He also saluted the bravery, skill and dedication of the workers for the power companies.

“One common trait is people always show up,” he said. I knew we probably had no chance. " Those runs should have been done several hours before, but power lurches and surges had created havoc for the presses. Arrangements were made to print the main news sections of the Saturday newspapers in Tacoma and at Rotary, which was having its own problems in the aftermath of the storm. That was 12:50 a.m. Friday, when all power was lost to the Seattle Times North Creek plant in Bothell. “At that point, I knew. Production crews waited for hours, hoping electricity would be restored. This time the cause was the worst windstorm in more than a decade. A note of appreciation for helping me with [topic] today. There’s nothing you can do,” Paiva said. This phrase is a great one for ending your message: Thank you for your understanding. It caused four deaths and left more than 1 million customers, including the North Creek plant, without power. Box 70, Seattle, WA 98111, call 206-464-3310 or send e-mail to mfancher@seattletimes.com. It just went boom, down. The P-I reported yesterday that the last time it didn’t print was in 1936, also during a strike.

I knew we probably had no chance.”. Frank Paiva, vice president for operations, sensed that his people might not be able to print any more newspapers.

“I looked around to see who we were missing and everybody was here. “They were just super,” Paiva said. Saying this is to acknowledge that that person has been waiting for you to keep up or reach them.

“It was very tricky in regards to where transportation was going to get their papers. At 11:07 Friday night, power was restored to the Bothell plant, and plans started changing again. I love you so much, my charming brother. “That was a nice problem to have, though. Ideally, no one should have to wait for you, but they did. “Thank you for your comprehension” I interpreted as “You need the ring the bell if you want to get in.” “Thank you for your understanding” I interpreted as “You need to ring the bell if you want to get in, and we appreciate your patience for having to do so.”

Paiva’s one-word answer was a heartfelt “sorry.” Inside The Times appears in the Sunday Seattle Times. Because of the timing of the power outage, we had no options.”.

Thank you for your understanding and support. These modern behemoths are a combination of heavy metal and computer wizardry, and Paiva praised the know-how of the press operators who brought them back to life quickly and safely. “We started to concentrate on the next set of runs, and we became real stubborn about ending the losing streak at one,” Paiva said. The News Tribune actually moved its own news deadlines so they could start printing The Times as soon as possible. “In the middle of the operation there’s nowhere you can go.

More columns at www.seattletimes.com/columnists, Election 2020: Results for Washington state and national races, Election 2020 updates, November 6: Latest results and news in races for president, others across Washington state and the nation, Washington Republican gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp loses police chief job, Election 2020 updates, November 5: Latest results and news in races for president, others across Washington state and the nation, Icy wind from Canada hits Seattle area this weekend. In the end, The Times run was done at 3:59 a.m. and the P-I at 4:23. “To me they’re just like firemen and policemen. Thank you for raising your concerns with us.

Paiva’s one-word answer was a heartfelt “sorry.”, Inside The Times appears in the Sunday Seattle Times. Your presence means so much to me and I need you to know that I really appreciate everything you’ve done. Advance sections for the Saturday newspapers were printed at The News Tribune in Tacoma and at Rotary Offset Press, a Times subsidiary in Renton. It was an awful feeling, the realization that we weren’t going to publish.”, When he and Kelly agreed the cause was lost, Fisco passed the word to Mike Sheehan, who oversees home delivery. 19. Several newspapers called on Friday, offering to help.

We were in shock that we weren’t going to print a newspaper. He was right. It just went boom, down.

Paiva praised how well people came together. Of some 1,400 carriers, only five weren’t at work Friday night, Fisco said.

I asked Fisco and Paiva what they would want to say to readers and advertisers. The News Tribune continued to run The Times and ended up printing a total of 122,000 newspapers, finishing at 3:21 a.m. You’re such an amazing boss to have! That was 12:50 a.m. Friday, when all power was... “It was really a hard down. Once the decision was made to scrap further Friday press runs, attention shifted to contingency plans for the weekend. In the past when one feed went down, the other provided power. We all felt so helpless. Two separate feeds from PSE serve the plant. “There is a lot of redundancy built into the plant,” Paiva said. Alan Fisco, vice president of circulation, said, “Everybody was optimistic that we were going to publish.”, As the hours passed, the optimism waned. “I told him, ‘I can’t believe this is happening.’ “, The 13,000 Times editions that had been printed were distributed to single-copy outlets, most of them in the core of Seattle and on the Eastside.

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