What are five of Mel Gibson's best movies? But anyway stuff like what. I love these survival killing flicks because theres no good or bad guys really its just killing i hate when the good guys win. McConnell: Big stimulus not needed based on jobs report, Trump is falling behind in the count — and in the courts, Live: Biden on the verge of reaching 270 electoral votes. Join our community of taste explorers to save your discoveries, create inspiring lists, get personalized recommendations, and follow interesting people. FilmFish helps you to find good movies to watch on Netflix, Prime, HBO Go, and all your streaming services, with humanly curated movie recommendations. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. I love these survival killing flicks because theres no good or bad guys really its just killing i hate when the good guys win. Fortunately for him, a girl named Hsiao Man, who even owns a manual for a secret one-armed technique, rescues him. Lastly, an important category that flourished through all these years, particularly due to cult audiences, is the one consisting of Cat III films, which entailed exploitation productions centering on sex, violence, and sadism. Follow Juan Rodrigo @joe.styloe.hms.cru. 0 Tastepoints. 0/92 likes in common. What are your favorite Christmas movies ? Furthermore, during the funeral, students from a Japanese dojo appear and start mocking Zhen and his fellow students. Another older one is the classic Jean-Claude Van Damme film 'Bloodsport', which is like Mortal Kombat, but without the fantasy element. I also like sexy movies like Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police wich is pretty intense in killing probably the most gory movie you will ever see trust me. Every action scene is impressive, including the one in the private club, the unrelenting chases through the streets of Hong Kong and the final one, with the aforementioned actors exhibiting some of their best performances within the sublime action choreography. Ho Tao is a kung fu student whose father forces him to marry the Japanese daughter of a business associate. I also like sexy movies like Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police wich is pretty intense in killing probably the most gory movie you will ever see trust me. Lastly, his impact was so immense that it spawned two sequels, a remake, a crossover with the respective Japanese hero Zatoichi, and innumerable imitations. Check out 'Smokin' Aces' for some OTT Tarantino-esque action, or '13 Samurai' for a fantastic Asian addition. Horrorific content by The film features the crème de la crème of Hong Kong action films at the time, including the “Three Brothers”, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung (who also co-directed) and Yuen Biao, and Dick Wei as the leader of the pirates. The fifth eventually ends up in a monastery and, desperate for revenge, manages to persuade the abbot into teaching him his pole fighting technique. The action scenes are impressive and done in a cartoonish style, and the final scene between the two masters is sublime. The film showcased a number of nonsensical though highly entertaining characters and techniques, including a young Thai boxer who dances before each fight and a strange Japanese fighter named Win Without a Knife. Taste of Cinema – Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists. Movies Like Tournament, Surviving the Game, No Escape, The Running Man? 10 Best Martial Arts Movies Of The '70s, Ranked. The latter manages to return to his home to inform of the incident but has become totally insane in the process. The Coast Guard has a rivalry with the police force and their antagonism reaches its zenith when the two meet in a restaurant, where a huge fight occurs between a number of their members, including their two respective “leaders”, Dragon and Major Tzu. In your opinion: what exactly is good and scary about the movies Halloween, The Shining & Psycho and stories like Dracula and Frankenstein? What is your favorite movie or movies from the 40's? Unfortunately for her, her daughter has also feelings for the captain, making her already suppressed desire a terrible burden. Jackie Chan’s style is in its zenith here, with constant acrobatics, slapstick humor, and impressive action scenes. Thus, the three protagonists (Yuen Biao, Lam Ching Ying and Sammo Hung) earned the Best Action Choreography award at the 1983 Hong Kong Film Awards. ? Answer Save. Their attitude eventually drives him from the school but they do not stop there, ambushing him and even managing to cut off his arm with cunning viciousness. During his training, he encounters the notorious assassin Yim Tim Sam. All three protagonists, Jackie Chan as Wong Fei Hung, Simon Yuen as Su Hua Chi and Wong Chen Lee as Yim Tim Sam, are magnificent in their parts, with the final battle between Chan and Lee being one of the greatest in the genre.

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