Some fans were charmed by Chuck’s everyman shtick in Season 11, where he was shown in a bar singing songs and writing stories. Since Kevin Tran had become a Prophet, yet Chuck was alive, it suggests he is, at the very least, not a normal Prophet and somewhat out of the ordinary.

And I'm very thankful that I'm still relevant on the show and it's a good way to go out, to end the show being a part of it. For Chuck, watching Sam and Dean’s repeated sacrifices was a hobby and he couldn't get enough of it. It is possible that God might actually have dropped into Chuck some time then; after all, Chuck was supposed to die to make way for the new prophet. Up until the fifth season, Lucifer was the main villain and his power was something which was overpowering and interesting. Read Next: Industry Notables Join Virtual Red Carpet for Micheaux Project Student Workshop, ‘Superstore’ Bosses on What America Ferrera’s Exit Means for Jonah, Artisans Elite Report: A Survey of the Talent Behind the Best of Crafts Over the Last Year, ‘The Masked Dancer’ Teaser Reveals Tulip, Sloth and Exotic Bird Costumes in Action, the team behind the show has expressed willingness, Johnny Depp Forced to Exit ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Franchise, ‘The Tonight Show’ Head Writer Rebecca Drysdale Exits, Also Says She’ll ‘Never Work on Another Trump Sketch’, Steve Bannon Banned by Twitter After He Calls for Trump to Behead Dr. Anthony Fauci, Brax, Rapper and Social Media Influencer, Dies at 21, ‘The Bachelorette’ Executive Reveals Why Tayshia Adams Replaced Clare Crawley (EXCLUSIVE), Republic Records Signs 14-Year-Old Norwegian Singer Angelina Jordan (EXCLUSIVE), Why Bret Baier Calling Biden ‘President Elect’ on Fox News Is Such a Big Deal, Disney Removes Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Free Guy,’ ‘Death on the Nile’ From Release Calendar, 'The Masked Singer' Reveals the Identity of the Squiggly Monster: Here's the Star Under the Mask, ‘Fantastic Beasts 3’ Release Date Delayed to 2022, 'Mank' Review: Gary Oldman Plays 'Citizen Kane' Screenwriter in David Fincher's Drama. While fans were thunderstruck by this revelation, such an outcome was kind of alluded to throughout. He then disappears, evaporating into thin air. Casting The Main Characters, Agents Of SHIELD: Jemma’s 15 Best Outfits, How I Met Your Mother: Each Main Character’s Last Line In The Series, 10 Spy Thriller TV Shows To Watch If You Love The Bourne Franchise, Smallville: 9 Things Everyone Missed In The Pilot Episode, 10 Classic Thanksgiving Sitcom Episodes To Stream On Netflix Or Hulu, Ranked By IMDb, Pretty Little Liars: 5 Characters We Want On Our Team In A Zombie Apocalypse (& 5 We Don't), Broadchurch: 5 Times We Felt Bad For Alec (& 5 For Ellie), 10 Hilarious Times The Animaniacs Broke The Fourth Wall, The Villains From Powerpuff Girls, Ranked Lamest to Coolest. When Chuck appeared during seasons 4 and 5, it was often speculated that he was God although it was not confirmed. Initially Chuck claimed to the Winchesters that he foresaw events that concerned Dean and Sam, with Castiel revealing that Chuck was a prophet. So, here are the five reasons why Chuck/God’s always been the real villain of 'Supernatural.' The story was simple enough, and Eric Kripke, Supernatural’s showrunner started the series with a five-season plan where he was going to tell a particular story and end it by the finale of season five. His bravery impresses Becky who abandons her pursuit of Sam for a relationship with Chuck. Never mind the fact that Jack was supposed to be his grandson; Chuck only wanted to see Jack die so that Dean would die with him. Chuck Only Cared About Himself. Although there were ample hints that Chuck was already God when the boys first met him, the makers of Supernatural never quite clear that up. Supernatural arrives for the final season on CW on 10 October 2019. Supernatural, the cult show about the brothers Winchester, hunting things and saving people, is in its final season after a successful run of 15 long years. It remains to be seen if Billie returns the favor by reaping God after all. The final season of “Supernatural” premieres Oct. 10 on the CW. Here are some factors that made it clear that God/Chuck was the real villain of Supernatural all along. In season eight, some fans speculated that Chuck may have been a manifestation of the angel Metatron, who was known as God's scribe. Chuck later reveals himself as God to the Winchesters and confirms it with the help of Kevin Tran. The boys and Castiel assumed he was dead since the new prophet, Kevin Tran, manifested his powers around this time. This one doesn’t get a pass, though. Chuck didn’t even consider that poor Adam was only a teenager when he went into the cage, and he’s content with letting him suffer for something he didn’t do. God ordered Michael to cast Luc…

In the course of the years, the show has given us a wide range of characters--some instantly forgettable, some catapulted to fan favorites, and some who have made a mark for themselves over the years. “I think we’d be promising more than we could deliver if we said we would tie up every loose thread the show has dropped over 15 seasons, but we’re going to tie up the big ones,” Dabb says. The message reveals that the angels are looking for Michael's Sword (later to be revealed to be Dean, with the vision having been apparently planted by Zachariah), and that it is to be found "in a castle, on a hill made of 42 dogs" (which turns out to be John's Lock-up).

