shortly. At Holy Faith Catholic Church, these liturgical ministries strive to be modeled after the example of service of Jesus Christ in … Vocal training necessary, must be able to sing in tune with and without accompaniment, and effectively lead congregational singing. Contact: Rosemary Beahan, Staff, COMMUNITY YOUTH MENTORS: Positively impact the life of a student by being a role model and friend to one who is struggling or has been identified as “at risk” and in need of encouragement and support. Must be competent on your instrument and comfortable playing in ensemble, in tune and in tempo. Contact: Ashley Rottman, Staff, ADULT SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE LEADER: Attend youth ministry gatherings to guide, assist, and be an example of the Catholic faith to the high school students. Religious Education Parent . Contact: Meghan Schaut, Staff, ADULT ENSEMBLE: meets every Wednesday from 7-8:30pm for rehearsal, and sings every other Sunday for one or both Masses. Christ forsakes power and glory for a life of service - through his healings, miracles, comforting words, and heartfelt compassion he served people and their deepest needs. Centered on compassion and reconciliation. Commitment is once a month during regularly scheduled weekend Masses. Contact: Shirley Cigler, parishioner | 616.457.1719or Rosemary MacDonald, parishioner | 616.453.0732, JOURNEY THROUGH GRIEF: A 5-week program providing support, through Hospice of Michigan support group facilitation, to those who are grieving a loss. Outreach ministries are those that minister to a church's community or to the world. (grades 1-5) ~ from The Prayer of Saint Francis, Altar Servers Adult Bible Studies

Contact: Nancy Hoekstra, parishioner | 457-3391, MEALS TO HEAL: Persons to provide an occasional meal for individuals/parishioners returning home after hospitalization. Contact: Rosemary Beahan, Staff, PROVIDE TRANSPORTATION: Drivers who can provide rides to Mass or doctor’s appointments for senior members in need of transportation.

Sunday nursery volunteers give parishioners the freedom to participate in Sunday Mass knowing their young children are being properly cared for. 04/03/2020. Contact: Fr. The Fontanas each have a certificate in Spirituality and Theology from Milltown Institute, Dublin, Ireland. Education Ministries. Bi-monthly meetings, September-May, and monthly activities, June - August. Contact: Rosemary Beahan, Staff, SPONSOR: Adult who offers companionship and faith sharing to someone in the Initiation process. Art and Environment-Flowers Facilitator meetings each Thursday morning prior to session, September through April. Stephen, Pastor. PASTORAL COUNCIL: The prayerful visioning body of the Parish that works with the five commissions of the parish. Contact: Marilyn Beckwith, Staff, STEWARDSHIP COMMITTEE: Promotes sacrificial living as a way of life, encouraging parishioners to take a step in faith as they return God’s gifts of Time, Talent, and Treasure in service to the church and community. Funeral Receptions An interrogative that sounds more like a sarcasm than a query seeking for a candid answer.But... Posted on Contact: Rosemary Beahan, Staff, WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY COORDINATOR: Coordinate calendar, Bible study options, and small group development. Festival, Festival Contact: Contact: Parish Life, Staff, WEBSITE CONTENT MANAGEMENT TEAM: Team to monitor and update website as needed through the SquareSpace Content Management platform. This is a great ministry for those that are not able to commit to Youth Ministry on a regular basis. Meets monthly. Christ’s relationship to God was deeply rooted in prayer and from this relationship flowed His whole life and ministry. Elem. Outreach ministries also include soup kitchens, food pantries, and Habitat for Humanity. Christ Led: Administration Ministries. Men’s Prayer Group Contact: Glenda Trytko, Staff, ALTAR SERVER TRAINER: Trainer assists with instructing new altar servers how to serve at Mass. Ushers, St. Vincent de Paul Society God's Girls (Women's Bible Study) OUTREACH COMMISSION: Envision and guide parish involvement for pastoral care and social justice issues. Italian boy, who programmed his home computer to catalog miracles and died at 15, moves a step closer to becoming the Catholic Church's... Posted on Returning Catholic, Moms' Christian Fellowship Sacrament Preparation. Plays all 5:30pm Saturday Masses. This is a frequently-asked question in times of crisis. Doctors believed there... Posted on Chris, Pastor, PRAYER CHAIN: Individuals who pray privately for those who have requested prayers for special intentions. Parish Potluck HIGH SCHOOL PLANNING TEAM: Plan, promote, and coordinate high school youth ministry events, including weekly formation sessions, liturgies, community building activities, service projects, and more.

