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Also, when storing at a home depot, make sure that AdBlue is not decanted from bulk containers into smaller canisters as this could contaminate it and cause irreversible damage to the SCR catalyst.

In India you can purchase AdBlue online from e-commerce giants such as Amazon and Ubuy. In addition to this, liquid petroleum gas and electricity, along with ethanol and bio gas should be utilized as energy alternatives. In fact more and more vehicles across the world are now fitted with a SCR system in the exhaust. It is a clear solution of 32.5% high purity urea in purified water.

This helps to reduce Nitrogen Oxide emissions which are a source of air pollution and leads to smog in cities. 172@29@17@242!~!172@29@0@53!~!|news|india|heres-what-the-delhi-govt-is-doing-to-tackle-air-pollution-3143171.html!~!news|moneycontrol|com!~!|controller|infinite_scroll_article.php!~!is_mobile=false.

Therefore, preparing AdBlue using urea solution from fertilizer grade urea or any other method is strictly unadvisable. Few products such as shampoos, glues and cosmetics make use of technical urea. The rapid industrialization and development in the last few years has caused a lot of environmental pollution in India. The following are the major companies providing BS IV Trucks in India Another major step taken by the Indian government towards reducing emission from vehicles is introduction of BS IV norms.

All this has led to several diseases, health problems and a long-term livelihood impact. Also, AdBlue is distributed through a secure supply chain.

It is to be noted that if the damage is a resulted due to mishandling of AdBlue then the vehicle’s warranty may be invalid. Copyright © e-Eighteen.com Ltd All rights resderved. What can be done to deal with BS-IV norms?

–TATA MOTORS When AdBlue is combined with SCR technology, it provides you with a more fuel efficient solution along with reduced CO2 emissions compared to other competitive solutions. SCR technology systems are also steadily being used in diesel passenger vehicles.

There are a number of ways that government works to protect oceans and other bodies of water from further harm. For many of the environmentalists who have waged a five-year-long battle to get the government to start fighting air pollution, the reduction targets of 20 to 30 percent are too little, too late. However, AdBlue is not harmed by freezing and will retain its quality and concentration upon thawing. According to Dr. Randeep Guleria, head of department of Pulmonology and Sleep disorders at All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi, acute effects of Air pollution can be seen in the elderly, young children and people suffering from obstructive pulmonary disease and heart disease. He also said that high levels of pollution can affect the capacity of the lungs and pre-disposes children to respiratory problems later in their life. Taking a step further, the. The authorities are also considering regulating the use of private vehicles. In 2013, Ramanathan joined hands with Air Resources Board( the clean air agency in California) and the Energy and Resources Institute(Indian Research agency) to start the India-California Air Pollution Mitigation Program.

For an example of international work on the air pollution problem, the United States government and China passed resolutions to reduce industrial air pollution.

It is known as “Selective” as it uses Ammonia as a reductant within a catalyst system and helps reduce the NOx levels.

Ramanathan also feels that India could cut the air pollution by one-third overnight by giving villagers access to clean cooking stoves.

In 2015, a Steering Committee on Air Pollution and Health Related issues, set up by India’s Federal Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, submitted a report to the government about the ill-effects of air pollution on health on the people of India. –MAHINDRA TRUCKS. It is estimated that the air pollution from BS-IV compliant vehicles will be half when compared to that of BS III compliant vehicles. Also, you can easily purchase it from several AdBlue suppliers in India. Ltd. a, The rapid industrialization and development in the last few years has caused a lot of environmental pollution in India.

It is neither a fuel additive nor a fuel and it needs to be added in a dedicated tank in your vehicle. On the other hand, the urea content may decrease if AdBlue is stored at temperatures above 30 degrees.

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