There’s never been a difficult day in my life. Lucy did what I felt was a really noble thing, which was to support Wyatt trying to make it work with his wife, even though it must have been extraordinarily painful for her. Jump Street is cancelled and now Kim is the producer on Supernatural.

Carol Hansson is no longer associated in any way shape or form with Movie TV Tech Geeks. 'Supernatural' 15.14 returns with a delightful feel-good Last Holiday, Final episodes get 'Supernatural' news blast Part 2. Just the whole idea. I do have one person I’d like to thank – Kim Rhodes. It was an important part of the process. That’s the big thing that’s changed is that I hate that they killed Rufus off – and Bobby – but everybody dies in Supernatural, and a lot of us come back versus Jim. It's Rufus who introduces Bobby to the world of the supernatural, and they hunted together for many years until a hunt goes wrong in Omaha, and a woman important to Rufus (possibly his daughter) dies. You realize it’s part of what we do.

So I’m thinking that Kim, he literally called me up and gave me this role. I think one I’m in one scene in but a vampire film called Stakelander, that was shot in Regina, Saskatchewan; that’ll be out soon.

It was a great step for him to admit that those are his true feelings. But it raises an intriguing question: If there’s a future Wyatt and a future Lucy, does that mean there’s a future Jiya and everyone else, as well? This reality of life, of what life really is, of what this is all about. It’s something that we hope to address in greater detail in Season 3 [if the show is renewed], exactly where that particular Wyatt and Lucy came from and what their circumstances are. I’ve been back twice since my death – in flashbacks. There are two things that I’ve found fascinating about these guys. I roamed around a long time without the representation that I used to. Everybody’s got a piece of it. Is she confused about how she feels with regards to him and Flynn?

They’re in the middle of something big, and obviously look different than we’re accustomed to seeing them look, and also seem to have a sort of closeness, a partnership, as well, that we’re interested in diving into in future episodes. He said, yeah, I know, we do that all the time. There’s been no difficult job, particularly in Supernatural – nothing difficult that I have experienced in that show. He’s created a show for four of us – we’re all ex-New York cops who turn into vigilantes. Both this demon and Tom served their father and his cause of freeing Lucifer from his cage and aiding the archangel in his war against God, the Host of Heaven, and humanity. It’s growing exponentially each time they do a show. What has stayed the same is the energy on that set; the professionalism, friendship, the creativity, these are some of the most wonderful characters on a show, some of the most wonderful writing that I have experienced. You have entered an incorrect email address! There was a period in time when I didn’t have representation. Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick! I’ve just finished an episode of that as a guest star, and they’re talking about perhaps bringing this guy back. Who knows what Lucy might be able to do with Rittenhouse or with time machines if she wasn’t always having to play defense? I have never been privy to any of the pranks or stuff. There would be a physical change.

What’s been your most embarrassing moment during filming? If you like TVLine, you'll LOVE our weekly newsletter. I watched throw from regulation distance – I watched him throw three bull’s eyes at a dartboard blindfolded. As a guest star, I really don’t have any great behind-the-scenes stories. It’s something that [co-creator] Eric [Kripke] and I and the other writers had talked about was — and it’s actually in the script — that it feels like they’ve just sort of come off the battleground, so to speak.

Rufus exorcised the demon and helped cover up Karen's death. Kim Rhodes, who plays a sheriff [Sheriff Jody Mills], she introduced me to her manager. So I didn’t realize that that was a running gag that they had been doing ever since the show was incepted. Warning: The following contains massive spoilers for Timeless’ two-hour finale, which started (and thus ended) about 15 minutes late in some markets. Should we be worried that none of the other current team members are with them? It’s kind of enjoyable to watch them. It’s part of this whole equation. That’s what they told me at the time. You got a job, baby, you got a job, and the cheque’s cleared – that was the favorite. And it hurt. The thing that’s changed the most that I dislike is the fact that Bobby and Rufus are no longer a part of the ongoing regular, everyday shooting of that program. With this dry – you know, you see him on the show – he’s got the same kind of dry humor in real life. I’ve got a good friend of mine, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, he’s a wonderful director and a wonderful writer – he has created a project with him, myself and Glynn Turman, starring the three of us, and maybe one other old-timer. “Well, what are you waiting on?” scruffy future Wyatt told the shocked group as future Lucy added, “You guys want to get Rufus back or what?”. Really, that’s how I look at it. That was a little embarrassing. It’s been one of the most eclectic and enjoyable group of characters – and creative people, the writers, the directors, the producers – just a great creative group of people. If I had to rank them, Weekend at Bobby’s would probably rank at the top. We really like the idea of Jiya’s visions and how powerful they are, and the idea that what she saw were things that did come true in a way. At some of these conventions I said, guys, just go on social media – I don’t do social media myself, personally, Steven Williams – and just ask the question – “What the hell happened in Omaha?” I was trying to get the campaign going, trying to get the statement to go viral. Being in the bunker with Lucy, being aware of the problems she faces, being somebody that she can talk to in the middle of all this drama with Wyatt and Jessica and everything, brings them closer together as people and humanizes Flynn in a way that if you were watching the series from the very beginning, you might not have been able to anticipate. And I didn’t know that and thought I was adding an adlib that was clever. What are his feelings for her?

