Supernatural leaves fans in disbelief after dramatic season 15 episode. Destiel is the slash between Dean and Castiel from the Supernatural fandom. Is Destiel canon, yes or no? Shipping couples in the … Let’s recap first because I’m honestly still processing, and Destiel going canon before the election results is just … a lot right now. Destiel happened. Supernatural fans have long-shipped the couple Dean and Castiel but does Destiel become canon in the dramatic episode 18? [This article contains spoilers!] Canon is a term used to describe something that officially happened in a fictional story universe, as opposed to fan fiction - storylines projected on to a universe by fans. Is Destiel canon?
Fans have been "shipping" Dean and Castiel for years now, and the latest development seems to be a final confirmation that the couple were indeed canon. Destiel pales in comparison now, and I'm mainly just disappointed in what could have been had the creators not bowed to outside (and inside) pressure. destiel reveal is so funny I cant get over “dean can’t reciprocate” the writers r literally so homophobic its hilarious.

Destiel Canon on Supernatural, Maybe: Schrödinger’s Ship Confirmed BY Salomé Gonstad / November 7, 2020 November 7, 2020 On this week’s Supernatural , the last before the two-hour finale, the show appeared to confirm a fan theory. Destiel was it for me, the end-all and be-all, until I watched "Good Omens" and discovered what an actual relationship could look like. Alright, who had Supernatural making Destiel (sort of) canon on their 2020 apocalypse bingo card?

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