Unknown also has a symbol tattooed on her upper right Species

Officially titled the Core-A Cup, the grand final came down to unsponsored local favorite Wa! Game Appearances

He defeated LowHigh in the Core-A Cup grand final.

(For the record, she's super easy to Unknown Information Game Series: Tekken series: First Appearance: Tekken Tag Tournament: Occupation: Unknown Age: Unknown Height: 5' 5' (1.65 m) Fighting Style: Various fighting styles of other Tekken fighters This article is a stub. Mimicry (TTT)Unknown (TTT2)[1]Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts (TTT2)

With one landing after the other, he eventually went for the solid mix-up with the Fudo Kassatsu Uraken.


https://tekken.fandom.com/de/wiki/Unknown?oldid=10310. j=d.createElement(s),dl=l!='dataLayer'? https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Unknown_(Tekken)?oldid=4012206, Mimicry: When fighting, she can mimicking other fighter's fighting stance in, Wolf Demon: She has a demonic wolf behind her back. 22 Comments.

function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} In TTT1, Unknown starts with the fighting style of Jun Kazama at the onset of every battle.

Following an ambiguous relationship with Kazuya Mishima, she became the mother of Jin Kazama. 36 Favourites.

Tweet. She has not made any appearances until Namco launch the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Since Tekken Tag Tournament's release, Namco has not provided any clear explanation on Unknown. By Joseph Asuncion October 6, 2020 5:36 pm .

41 Favourites. which has been enslaved by the "Forest Demon" (which takes the form of

Unknown can do that as well, but additionally, she can mimic a different fighting style by pressing R3 (the right analog stick) while playing as her. Tekken

She acts as Jun Kazama's final form after a transformation sequence before the final round of the games Arcade Mode. Her default costume appears to have her otherwise nude body mostly covered in black, shiny body paint or oil, as if she had been submerged in it to her chest. Share Article. While LowHigh was able to launch Meo-il with a simple uppercut, the UYU player was a bit late on his finishing strike, leaving him open to a while-standing chop by Meo-il.

She was introduced first time in Tekken Tag Tournament for PS2 as the final boss and the very first female boss in the Tekken history, unless counting Angel in Tekken 2, who is Devil's final boss. This, in addition to their similar features, led many to believe that Unknown is a possessed Jun Kazama.

})(window,document,'script','dataLayer','GTM-N3WX8RF'); Unknown appears to be a tortured soul 025 Spider-Gwen Bodypaint (updated) 9876789. Unknown is considered non-canon in the story of the main series, having never made an appearance outside of the non-canon Tag games. around her arms, shins and instep. The creature accompanies her in battle and mimics Unknown's moves and actions.

Whether this is canon in the main series story has yet to be confirmed. While the wolf spirit from the previous game does not make an appearance, spirits in the form of a wolf's head can be seen circling a defeated Unknown in. reappearance in TTT2 was equally as cool, and surely a fan service to old

Unknown shows little in the way of personality, being a silent and enigmatic character who shows little interaction with the other fighters. Tag Tournament 21.


Hybrid, Tekken It then attempts to hit her, but misses as Unknown ducks. 043 CYBER-GIRL (updated) 9876789. However, in her own right, Unknown is somewhat of a likeable character - basically stemming on her ability to change fighting styles during the fight, and of her physical appearance (which seems to be … Officially titled the Core-A Cup, the grand final came down to unsponsored local favorite Wa! Depicted in her ending, it shows that Unknown's real eye color is apparently green, but has turned yellow since being possessed by the Wolf Spirit.

Meo-il and UYU pro, Sun-woong “LowHigh” Yoon. Unknown made her first appearance as the final boss of Tekken Tag Tournament. She then strikes it in the torso, and her arm gets stuck in the spirits body. Unknown then bends backwards after being touched by Angel.

Interestingly, however, the Spirit performs the actions with her. Her

Angel's pureness strips Unknown of her evil powers.

Steam Workshop: Garry's Mod. A Limited Edition version of Tekken 6 was released in September 2009[2], and an artbook which was part of the package revealed that Unknown was originally supposed to be Jun Kazama's sister by the name of Hitomi (仁美, Hitomi?

Hair With the wall-reset, The Geese player immediately went for another screw that led into the Deadly Rave. She also possesses a new attack which summons energy in a whirling formation. The new style she will mimic is chosen at random. 31 Comments. Little is known of Unknown's origins, yet it seems as though a werewolf spirit-like creature possessed her for its own purpose, which is to complete itself, as shown in Unknown's Tekken Tag Tournament ending. Evil alter-ego of Jun Kazama (TTT2) It then changes to a side view of Unknown. Unknown's voice is a distorted version of Angel's. Officially titled the Core-A Cup, the grand final came down to unsponsored local favorite Wa! Unknown appears as a woman with short, The slime on her body slowly begins to wash away in front of Angel as the evil is expelled. Share . leaving this design up to our imaginations. Unknown then closes her eyes as she descends downwards into the depths of water, completely naked. In TTT, during gameplay, Unknown mimics the fighting style of the other Tekken characters, just like Mokujin, Tetsujin and Combot.

Unknown's voice is now a distorted version of Jun's, given that she is Jun's evil alter-ego in this game. Unknown's main outfit has her being naked, and only covered with the purple slime. She is also a playable DLC character. mimicking her actions). She was introduced first time in Tekken Tag Tournament for PS2 as the final boss and the very first female boss in the Tekken history, unless counting Angel in Tekken 2, who is Devil's final boss.


Unknown and the wolf-like creature that possesses her aren't actually a tag team per se, as one cannot be switched out for the other. Both Unknown and Jun Kazama have not been featured in any Tekken games since their disappearences (Unknown has been a part of only one Tekken game, whereas Jun has been in two).

Sie ist wahrscheinlich die Non-kanonische Dämon- oder Teufelsform von Jun Kazama.

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