A trademark for the term WEBinar (first three letters capitalized) was registered in 1998 by Eric R. Korb (Serial Number 75478683, USPTO) and was reassigned to InterCall. In addition to giving non-attendees the inside scoop they seek, these live blogging posts have built-in amplification.

29. In April 1999, Vstream introduced the Netcall product for web conferencing as "a fee-based Internet software utility that lets you send business presentations and other graphic information via e-mail to a Vstream server. For your conference content consider the following: Pre-conference content focuses on building attention and excitement for the event. [6] The planned deliverables of xcon include: Web conferencing is available with three models: hosting service, software and appliance.

), Lisa Buyer and Madalyn Sklar at the SMMW18 live #TwitterSmarter. 28. She holds her Twitter Chats live at events and invites attendees to join her.

“It’s not just the content but also, the experience!”, Don’t forget to include pre-formatted social media shares in your presentation. -- Intranet Streaming Media Application for Enterprise Communications", "PlaceWare 2.0 Conference Center Keeps Remote Employees, Partners and Customers Up-To-Date With 'Live' Web-Based Presentations", "ActiveTouch Launches WebEx Meeting Center: The First Application Service for Web-Based Multimedia Collaborative Meetings", "ActiveTouch, the Creator of WebEx, Hosts World's Largest Interactive Web Meeting", "Citrix GoToMeeting Corporate Cuts Unpredictable and Expensive Online Meeting Fees for Businesses", "New Citrix GoToWebinar: The First Do-It-Yourself Affordable Way for Anyone to Conduct Online Events", "Macromedia Breeze Product Line Delivers Rapid Presentation and Training Solutions for the Enterprise", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Web_conferencing&oldid=985604007, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Meeting with others, sharing ideas, brainstorming, gaining buy-in, and aligning on an execution strategy is paramount to driving your business forward. Right-click on any of the images to save to your device Common Areas: Conference Rooms: Office Space: Phone Booths: How to add a […], Add a WeWork background to your Zoom meeting, How to prioritize work when everything’s important, Three workspace attributes that improve employee productivity, Eight counterintuitive ways to be more productive. Just as not all conference rooms need a table, not all rooms need to be encased in glass walls. The coined term has been attacked for improper construction,[2] since "inar" is not a valid root. Note: This article was originally published on September 21, 2016. Take your virtual meetings from your favorite place in the office without leaving your home! Use this as a way to engage with your attendees after your presentation. And as their comfort level and productivity rises, so too does your business. More importantly, conferences are ALL about business.

Make conference content part of your content marketing plan and budget to take advantage of this topic-related interest. (Hint: Bring post-its for the fancy cards that you can’t write on.). For these, a big room is necessary.

Feeling overwhelmed? This boardroom in WeWork EBA Center in Shanghai, China, can accommodate more than a dozen people and has videoconferencing technology in place for team members to dial in from elsewhere.

You can even spotlight the fact to your audience with verbal and visual hints as Doug Kessler did with this slide. By far, this is the most popular form of post-conference content because anyone can do it. She also crosses from Twitter to Facebook Live after her chats (so that it’s also live conference content! You’ll never have to hear the phrase, “This meeting should have been an email,” again.Collaboration is the foundation of getting stuff done in the workplace.

Give an amazing presentation with fresh new insights. During conference presentation social media content sharing – Dou Kessler.

To create conference content on the fly, you must be prepared!

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