I think my similarity is that at my age now, with my experience in life, there’s a cynicism that we both have; Steven and Rufus – there is a hardness that both Steven Williams and Rufus has. Mustache, eyebrows, the hair on his head – he becomes this strange-looking character; this character that looks like he’s been to hell and back or been to heaven and back, wherever he’s gone … I’d like to see that happen. On Supernatural, Sam and Dean look to the past of Bobby and Rufus to come up with a plan to catch a dangerous monster before anyone dies. That was actually a rare time that I was on set, when we were filming that moment. Everybody’s terrific. TVLINE | I’ve really been enjoying what Flynn has added to the dynamic in the bunker this season: this sort of snarky, unpredictable energy. I enjoy that whole creative process of everybody coming together to put something on that screen at the end of the week that the audience at home can enjoy. Y’know, the boys, the gang, the whole cast and crew, the production office. Like having your FBI badge upside down. I did do something once – Mitch and I had a fight, we had a fight scene on Supernatural – in the episode And Then There Were None, where we all get killed. All of a sudden someone asked me to do a play, and someone asked me to be in a film, it’s been snowballing ever since. We’re still a show, going forward, that wants to visit different historical times and see our heroes trying to save history and, thus, the present. So those kinds of things, kind of macho things. Then I learned that Kim Manners is producing on Supernatural and I got the call from Kim Manners’s office. And working with Jim Beaver – who I work with mostly as Rufus – Bobby – is just a delight. You get embarrassed, almost as a guy, not as the character but damn, I can’t run as hard as I used to be able to run – climb this fence, ooh, I’ve hurt myself just throwing myself down on the ground. So we have one hell of a history. But while we brace for more deaths to come, let's look back on the road so far with this timeline of every time Sam and Dean have died on Supernatural. I didn’t want to be an actor; I didn’t not want to be an actor, but acting was laid in my lap. So the question is: Have they upgraded the machine so that anyone could pilot it? But I watch the reruns almost every single day.

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TVLINE | Carol’s last words to Lucy are: “It still belongs to you. It was a lot of fun. Do you have any current projects you’d like to share? He’s a joy. If you’re really rocking and rolling, you really don’t get embarrassed very much. I didn’t know, I wasn’t paying attention so there’s one scene where I think of it – it’s already been thought of, and I think of it – I think that I’m doing something unique. I loved playing that role. I enjoy the trip up, I enjoy my stay there, I enjoy the people I get to visit, and of course, I enjoy working with those actors that are on that set every day, whoever I am working with, I enjoy.

It’s the town, too, where we shoot the show. A long time, that’s a lot of history that I didn’t know about this character before I started and as we went on with the show and the writers came up with something I learned a lot of history that Bobby and I were partners in the past. Supernatural has a knack for ending its seasons on deadly and intense notes, and the big death and shocking reveals of the Season 14 ender will have fans speculating for months. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The location is one thing – the location is like home for me, in a sense. So we’ve done the next best thing, which is bringing the future to us.

I’m always hearing about these great times and all these pranks that they have. So there is no difficulty is the short answer. They play video games all over the world – the both of them are really into these video games, playing with people all over the world, like these competition games. Between Kim Manners and Jim Michaels – and me being Steven Williams – was what got me this role because I worked with Kim forever. So Weekend at Bobby’s. Other than that, it’s been great. I thought that was fascinating. Do those take the form of something romantic? TVLINE | Just taking in their appearance, they look like they’ve been through some serious stuff. …. The long-running dark fantasy series "Supernatural" is coming to end. Y’know, I started as a model in this business. He was my first director on Jump Street. I’ve just finished an episode of Training Day, they turned Training Day into a TV series. It was not something that I reached for. So if I’m home, I don’t have to get up to go and do something, audition or go to work – I literally lay in bed in the morning and watch reruns of Supernatural. We still are reluctant to try to portray a future on the show. But I don’t think it’s our intention that that takes over the show.

It’s definitely hard to do. So I would say that it’s a combination of the two. But the thing that stayed the same is that creativity, that energy that’s going forward. Timeless fans, what did you think of the season ender? That’s the age-old thing, right? "Timeless" co-creator Shawn Ryan talks about the Season 2 finale's cliffhanger ending, Rufus' fate and the Lucy/Wyatt/Flynn triangle.

That’s all we have to do in life – if everybody got up and did no harm. I threw a punch at him and I was too close to a pole – and we go all out, and have a great time. I hear the boys are like practical jokers par excellence; everybody has a great time.

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