This generation gap shows that even the younger employees want and see the need to take more vacation, but are challenged by their superiors who do not think or operate in the same manner.”. “In essence, Japanese people don’t have a lot of experience of seeing other races,” said Yasumasa Fujinaga, a professor of American studies at Japan Women’s University.

Compared to Black Lives Matter marches in France or Britain, which have drawn tens of thousands of people, the rallies in Japan have been modest in size. At the macro level, a few of the symptoms are: 1. At the same time, though, some Japanese show a fascination with foreigners, including Black pop culture.

In many cases, a harsh work environment leads to mental health issues and even death. More competition means lower corporate price power, so Japan has a structurally lower inflation rate than America or Europe. With images of America’s racial strife rolling across television screens, some in Japan have insisted that institutional racism is a faraway problem. The 33-year-old engineer, who works for a technology company in Tokyo, had only two days of holiday last year.

The simple answer is demographics. The Hikikomori problem is real for anyone living in Japan over some time.

Lower foreign direct investment.

In fact, Japan has long surpassed the United States as the world’s leading example of a free market economy. In addition, Japan has just reformed the rules and regulations governing domestic M&A, making it significantly easier to absorb and integrate other companies. “Japanese people who like Black culture like everything that is stereotypically Black, like gold teeth,” said Farah Albritton, 28, an English teacher in Fukuoka who is from Brooklyn.

All said, Japan’s markets and industries are about three times more competitive than those of America. Sponsored contents planned and edited by JT Media Enterprise Division. America’s move away from competition has been led by finance, technology, airlines and pharmaceuticals. Many of the “Japanification” problems can be explained by Japan’s unique ability to feed ever-more relentless competition. Still, the conversation is shifting only gradually in Japan, and the resistance can be stiff. Those CEOs who see this opportunity and lead the charge are poised to become big winners. Japan is facing something of an epidemic in unused annual holiday leave among its famously conscientious workforce – with workers taking only 52.4% of the paid leave to which they were entitled in 2018, according to the most recent government figures. Moving to a competitor in the same industry offers de facto no real upside. “What’s important is to understand that, and carefully communicate it.”.

If you're not sure how to activate it, please refer to this site. “Thus, many people refrain from taking holiday because their bosses do not take holiday, or they are afraid that it will disrupt the group harmony.”. Deflation, low profitability, poor investment returns, subpar foreign direct investment, falling tax revenues, you name it. “So they don’t think racism exists.”. Initiatives range from caps on excessive working hours to increased flexibility, as well as a requirement for employees to designate at least five days off work for staff with at least 10 days of unused leave. Shiboru Yamane, creative director at Ningen Inc, the Osaka-based advertising production company behind the event, explains: “We wanted people to visualise what they could be doing with their paid leave through these lanterns. Some scholars worry that the Japanese public only sees racism abroad without reflecting on it closer to home. Of course, there are many other forces that shape the complex system that is Japan’s economy. It’s a very big problem in Japan.”. Too much competition has been too much of a good thing. Financially, this forces the profitability of Japanese drinks companies to be less than half of U.S. or European ones. The consumer price index on average rises approximately 1.5 to 2 percent less fast than America’s every year. In an emotional testimonial posted on Twitter last month, Louis Okoye, a half-Japanese, half-Nigerian professional baseball player, described how he had often been bullied as a child in Japan because of the color of his skin.

More than 300 lanterns were lit, each with workers’ messages describing their feelings about not having taken their full holiday quote over the years – some incredulous, some heartbreaking, all regretful. Kento Suzuki organized protests against the mistreatment of immigrants. The managers don’t take any holidays and they usually work late. 3. We often forget, but for the past 20 years or so Japan’s demographic problem was excess employment and fear of unemployment; so policymakers did whatever they could to keep companies afloat and thus ensure against rising unemployment. One of my favorite questions as an unashamed Japan optimist is “what is the biggest problem of the Japanese economy?”. A view that institutional racism is a faraway problem is keeping the country from more fully confronting entrenched discrimination.

It’s not because he couldn’t take more: he is in fact entitled to 20 days annual leave. “I knew it wasn’t going to be diverse, but I also knew I wasn’t going to be afraid for my life,” said Ms. Nguasong, who previously worked as a mental health coordinator for former inmates. Still, Mr. Suzuki worries about cases in which asylum seekers and immigrants have said that they were abused or neglected while in detention. The tennis champion Naomi Osaka, the daughter of a Haitian-American father and a Japanese mother whose superstar status has inspired a reassessment of traditional Japanese identity, has called out those on social media who claim there is no racism in Japan. Now that the postwar founder CEO generation is truly beginning to retire, executive pride and stubbornness is much more easily overcome (particularly if their children have no interest in leading the family business). Naomi Osaka has become an increasingly vocal force against racism.

“It’s a constant battle between these two emotions.”, In Japan, the Message of Anti-Racism Protests Fails to Hit Home. Jesper Koll is the senior adviser to Wisdomtree Investments and is consistently ranked as a top Japan strategist/economist.

But according to a 2017 Ministry of Justice survey, 30 percent of foreigners in Japan said they had been the target of discrimination, with many citing issues getting jobs or housing. A candidate in the Tokyo governor’s race, Makoto Sakurai, is running on a platform that includes the slogan “abolish welfare for foreigners.”. “I would look out from the balcony of our home and think, if I jumped off and was born again, maybe I can come back as a normal Japanese person,” he wrote in the post, which has been retweeted 52,000 times.

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