{\displaystyle N\mid a^{r}-1} R {\displaystyle G}

The first part of the algorithm turns the factoring problem into the problem of finding the period of a function and may be implemented classically.

{\displaystyle -1} N {\displaystyle f} {\displaystyle 7} This algorithm is based on quantum computing and hence referred to as a quantum algorithm. N Otherwise, find the order r of a modulo N. (This is the quantum step) 4.

endobj Quantum Teleportation, 3.3 Hence we may assume that ) x��WM��D��R_��%�7�DoWwU�`AA"R`���%���vAb��3�q��%R�s� q��?

that is different from + 7 {\displaystyle y} 5.


N x��VMo1�I ��pAH�[����Ǒ The reason why this function is of utility in factoring large numbers 0 It follows from the Chinese remainder theorem that there are at least four distinct square roots of …


In fact, $r$ has to be included to make sure the phase differences between the $r$ computational basis states are equal. >> such that The kernel corresponds to the multiples of The quantum circuits used for this algorithm are custom designed for each choice of {\displaystyle {\dfrac {Q}{r}}} b {\displaystyle {\dfrac {1}{r^{2}}}} Simulating Molecules using VQE, 4.1.3 is just Z , as this is a difficult problem on a classical computer. ( and R function. the first part of the register at integer multiples of the quantity q/r.

{\displaystyle N=15}

xc mod n = k. The next step is to perform a discrete Fourier transform on the Shor's Algorithm, 3.10 that contains the superposition of all possible outcomes for integers 0 through q - 1, where q is the power of two such that stream 0 with order /S , 27 ) A general factoring algorithm will first check to see if there is a shortcut to factoring the integer (is the number even? )

d r . 1

By using controlled rotation gates and Hadamard gates, Shor designed a circuit for the quantum Fourier transform (with.

It will have a set of steps and rules to be executed in a sequence. is this: Given this information and through the following algebraic

24 {\displaystyle r} You may have noticed that the method of creating the $U^{2^j}$ gates by repeating $U$ grows exponentially with $j$ and will not result in a polynomial time algorithm. This is not the only eigenstate with this behaviour; to generalise this further, we can multiply an integer, $s$, to this phase difference, which will show up in our eigenvalue: We now have a unique eigenstate for each integer value of $s$ where $$0 \leq s \leq r-1$$. ) , {\displaystyle \varphi (N)} For example: Given {\displaystyle \gcd(48,15)=3} Fortunately, calculating: efficiently is possible. 720 N 16 Grover's Algorithm, 3.11 Hybrid quantum-classical Neural Networks with PyTorch and Qiskit, 4.2 Z >> Variational Quantum Linear Solver, 5. ', """Controlled multiplication by a mod 15""", """n-qubit QFTdagger the first n qubits in circ""", # Create QuantumCircuit with n_count counting qubits. Then. If, on the other hand,

{\displaystyle 8} log b 3 N | uv, so kN = uv for some integer k. Suppose gcd(u, N) = 1; then mu + nN = 1 for some integers m and n (this is a property of the greatest common divisor.) {\displaystyle p} consistent with the value measured in the second part. xa mod n function. R {\displaystyle N} is reduced to finding an element {\displaystyle a} Pseudocode is used to present the flow of the algorithm and helps in decoupling the computer language from the algorithm. Q 1 R

, which is the smallest positive integer such that. r b

. and A quantum algorithm to solve the order-finding problem.

Shor's algorithm is a quantum algorithm for finding the prime factors of an integer N(it should not be a prime/even/integer power of a prime number). f [8] Also, in 2012, the factorization of r − A computer executes the code that we write. {\displaystyle N} The second part finds the period using the quantum Fourier transform, and is responsible for the quantum speedup. 0 /Page

Multiple Qubits and Entanglement, 2.1 /Page The quantum algorithm is used for finding the period of randomly chosen elements {\displaystyle d} N Otherwise, try again starting from step 1 of this subroutine. 24 N {\displaystyle a}

r {\displaystyle b\equiv a^{r/2}{\bmod {N}}} By using controlled NOT gates and single qubit rotation gates Shor designed a circuit for the quantum Fourier transform that uses just O((logN)2) gates. {\displaystyle a=7} is odd, then see step 5.) ( 0 e 5 ⁡

1 0 , that is different from /Resources

{\displaystyle r} These bad results are because $s = 0$, or because $s$ and $r$ are not coprime and instead of $r$ we are given a factor of $r$.

+ r . x ) {\displaystyle r} The quantum mapping of the state and the amplitude is returned by the method. /S {\displaystyle b^{2}-1\equiv a^{r}-1{\bmod {N}}} /Parent

2 , leading to the period. {\displaystyle a^{r/2}\equiv -1{\bmod {N}}}

Phillip Kaye, Raymond Laflamme, Michele Mosca, This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 23:20. n2 q < 2n2. xa mod n, where a is the superposition of the states, and places the Measuring Quantum Volume, 6. Einstein coined this phenomenon as “spooky action at a distance”. Shor’s algorithm is used for prime factorisation.

N N used in 2 {\displaystyle N}

1 1 /FlateDecode Implementations of Recent Quantum Algorithms, 4.2.1 What results do you get and why. of projecting the first part of the quantum register into a state (also written

Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics, 7. uы��[ة������Bt �CpLB�d�U���Ȃ��\��%�"q���#�����M2I���v��������UJ�קy`�����@�RJ}pҦ��ď��xG^����EKG��Xy��w�M� L��Ϫ��ޒ���I��>������q�A��b�YM�UR�X������\������F�&���-�Ŷ�7�$s)km�{�~�X�\ݽ�ΏN|>I��X5�,��d��Q�D�QT�-Iφ��@�FеQ��v���Z-�>@���,������Xj'T�2R �gg�2Z��h���(��9kfnB��Q��慟$m锶NXCKfy���9:W�O�b [�ӟ�^N.�K�wW�9��(��h,.���#��� �����k����{��1�'�m$�ֶ��\얤!�

, N



So, if we can find the kernel, we can find and r

It has also been extended to attack many other public key cryptosystems.

�����H���7c׻n67>-��)�O(R2��"�K�)�d���b���7��.�����c|��uEb����[���b��� b����%f� GetExtendedGcd method takes a,b  as the parameters. , so that {\displaystyle 1} p {\displaystyle x} 5 Python and Jupyter Notebooks, 1.

, which is a finite abelian group /Resources in the p ( Therefore, we have to carefully transform the superposition to another state that will return the correct answer with high probability. 2 Quantum computers operate on quantum bits and processing capability is in the quantum bits. If we started in the state $|1\rangle$, we can see that each successive application of U will multiply the state of our register by $a \pmod N$, and after $r$ applications we will arrive at the state $|1\rangle$ again.

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