But ultimately it's so fun. Castiel retorts that they are making it up as they go. The role Jack will play on the final season is still to be seen, but we are more than ready for the premiere of the final season of Supernatural which recently finished filming the first episode.

There was no need to send Lucifer to hell, he was powerful, but Chuck was no slouch, and everything Lucifer did was because of his abandonment. There seems to be no way out, and God is more overpowered than anything in this world which gave some fans paused but he is also the one person who was set up to take the mantle of the finale villain from the moment he first made his appearance, we just didn’t know it then. Magic (formerly) - In his weakened state, God can be locked away with the same spell he once used to trap the Darkness. The character is an avatar for Kripke himself (Source) and is used to comment on the text and process of writing with reference to specific past episodes of the Show. Check out the schedule for the full list of options! There’s definitely episodes where we do address things that come out of the fandom and out of social media, but in terms of how the story ends, in terms of bringing back certain characters, it was [about] what makes sense for the guys on their journey and in this story at this point. Dean and Castiel appear at Chuck's place, just as he is ordering some hookers to see out the end of the world. Will not time travel. He reveals the stories come to him in dreams, and that he's continued writing even after the books stopped being published. He then asked all the angels to bow down to humans and present more compassion toward them than to him.Lucifer, however, disobeyed his order and rebelled. “This is not just true of this season, this has been true for awhile, but we can devote a lot more time to the emotions of the guys,” Dabb says. Chuck Shurley is the pseudonym used by God when he was living as an author who wrote the low selling Supernatural book series, which he wrote under the nom de plumeCarver Edlund. When dating didn’t work out, Chuck took to singing songs; none of which helped Sam and Dean in any way. RELATED: 10 Character Inconsistencies In Supernatural. This metaphor would also hold then is God, the creator, was also the writer. Supernatural: Here Are 5 Reasons Why Chuck/God Has Always Been The Real Villain In The Series!

The God, the primordial entity with unimaginable powers who created the universe! A quick death at the hands of a deity seems like a blessing in disguise. Be sure to tune in! We have a trinity here - Chuck, Kripke and God. The Season 14 finale brought back Rob Benedict for the first time since Season 11, and instead of helping the boys deal with the growing threat of Jack, he ultimately revealed that he's been toying with them as the "writer" of their story all along. After Dean decides not to kill Jack, Chuck wants Dean to kill the kid; this was a shock to all of the viewers. He tells them where Sam and Lilith are, but says they are not "in the story." Still, as Chuck fed off of people’s suffering, he decided to make his own sister suffer in a prison. Upon his return in season 11, it was finally confirmed that he was God. By now, we’ve had several world-ending scenarios on Supernatural, and every one of them could have been avoided had Chuck just snapped his fingers. The end of an era is coming to TV this season due to the conclusion of Supernatural, which will wrap after 15 seasons, but not without pitting Sam and Dean Winchester up against their most formidable foe to date: God. In 4.18 The Monster at the End of This Book,when he met the Winchesters for the first time, he acts like he doesn't know them, although in his visions at the beginning of this episode he clearly saw Sam and Dean and the Car.

Chuck reveals his wound. Nothing is more powerful than God, and the final season is about battling God for the soul of all living creatures. From the first moment we met Chuck, it was apparent he was a self-centered person, and as time progressed, we saw more of Chuck and his indulgence in human behavior. Joshua was the Gardener who transported Sam and Dean into Heaven's Garden after saving them from the angel Zachariah. He sarcastically says when confronted with the real Sam and Dean that he "is a god," for all that he puts them through in the books happens in real life. It was clear that Chuck deliberately opted not to bring the other archangels back because he wanted to steer Dean into sacrificing himself, as was the eventual plan.

Then, he explains the story he wrote was the one where the father kills his son, the symbolism of it mattered more than the actual lives of the people involved. But for every world He would create, the Darkness would destroy it.

So, yeah, it's exciting. In case viewers haven't noticed, Chuck's penname, Carver Edlund, is a cleverly crafted combination of two of the show's writer-producers, Jeremy Carver and Ben Edlund. Like chuck said, "I'd toss you something and youd knock it out if the park." Now, we cannot help but think, Amara was right to destroy all those worlds and also wanting to destroy the one where real Sam and Dean lived.

Due to the popularity of the show, this never came to pass, and the series went beyond the planned five seasons. While the fans had gone into a tizzy regarding whether or not Chuck was God after season 5, the writers had never confirmed the doubts. In 5.03 Free to Be You and Me, he tells Dean and Castiel that God is "dead" and they are living in a "Godless universe.". As an actor it's such a fun thing to play rather than being the reluctant God who's sort of never there. Here are some factors that made it clear that God/Chuck was the real villain of. He is later called by Dean for the location of Lucifer and Michael's final battle, which he readily gives; Stull Cemetery. But as for an in-show answer, it could really be argued that Chuck is and always has been God or that Chuck is just a vessel for God. Some sites say that surely indicates that he's God, while some claims that God just took him to heaven like He did with the other prophets in the bible. NEXT: Supernatural: 10 Times Destiel Was Canon, Saim Cheeda is an entertainment writer covering all of Film, TV, Gaming and Books.

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