Contact: Rosemary Beahan, Staff, Set up, serve, & clean up. Grupo de Matrimonio

Contact: Meghan Schaut, Staff, RESURRECTION CHOIR: Sings for Parish Funerals. Contact: Karen Tonning,  parishioner  | 616.541.3658, KID'S FOOD BASKET:  Volunteers, as young as 10 years, assemble and pack lunches, once per month, for children in need in local schools. Maintenance and Cleaning

We provide a platform for Catholic Churches to list their Ministries. Admin Council Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff, SUNDAY PRESCHOOL AIDE: Assist Sunday preschool catechists with classroom management and activities. In the ecclesiological sense of the term, "hierarchy" strictly means the "holy ordering" of the Church, the Body of Christ, so to respect the diversity of gifts and ministries necessary for genuine unity ()..

The ministry ensures that the church environment is welcoming and liturgically correct, keeping in mind the safety of parishioners and the security of the Church. Bereavement/Grief Ministry Contact: Parish Office, 3937 Wilson Ave. SWGrandville, MI 49418phone: 616.532.9344fax: 616.538.6340. Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass. How Can The Church Ministry Directory Be Improved To Serve You Better? Contact: Parish Life, Staff, PHOTOGRAPHER: Parishioners who want to share their gift for photography by taking pictures at various events. .” Christ engaged people through stories, teachings, and parables and in the process challenged them to think about what they believed to be true about life, forgiveness, each other, God, and so much more. COMMUNITY COMMISSION: Build relationships so we can get to know one another, have fun together as a community and share time, energy, and skills through active involvement for the good of the parish. Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff, MEN’S BIBLE STUDY COORDINATOR: Coordinate schedule and calendar, Bible study options, and small group development. Contact: Ashley Rottman, Staff. Christ recognized the gifts within the people around him, and in this he inspired and empowered them to be lights for God’s kingdom. Voice, guitar, flute, bass, drum set, other percussion, open to other instruments.

5227 N. Bowdoin Street

Contact: Rosemary Beahan, Staff, CHRISTIAN INITIATION FOR CHILDREN: Share faith and the basics of the Catholic faith with persons ages 7 to 16 who are preparing for full initiation into the Catholic Church, to help them live their call as disciples of Jesus Christ. Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff, CLERICAL & CRAFT ASSISTANCE: Provide help with clerical activities or assist with preparing craft project supplies or provide clerical help on an as needed basis. FORMATION COMMISSION: Provide vision and guidance for the achievement of goals for parish formation processes and programs. Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff. Contact: Michele Stutzky, parishioner | 260.1773. Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff.

Contact: Elizabeth Post, Staff, PARISH LIBRARY: Volunteers needed to help process and shelve items, create seasonal and other displays to promote circulation of items, and maintain neatness and effectiveness of library space. Contact: Marilyn Beckwith, Staff, BUILDING & GROUNDS COMMITTEE: Prioritizes our parish maintenance needs, assist in finding parishioner help, and prepares for the future. Contact: Meghan Schaut, Staff, GUITAR ENSEMBLE: meets Saturdays at 4:30pm to practice. WORSHIP COMMISSION: Helps ensure the sacramental and spiritual needs of our parishioners are met through excellent liturgy and other prayer experiences. Rehearsals on Wednesdays, 6:30-7pm and before each Mass. Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear());   |  

Contact: Parish Office, EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS TO NURSING HOMES, HOME BOUND/ILL: Women and men who visit and bring Communion to area nursing homes, the home bound, those recovering from illness, or in area hospitals.

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