President Trump said that families should be given the option to make their own choices regarding their children returning to school. In this set of posts, we display total federal expenditures by major program, recipient, and county. Whew! as Kurt Vonnegut once said. For many years that phenomenon appeared to be of little concern at the state and local level. more than $2.7 million in misspent technology funding. The federal commitment to education can be found in the actual dollars earmarked for education. You better find out. And some governments have systems that track the return on investment. Of course, education spending isn’t inherently bad—what matters is the result. More important, when evaluated using academic results, the strictures of the Constitution, and plain common sense, almost no federal funding is justified. Please let us know if you're having issues with commenting. To arrive at the findings, WalletHub divided each city’s aggregate test scores in fourth- and eighth-grade reading and math by its total per-capita education spending. Being a parent is awesome. Vice President Mike Pence suggested on Wednesday that the administration, rather than leveraging existing funding, would instead use the next coronavirus relief package in Congress to prod states to reopen. While some of the money for these programs (Social Security and Medicare) comes out of your check automatically, some (including money for veterans benefits) comes from taxes on your earned income and things like capital gains. Trump on Wednesday morning tweeted, "In Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and many other countries, SCHOOLS ARE OPEN WITH NO PROBLEMS. It’s not exactly an exaggeration; tuition as increased 1,228% since records dating back to 1978, according to Bloomberg.. Every term, students across the U.S. pay, and sometimes, go … Three areas of spending make up over half of state spending, on average: K-12 education. As college tuition and fees continue to rise, many complain that an education has become too expensive. 8] they were able to overcome any factors that in other cities might be holding them back. Let’s just say that Uncle Sam is not exactly working the Baby Steps. We analyzed three years of federal fines at nine large agencies, totaling more than a billion dollars. You know where you live, but does your state collect income taxes?

State and local role in education funding According to the US Department of Education, the Federal Government contributes about 8% to funding US public schools. “Our goal is to protect our teachers and students from the China virus while ensuring that families with high-risk factors can continue to participate from home, very important,” Trump said. ", Evan Hollander, spokesperson for Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee, said in a statement that Trump "has no authority to cut off funding for these students, and threatening to do so to prop up his flailing campaign is offensive. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images, By NICOLE GAUDIANO, JUAN PEREZ JR. and MICHAEL STRATFORD.

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